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The hitbox of the Falcon Punch.
A combo ending with a Falcon Punch

Captain Falcon's neutral special in Smash 64 is Falcon Punch. Captain Falcon charges up with his fist and throws a powerful punch, with his fists engulfed in a flaming falcon shape, doing 24% damage and advances slightly forward. It is one of the strongest moves in the game. In addition, the move is faster than it is in later Smash games, making the Smash 64 Falcon Punch deadly. It is often used as a combo finisher - the most notable way to combo into it is using an up aerial; unlike most of the useful followups to up aerial however, this one is usually performed using a Z-cancelled up aerial during a landing (possible after a move such as a forward aerial), then a full hop Falcon Punch. Other combos into the move include a forward throw on fastfallers or heavyweights at around the 50-70% range, and a down aerial on a grounded opponent at around 110-120%. Falcon can also use a Falcon Punch to gain him a little horizontal distance when recovering, and a little vertical distance as well if the move is angled up.

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