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Captain Falcon slams the opponent to the ground in front of himself, dealing 11% damage and knocking them up and forward slightly. This throw later became his down throw in Melee, Brawl, and SSB4. It is Captain Falcon's main combo starter, along with his up smash and aerials - for a throw, it has very low knockback, allowing it to lead into an up aerial or a forward aerial either to rack up damage or start a combo. The most notable combo started with this throw is forward throw→a string of up aerials→Falcon Dive. It can additionally lead into an up tilt against more floaty characters, which can get them offstage quickly. Overall, an excellent move that is used commonly in high level Captain Falcon play.

As one of the few team wobbles possible in Smash 64, two Captain Falcons can regrab repeatedly by constantly using forward throws - one uses the forward throw, then the other can grab the opponent just before they take the knockback. This is extremely situational, doubles-exclusive, and requires good timing, though it can rack up huge damage. Additionally, a jab (first three hits) can be used on the opponent while they're grabbed to rack up further damage. Also, the forward throw can combo into a down aerial from the other Falcon and then a regrab.

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