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Hitbox duration of Captain Falcon's forward aerial.

Captain Falcon does two kicks in the direction he's facing, doing 10% damage on the first kick and 12% damage on the second kick, for a total of 22% damage if they both connect. This move is very useful for spacing, and in matchups such as the Captain Falcon ditto, it is one of the primary moves that can easily lead into a grab, which leads into KO combos from almost any percentage. The shield stun of the move also allows it to setup grabs even if the opponents shields against it. This move is a particularly useful option in combos. On fastfallers, the move is usable after a forward throw at low percentages, and it can setup moves such as a regrab, an up smash, or if the opponent lands on a soft platform, a forward aerial used after dropping through the platform. On floatier characters, the move can also chain into itself, which can end with a neutral aerial. The move is one of Captain Falcon's weakest in terms of knockback, giving it many situational uses in combos even at high percentages.

This move is similar to Captain Falcon's neutral aerial in Melee, Brawl and Smash 4, except it has slightly more power, does primarily horizontal knockback instead of the more vertical angle in the other two games, and might move Falcon slightly forward.

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