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The Captain Falcon's Up Tilt in Smash 64

Captain Falcon raises his leg high and drops it like an axe, with the attack consisting of two hits; the first deals 4-9%, and the second deals 6-14%. This means it can deal a maximum of 23% damage, giving it the highest damage output of any tilt attack in the game. This attack is unique because it can hit opponents behind, and at the start of the move, above Falcon. It also has large range both above and in front of Falcon, outranging his up smash and forward smash respectively. The move in general is somewhat slow, however, with average to above average startup and ending lag. Its startup is usually too much to allow the move to be used in most combos at lower percentages. The move is often used in the "tent" portion of Hyrule Castle to aid Falcon's wall chaingrabs, as a forward throw or back throw can lead straight into an up tilt and then a regrab. It has some situational use in normal combos, and is particularly useful against large characters, since the hits can connect easily on them to rack up high damage. It can additionally hit and edgeguard characters hanging on the edge, due to its hitbox extending below the platform; its decent horizontal knockback makes it a viable way to gimp opponents. Despite the move having decent knockback on aerial opponents, its knockback on grounded opponents is consistently lower.

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