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Hitboxes of Captain Falcon's up smash

Captain Falcon does an uppercut, dealing 17% damage. Despite having low knockback (being the weakest up smash in Smash 64, with somewhat high base knockback but extremely low knockback scaling; unable to KO until around 195%), it is one of Captain Falcon's best moves, being his primary combo starter outside of his forward throw and aerials, and one of his best options on the ground. It knocks the opponent straight up, and has rather high hitstun, increasing its combo ability. The move can chain into itself up to three times (depending on the falling speed of the opponent), and can lead into a grab, up aerial (either to hit the opponent up for a combo, or the semi-spike when near the edge at moderate percentages), or another aerial (though outside of up aerial, a back aerial is the most useful for numerous reasons). It has unusually short range for an up smash however, with the hitbox covering only Captain Falcon's body and a small area above his raised fist. The advantages of the move compensate for this.

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