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Battle for Spirit Supremacy

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Battle for Spirit Supremacy (スピリッツNo.1決定戦, Spirits No.1 Deciding Match) was an Event Tourney. It ran from 6 a.m. on October 4, 2019 to 6 a.m. on October 7, 2019 (UTC), and was repeated from 6 a.m. on December 10, 2021 to 6 a.m. on December 13, 2021 (UTC), and was repeated again from 6 a.m. on December 9, 2022 to 6 a.m. on December 12, 2022 (UTC). During the event, Spirits were enabled in battle.


This time-limited tourney lets you fight with spirits enabled. The further you advance, the better the spirit you'll win!

Lay down the law with your carefully coached spirit squad![1][2][3]


  • Format: Smash
  • Rules: Time
  • Time Limit: 2:30
  • FS Meter: On
  • Items: Medium
  • Spirits: On

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japan Japanese スピリッツNo.1決定戦 Spirits No.1 Tournament
UK English Battle for Spirit Supremacy
France French (PAL) Présence d'esprits Presence of spirits
Quebec French (NTSC) Espirits frappeurs Striking spirits
Germany German Geister-Meister Spirit Master
Spain Spanish Supremacía espiritual Spiritual supremacy
Italy Italian Presenza di spirito Presence of spirit
China Chinese (Simplified) 命魂No.1决定战 Spirits No.1 Tournament
Taiwan Chinese (Traditional) 命魂No.1決定戰 Spirit No.1 Tournament
South Korea Korean 스피릿 No.1 결정전 Spirit No.1 Tournament
Netherlands Dutch Spirituele ervaring Spiritual Experience
Russia Russian Бой зa духов Fighting for the Spirits


  • This is the first Online Tourney event where the entire playable roster is available.