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The Man Tier, v2


  • Top Tier - Manly
  • Second Tier - Mostly Manly
  • Third Tier – Slightly Manly
  • Bottom Tier - Unmanly
The Man Tier, v2
  MM   M A  
  1   2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10  
  JigglypuffIcon(SSBB).png   CaptainFalconIcon(SSBB).png BowserIcon(SSBB).png IkeIcon(SSBB).png GanondorfIcon(SSBB).png DonkeyKongIcon(SSBB).png LucarioIcon(SSBB).png SnakeIcon(SSBB).png SamusIcon(SSBB).png WarioIcon(SSBB).png  
11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23
NessIcon(SSBB).png KirbyIcon(SSBB).png PichuIcon(SSBM).png KingDededeIcon(SSBB).png CharizardIcon(SSBB).png ROBIcon(SSBB).png FalcoIcon(SSBB).png SheikIcon(SSBB).png LuigiIcon(SSBB).png WolfIcon(SSBB).png YoshiIcon(SSBB).png LinkIcon(SSBB).png ZeroSuitSamusIcon(SSBB).png
  D E  
  24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34  
  MarioIcon(SSBB).png DiddyKongIcon(SSBB).png ZeldaIcon(SSBB).png ToonLinkIcon(SSBB).png MetaKnightIcon(SSBB).png PeachIcon(SSBB).png IvysaurIcon(SSBB).png FoxIcon(SSBB).png PikachuIcon(SSBB).png LucasIcon(SSBB).png MrGame&WatchIcon(SSBB).png  
  F G H  
  35 36 37 38 39 40 41 42 43 44 45  
  SquirtleIcon(SSBB).png MewtwoIcon(SSBM).png SonicIcon(SSBB).png PitIcon(SSBB).png IceClimbersIcon(SSBB).png DrMarioIcon(SSBM).png OlimarIcon(SSBB).png RoyIcon(SSBM).png YoungLinkIcon(SSBM).png PokémonTrainerIcon(SSBB).png MarthIcon(SSBB).png  

It was not until 2013, five years after the original Man Tier was released, that a SmashWiki user named DarkFox01 came to realize that many events had changed the future from which the original Man Tier had come. A small congregation of SmashWiki users that understood this held a private meeting. Out of this meeting came the second Man Tier’s prototype. DarkFox01 later met with Blue Ninjakoopa, who had been in the original meeting, to finalize the list.

Some radical changes were made to this second version of the Man Tier. This version was “truly” expanded to include all fighters from the first three games. As a result, Pichu jumped from 43rd to 13th because of his self-harming attacks. This was the biggest jump in the list. Other notable changes include moving Sheik from 34th to 18th, moving Donkey Kong from 18th to 6th because of his Headbutt and Spinning Kong attacks and overall recklessness, moving Zero Suit Samus and Mario up six spots each as a result of improved overall potential for manliness, moving Peach from 16th to 29th, and moving Bowser up to 3rd and Ike down to 4th, a controversial change mainly made because of Bowser directly attacking with his body and throwing his body out for most moves, along with the factor of Bowsercide. Other fighters were also moved down the list because of how they command others and rarely or never attack. However, both the top and the bottom of the list remain the same based on common consensus.