Co-Op Event 5: The Yoshi Team of 50

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Co-Op Event 5
The Yoshi Team of 50
Official description It's a mountain of Yoshis! Take care of them all before completing one lap.
Character(s) used Meta Knight (1P) (2 stocks)
Pit (2P) (2 stocks)
Opponent(s) Yoshi x50
Stage(s) Rainbow Cruise
Music Obstacle Course
Availability Starter

The Yoshi Team of 50 (ヨッシー軍団50, Yoshi Corps 50) is the 5th co-op event match out of a total of 21 in Super Smash Bros. Brawl, played on Rainbow Cruise as Meta Knight (P1) and Pit (P2). With two lives each, they must KO fifty Yoshis, who take higher knockback from attacks, before the ship completes one lap of the course (which takes 2 minutes and 12.25 seconds).


  • This event may be considered the successor to Super Smash Bros. Melee's The Yoshi Herd, and SSB's Stage 2 in a 1P Game.
  • Though the event's picture shows four Yoshis in frame, only two will appear at once during game play.
  • The music track used for this event is Obstacle Course, otherwise unavailable on Rainbow Cruise, as it would normally play on Yoshi's Island.
  • One can complete this event faster by pausing the game while each Yoshi loads. This allows the Wii to load each Yoshi without taking any time away from the player. Doing this correctly can allow each Yoshi to spawn instantly whenever one is KO'd.