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The following contains the list of the 120 stickers placed in the Others list in Super Smash Bros. Brawl.

Name Game Series Order Effect Characters
Aijou Boom no Ya Sennen Kazoku 594 AttackArm+008TypeIcon(Hand).png Attack +8 All charactersRandomHeadSSBB.png
Akari Hayami 1080° Avalanche 609 AttackFreezing+014EffectIcon(Freezing).png Attack +14 All charactersRandomHeadSSBB.png
Akari Hayami Wave Race: Blue Storm 557 AttackWater+008TypeIcon(Water).png Attack +8 Pokémon TrainerPokémonTrainerHeadSSBB.png
Akuma Sennen Kazoku 596 DefenseFlame+019EffectIcon(Flame).png Resistance +19 All charactersRandomHeadSSBB.png
Andy Advance Wars 587 AttackSpecialsIndirect+006SpecialsIndirect.png Attack +6 All charactersRandomHeadSSBB.png
Annie Custom Robo V2 577 SpecialLaunchPower+010StickerIconLaunchPower.png +10 All charactersRandomHeadSSBB.png
Ashley Trace Memory 549 AttackThrowing+016TypeIcon(Throwing).png Attack +16 All charactersRandomHeadSSBB.png
Ashley Viewing DTS Trace Memory 551 AttackSpecialsDirect+017SpecialsDirect.png Attack +17 R.O.B.ROBHeadSSBB.png
Balloon Fight Enemy Balloon Fight 623 AttackSpecialsIndirect+004SpecialsIndirect.png Attack +4 Ice ClimbersIceClimbersHeadSSBB.png
Balloon Fighter Balloon Fight 622 AttackWeapon+004TypeIcon(Weapon).png Attack +4 PitPitHeadSSBB.png
Boulder Excite Truck 561 AttackBodySpin+032TypeIcon(Body).pngTypeIcon(Spin).png Attack +32 All charactersRandomHeadSSBB.png
Boundish Digiluxe 529 AttackFlame+007EffectIcon(Flame).png Attack +7 All charactersRandomHeadSSBB.png
Boy Magical Starsign 627 AttackFlame+007EffectIcon(Flame).png Attack +7 All charactersRandomHeadSSBB.png
Boy Magical Vacation 624 AttackThrowing+022TypeIcon(Throwing).png Attack +22 All charactersRandomHeadSSBB.png
Captain Trace Memory 548 AttackWeapon+004TypeIcon(Weapon).png Attack +4 All charactersRandomHeadSSBB.png
Chef Shaberu! DS Cooking Navi 652 SpecialFoodEffect+003StickerIconFoodEffect.png +3 All charactersRandomHeadSSBB.png
Chibi-Robo Chibi-Robo! 598 AttackWeapon+003TypeIcon(Weapon).png Attack +3 All charactersRandomHeadSSBB.png
Chibi-Robo Chibi-Robo!: Park Patrol 603 DefenseElectric+019EffectIcon(Electric).png Resistance +19 All charactersRandomHeadSSBB.png
Chihuahua Nintendogs 543 AttackTail+012TypeIcon(Tail).png Attack +12 Yoshi Diddy Pikachu Pokémon TrainerYoshiHeadSSBB.pngPikachuHeadSSBB.pngDiddyKongHeadSSBB.pngPokémonTrainerHeadSSBB.png
Chonmagyo Densetsu no Stafy 2 613 AttackWeapon+005TypeIcon(Weapon).png Attack +5 All charactersRandomHeadSSBB.png
Chromatron Digiluxe 528 AttackElectric+007EffectIcon(Electric).png Attack +7 All charactersRandomHeadSSBB.png
Commander Kahn Elite Beat Agents 572 AttackArm+018TypeIcon(Hand).png Attack +18 All charactersRandomHeadSSBB.png
Cupit Sennen Kazoku 595 AttackElectric+005EffectIcon(Electric).png Attack +5 All charactersRandomHeadSSBB.png
Derek Elite Beat Agents 574 AttackHead+013TypeIcon(Head).png Attack +13 All charactersRandomHeadSSBB.png
Digidrive Digiluxe 530 AttackFlame+006EffectIcon(Flame).png Attack +6 All charactersRandomHeadSSBB.png
Donbe Shin Onigashima 647 DefenseSlash+026EffectIcon(Slash).png Resistance +26 Ice Climbers Mr. Game & Watch Pit R.O.B.IceClimbersHeadSSBB.pngMrGame&WatchHeadSSBB.pngPitHeadSSBB.pngROBHeadSSBB.png
Dr. Lobe Big Brain Academy 546 AttackArmLeg+010TypeIcon(Hand).pngTypeIcon(Foot).png Attack +10 All charactersRandomHeadSSBB.png
Dr. Lobe Big Brain Academy: Wii Degree 547 SpecialStickerDrops+011StickerIconStickerDrops.png +11 All charactersRandomHeadSSBB.png
Duck Duck Hunt 651 SpecialLaunchResistance+020StickerIconLaunchResistance.png +20 Ice Climbers Mr. Game & Watch Pit R.O.B.IceClimbersHeadSSBB.pngMrGame&WatchHeadSSBB.pngPitHeadSSBB.pngROBHeadSSBB.png
Dunning Smith Hotel Dusk: Room 215 552 AttackLeg+006TypeIcon(Foot).png Attack +6 All charactersRandomHeadSSBB.png
Dzuke-chan English Training: Have Fun Improving Your Skills 636 SpecialLaunchResistance+012StickerIconLaunchResistance.png +12 All charactersRandomHeadSSBB.png
Electroplankton Electroplankton 565 AttackElectric+012EffectIcon(Electric).png Attack +12 All charactersRandomHeadSSBB.png
Excitebike Excitebike 638 AttackLeg+031TypeIcon(Foot).png Attack +31 All charactersRandomHeadSSBB.png
Fat Hockey Player Ice Hockey 644 AttackSpecialsIndirect+012SpecialsIndirect.png Attack +12 Ice ClimbersIceClimbersHeadSSBB.png
Firefly Excite Truck 560 AttackHead+020TypeIcon(Head).png Attack +20 All charactersRandomHeadSSBB.png
Flower Fairy Lip Nintendo Puzzle Collection 541 SpecialCarryLipsStickCarry Lip's Stick All charactersRandomHeadSSBB.png
Free Ranger Chibi Robo!: Park Patrol 602 AttackFlame+027EffectIcon(Flame).png Attack +27 All charactersRandomHeadSSBB.png
F-Type Wild Trax 634 AttackThrowing+022TypeIcon(Throwing).png Attack +22 Ice Climbers Mr. Game & Watch Pit R.O.B.IceClimbersHeadSSBB.pngMrGame&WatchHeadSSBB.pngPitHeadSSBB.pngROBHeadSSBB.png
Girl Magical Vacation 625 AttackMagic+019TypeIcon(Magic).png Attack +19 Peach ZeldaPeachHeadSSBB.pngZeldaHeadSSBB.png
Grutch Drill Dozer 593 SpecialTrophyDrops+009StickerIconTrophyDrops.png +9 All charactersRandomHeadSSBB.png
Hajime Tanaka Moero! Nekketsu Rhythm Damashii Osu! Tatakae! Ouendan 2 567 AttackArm+011TypeIcon(Hand).png Attack +11 All charactersRandomHeadSSBB.png
Hanenbow Electroplankton 564 AttackElectric+012EffectIcon(Electric).png Attack +12 All charactersRandomHeadSSBB.png
Hawke Advance Wars: Dual Strike 589 AttackArmLeg+008TypeIcon(Hand).pngTypeIcon(Foot).png Attack +8 All charactersRandomHeadSSBB.png
Hayato Saionji Moero! Nekketsu Rhythm Damashii Osu! Tatakae! Ouendan 2 569 SpecialFlinchResistance+084StickerIconFlinchResistance.png +84 All charactersRandomHeadSSBB.png
Helibokaan Kururin Squash! 583 AttackWeapon+013TypeIcon(Weapon).png Attack +13 All charactersRandomHeadSSBB.png
Hiroshi Trade & Battle: Card Hero 621 SpecialStickerDrops+017StickerIconStickerDrops.png +17 All charactersRandomHeadSSBB.png
HM Mech Rosa Chōsōjū Mecha MG 607 AttackElectric+017EffectIcon(Electric).png Attack +17 All charactersRandomHeadSSBB.png
HP Pot Magical Starsign 628 AttackSpecialsIndirect+004SpecialsIndirect.png Attack +4 All charactersRandomHeadSSBB.png
Instructor Pilotwings 637 AttackArm+010TypeIcon(Hand).png Attack +10 All charactersRandomHeadSSBB.png
J Elite Beat Agents 573 AttackLeg+016TypeIcon(Foot).png Attack +16 All charactersRandomHeadSSBB.png
Jake Advance Wars: Dual Strike 588 AttackArm+011TypeIcon(Hand).png Attack +11 All charactersRandomHeadSSBB.png
Jessica Trace Memory 550 AttackExplosive+008TypeIcon(Explosive).png Attack +8 All charactersRandomHeadSSBB.png
Jewel Fairy Ruby Nintendo Puzzle Collection 538 AttackBodySpin+012TypeIcon(Body).pngTypeIcon(Spin).png Attack +12 All charactersRandomHeadSSBB.png
Jill & Drill Dozer Drill Dozer 591 AttackSlash+018EffectIcon(Slash).png Attack +18 All charactersRandomHeadSSBB.png
Jill Drill Dozer 592 DefenseElectric+004EffectIcon(Electric).png Resistance +4 All charactersRandomHeadSSBB.png
Kai Doumeki Moero! Nekketsu Rhythm Damashii Osu! Tatakae! Ouendan 2 570 AttackWeapon+017TypeIcon(Weapon).png Attack +17 All charactersRandomHeadSSBB.png
Kamisama Sennen Kazoku 597 SpecialShieldResistance+026StickerIconShieldResistance.png +26 All charactersRandomHeadSSBB.png
Kirsh Magical Vacation 626 AttackFlame+011EffectIcon(Flame).png Attack +11 All charactersRandomHeadSSBB.png
Kururin Kururin Paradise 584 AttackHead+004TypeIcon(Head).png Attack +4 All charactersRandomHeadSSBB.png
Kyle Hyde Hotel Dusk: Room 215 554 AttackEnergy+025TypeIcon(Energy).png Attack +25 All charactersRandomHeadSSBB.png
Kyorosuke Densetsu no Stafy 4 617 AttackMagic+008TypeIcon(Magic).png Attack +8 Peach ZeldaPeachHeadSSBB.pngZeldaHeadSSBB.png
Mach Rider Mach Rider 641 AttackExplosive+029TypeIcon(Explosive).png Attack +29 All charactersRandomHeadSSBB.png
Magkid Slide Adventure MAGKID 633 AttackPK+009TypeIcon(PK).png Attack +9 Ness LucasNessHeadSSBB.pngLucasHeadSSBB.png
Master Trade & Battle: Card Hero 620 SpecialTrophyDrops+030StickerIconTrophyDrops.png +30 All charactersRandomHeadSSBB.png
Materu Densetsu no Stafy 4 618 AttackFreezing+007EffectIcon(Freezing).png Attack +7 All charactersRandomHeadSSBB.png
Max Advance Wars 585 AttackArm+008TypeIcon(Hand).png Attack +8 All charactersRandomHeadSSBB.png
Midori Mushi Slide Adventure MAGKID 632 AttackArm+005TypeIcon(Hand).png Attack +5 All charactersRandomHeadSSBB.png
Mila Hotel Dusk: Room 215 553 AttackLeg+005TypeIcon(Foot).png Attack +5 All charactersRandomHeadSSBB.png
Miniature Dachshund Nintendogs 542 AttackTail+028TypeIcon(Tail).png Attack +28 Fox Falco WolfFoxHeadSSBB.pngFalcoHeadSSBB.pngWolfHeadSSBB.png
Mokka Magical Starsign 629 DefenseBattering+027EffectIcon(Normal).png Resistance +27 All charactersRandomHeadSSBB.png
Monster Famicom Grand Prix II: 3D Hot Rally 646 DefenseBattering+004EffectIcon(Normal).png Resistance +4 All charactersRandomHeadSSBB.png
Moon Fairy Seren Nintendo Puzzle Collection 539 AttackMagic+016TypeIcon(Magic).png Attack +16 Peach ZeldaPeachHeadSSBB.pngZeldaHeadSSBB.png
Morris Elite Beat Agents 575 AttackSpecialsDirect+008SpecialsDirect.png Attack +8 All charactersRandomHeadSSBB.png
Musketeer Daltania Chōsōjū Mecha MG 606 AttackSlash+021EffectIcon(Slash).png Attack +21 All charactersRandomHeadSSBB.png
Nanocarp Electroplankton 563 AttackElectric+012EffectIcon(Electric).png Attack +12 All charactersRandomHeadSSBB.png
Ningyou Kouchuu Viigaru Chōsōjū Mecha MG 605 AttackHead+005TypeIcon(Head).png Attack +5 All charactersRandomHeadSSBB.png
Orbiter Digiluxe 527 AttackEnergy+007TypeIcon(Energy).png Attack +7 All charactersRandomHeadSSBB.png
Panel Nintendo Puzzle Collection 537 SpecialFoodEffect+002StickerIconFoodEffect.png +2 All charactersRandomHeadSSBB.png
Papa Chibi-Robo! 601 AttackArmLeg+004TypeIcon(Hand).pngTypeIcon(Foot).png Attack +4 All charactersRandomHeadSSBB.png
Putty Magical Starsign 631 SpecialFoodEffect+003StickerIconFoodEffect.png +3 All charactersRandomHeadSSBB.png
Rachel Advance Wars: Dual Strike 590 AttackAura+011EffectIcon(Aura).png Attack +11 LucarioLucarioHeadSSBB.png
Rad Excite Truck 562 AttackSpecialsIndirect+015SpecialsIndirect.png Attack +15 All charactersRandomHeadSSBB.png
Rakensen Custom Robo 580 AttackEnergy+007TypeIcon(Energy).png Attack +7 All charactersRandomHeadSSBB.png
Ray Custom Robo 576 AttackSpecialsDirect+006SpecialsDirect.png Attack +6 All charactersRandomHeadSSBB.png
Ray 01 Custom Robo 581 SpecialCarryRayGunCarry Ray Gun All charactersRandomHeadSSBB.png
Ray MKIII Custom Robo Arena 582 AttackWeapon+018TypeIcon(Weapon).png Attack +18 All charactersRandomHeadSSBB.png
Ricky Winterborn 1080° Avalanche 610 AttackSpecialsIndirect+012SpecialsIndirect.png Attack +12 All charactersRandomHeadSSBB.png
Rob Haywood Wave Race: Blue Storm 556 AttackFreezing+007EffectIcon(Freezing).png Attack +7 All charactersRandomHeadSSBB.png
Robo Cube Custom Robo 578 AttackBodySpin+005TypeIcon(Body).pngTypeIcon(Spin).png Attack +5 All charactersRandomHeadSSBB.png
Rotohex Digiluxe 531 SpecialTrophyStandDrops+009StickerIconTrophyStandDrops.png +9 All charactersRandomHeadSSBB.png
Running Chibi-Robo Chibi-Robo! 599 AttackWeapon+003TypeIcon(Weapon).png Attack +3 All charactersRandomHeadSSBB.png
Ryota Hayami Wave Race: Blue Storm 555 AttackWater+034TypeIcon(Water).png Attack +34 Pokémon TrainerPokémonTrainerHeadSSBB.png
Ryuta Ippongi Moero! Nekketsu Rhythm Damashii Osu! Tatakae! Ouendan 2 568 DefenseBattering+018EffectIcon(Normal).png Resistance +18 All charactersRandomHeadSSBB.png
Sabure Prince Kaeru no Tame ni Kane wa Naru 642 AttackFreezing+031EffectIcon(Freezing).png Attack +31 All charactersRandomHeadSSBB.png
Sami Advance Wars 586 AttackSpecialsIndirect+012SpecialsIndirect.png Attack +12 All charactersRandomHeadSSBB.png
Sayaka Amemiya Moero! Nekketsu Rhythm Damashii Osu! Tatakae! Ouendan 2 571 AttackWeapon+010TypeIcon(Weapon).png Attack +10 All charactersRandomHeadSSBB.png
Seal Head Custom Robo: Battle Revolution 579 AttackEnergy+010TypeIcon(Energy).png Attack +10 All charactersRandomHeadSSBB.png
Seiuchi-kun Densetsu no Stafy 3 615 AttackWater+018TypeIcon(Water).png Attack +18 Pokémon TrainerPokémonTrainerHeadSSBB.png
Shiba Inu Nintendogs 544 SpecialLaunchPower+012StickerIconLaunchPower.png +12 All charactersRandomHeadSSBB.png
Snowman 1080° Avalanche 608 AttackFreezing+026EffectIcon(Freezing).png Attack +26 All charactersRandomHeadSSBB.png
Sparrow Magical Starsign 630 DefenseElectric+005EffectIcon(Electric).png Resistance +5 All charactersRandomHeadSSBB.png
Stafy Densetsu no Stafy 2 614 AttackHead+010TypeIcon(Head).png Attack +10 All charactersRandomHeadSSBB.png
Stafy Densetsu no Stafy 612 AttackTail+007TypeIcon(Tail).png Attack +7 Yoshi Diddy Pikachu Pokémon TrainerYoshiHeadSSBB.pngPikachuHeadSSBB.pngDiddyKongHeadSSBB.pngPokémonTrainerHeadSSBB.png
Stapy Densetsu no Stafy 3 616 AttackSpecialsIndirect+004SpecialsIndirect.png Attack +4 All charactersRandomHeadSSBB.png
Sukapon Joy Mech Fight 650 SpecialLaunchPower+010StickerIconLaunchPower.png +10 All charactersRandomHeadSSBB.png
Takamaru Nazo no Murasame Jō 639 AttackWeapon+011TypeIcon(Weapon).png Attack +11 All charactersRandomHeadSSBB.png
Tamagon Devil World 648 DefenseFlame+011EffectIcon(Flame).png Resistance +11 All charactersRandomHeadSSBB.png
Tameo Trade & Battle: Card Hero 619 AttackExplosive+016TypeIcon(Explosive).png Attack +16 All charactersRandomHeadSSBB.png
Telly Chibi-Robo! 600 AttackHead+004TypeIcon(Head).png Attack +4 All charactersRandomHeadSSBB.png
Tractor Trailer Wild Trax 635 AttackSpecialsDirect+014SpecialsDirect.png Attack +14 All charactersRandomHeadSSBB.png
Training Academy Coach X 640 AttackHead+007TypeIcon(Head).png Attack +7 All charactersRandomHeadSSBB.png
Volvoice Electroplankton 566 AttackElectric+010EffectIcon(Electric).png Attack +10 All charactersRandomHeadSSBB.png
Warrior Mech Gauss Chōsōjū Mecha MG 604 AttackWeapon+012TypeIcon(Weapon).png Attack +12 All charactersRandomHeadSSBB.png
Water Fairy Elias Nintendo Puzzle Collection 540 AttackWater+030TypeIcon(Water).png Attack +30 Pokémon TrainerPokémonTrainerHeadSSBB.png
Wave Race: Blue Storm Wave Race: Blue Storm 558 SpecialFlinchResistance+168StickerIconFlinchResistance.png +168 All charactersRandomHeadSSBB.png
Welsh Corgi Nintendogs 545 SpecialFoodEffect+006StickerIconFoodEffect.png +6 All charactersRandomHeadSSBB.png
Wild Gunman Wild Gunman 645 AttackSpecialsIndirect+005SpecialsIndirect.png Attack +5 Ice Climbers Mr. Game & Watch Pit R.O.B.IceClimbersHeadSSBB.pngMrGame&WatchHeadSSBB.pngPitHeadSSBB.pngROBHeadSSBB.png
Wolf Excite Truck 559 AttackWeapon+006TypeIcon(Weapon).png Attack +6 All charactersRandomHeadSSBB.png
Yadokarita Densetsu no Stafy 611 AttackWeapon+008TypeIcon(Weapon).png Attack +8 All charactersRandomHeadSSBB.png
Yakuman Player Yakuman 649 DefenseElectric+028EffectIcon(Electric).png Resistance +28 Ice Climbers Mr. Game & Watch Pit R.O.B.IceClimbersHeadSSBB.pngMrGame&WatchHeadSSBB.pngPitHeadSSBB.pngROBHeadSSBB.png


Brawl Sticker Aijou Boom no Ya (Sennen Kazoku).png
Aijou Boom no Ya
(Sennen Kazoku)
Brawl Sticker Akari Hayami (1080 Avalanche).png
Akari Hayami
(1080° Avalanche)
Brawl Sticker Akari Hayami (Wave Race BS).png
Akari Hayami
(Wave Race BS)
Brawl Sticker Akuma (Sennen Kazoku).png
(Sennen Kazoku)
Brawl Sticker Andy (Advance Wars).png
(Advance Wars)
Brawl Sticker Annie (Custom Robo V2).png
(Custom Robo V2)
Brawl Sticker Ashley (Trace Memory).png
(Trace Memory)
Brawl Sticker Ashley Viewing DTS (Trace Memory).png
Ashley Viewing DTS
(Trace Memory)
Brawl Sticker Balloon Fight Enemy.png
Balloon Fight Enemy
Brawl Sticker Balloon Fighter.png
Balloon Fighter
Brawl Sticker Boulder (Excite Truck).png
(Excite Truck)
Brawl Sticker Boundish (Digiluxe).png
Brawl Sticker Boy (Magical Starsign).png
(Magical Starsign)
Brawl Sticker Boy (Magical Vacation).png
(Magical Vacation)
Brawl Sticker Captain (Trace Memory).png
(Trace Memory)
Brawl Sticker Chef (Shaberu! DS Cooking Navi).png
(Shaberu! DS Cooking Navi)
Brawl Sticker Chibi-Robo (Chibi-Robo).png
Brawl Sticker Chibi-Robo (Chibi-Robo Park Patrol).png
(Chibi-Robo: Park Patrol)
Brawl Sticker Chihuahua (Nintendogs).png
Brawl Sticker Chonmagyo (Densetsu no Stafy 2).png
(Densetsu no Stafy 2)
Brawl Sticker Chromatron (Digiluxe).png
Brawl Sticker Commander Kahn (Elite Beat Agents).png
Commander Kahn
(Elite Beat Agents)
Brawl Sticker Cupit (Sennen Kazoku).png
(Sennen Kazoku)
Brawl Sticker Derek (Elite Beat Agents).png
(Elite Beat Agents)
Brawl Sticker Digidrive (Digiluxe).png
Brawl Sticker Donbe (Shin Onigashima).png
(Shin Onigashima)
Brawl Sticker Dr. Lobe (Big Brain Academy).png
Dr. Lobe
(Big Brain Academy)
Brawl Sticker Dr. Lobe (Big Brain Academy WD).png
Dr. Lobe
(Big Brain Academy WD)
Brawl Sticker Duck (Duck Hunt).png
(Duck Hunt)
Brawl Sticker Dunning Smith (Hotel Dusk Room 215).png
Dunning Smith
(Hotel Dusk: Room 215)
Brawl Sticker Dzuke-chan (English Training).png
(English Training)
Brawl Sticker Electroplankton.png
Brawl Sticker Excitebike.png
Brawl Sticker Fat Hockey Player (Ice Hockey).png
Fat Hockey Player
(Ice Hockey)
Brawl Sticker Firefly (Excite Truck).png
(Excite Truck)
Brawl Sticker Flower Fairy Lip (Nintendo Puzzle Collection).png
Flower Fairy Lip
(Nintendo Puzzle Collection)
Brawl Sticker Free Ranger (Chibi-Robo Park Patrol).png
Free Ranger
(Chibi-Robo: Park Patrol)
Brawl Sticker F-Type (Wild Trax).png
(Wild Trax)
Brawl Sticker Girl (Magical Vacation).png
(Magical Vacation)
Brawl Sticker Grutch (Drill Dozer).png
(Drill Dozer)
Brawl Sticker Hajime Tanaka (Ouendan 2).png
Hajime Tanaka
(Ouendan 2)
Brawl Sticker Hanenbow (Electroplankton).png
Brawl Sticker Hawke (Advance Wars DS).png
(Advance Wars DS)
Brawl Sticker Hayato Saionji (Ouendan 2).png
Hayato Saionji
(Ouendan 2)
Brawl Sticker Helibokaan (Kururin Squash!).png
(Kururin Squash!)
Brawl Sticker Hiroshi (Trade & Battle Card Hero).png
(Trade & Battle: Card Hero)
Brawl Sticker HM Mech Rosa (Chosoju Mecha MG).png
HM Mech Rosa
(Chosoju Mecha MG)
Brawl Sticker HP Pot (Magical Starsign).png
HP Pot
(Magical Starsign)
Brawl Sticker Instructor (Pilotwings).png
Brawl Sticker J (Elite Beat Agents).png
(Elite Beat Agents)
Brawl Sticker Jake (Advance Wars DS).png
(Advance Wars DS)
Brawl Sticker Jessica (Trace Memory).png
(Trace Memory)
Brawl Sticker Jewel Fairy Ruby (Nintendo Puzzle Collection).png
Jewel Fairy Ruby
(Nintendo Puzzle Collection)
Brawl Sticker Jill & Drill Dozer (Drill Dozer).png
Jill & Drill Dozer
(Drill Dozer)
Brawl Sticker Jill (Drill Dozer).png
(Drill Dozer)
Brawl Sticker Kai Doumeki (Ouendan 2).png
Kai Doumeki
(Ouendan 2)
Brawl Sticker Kamisama (Sennen Kazoku).png
(Sennen Kazoku)
Brawl Sticker Kirsh (Magical Vacation).png
(Magical Vacation)
Brawl Sticker Kururin (Kururin Paradise).png
(Kururin Paradise)
Brawl Sticker Kyle Hyde (Hotel Dusk Room 215).png
Kyle Hyde
(Hotel Dusk: Room 215)
Brawl Sticker Kyorosuke (Densetsu no Stafy 4).png
(Densetsu no Stafy 4)
Brawl Sticker Mach Rider.png
Mach Rider
Brawl Sticker Magkid (Slide Adventure MAGKID).png
(Slide Adventure MAGKID)
Brawl Sticker Master (Trade & Battle Card Hero).png
(Trade & Battle: Card Hero)
Brawl Sticker Materu (Densetsu no Stafy 4).png
(Densetsu no Stafy 4)
Brawl Sticker Max (Advance Wars).png
(Advance Wars)
Brawl Sticker Midori Mushi (Slide Adventure MAGKID).png
Midori Mushi
(Slide Adventure MAGKID)
Brawl Sticker Mila (Hotel Dusk Room 215).png
(Hotel Dusk: Room 215)
Brawl Sticker Miniature Dachshund (Nintendogs).png
Miniature Dachshund
Brawl Sticker Mokka (Magical Starsign).png
(Magical Starsign)
Brawl Sticker Monster (FGPII 3D Hot Rally).png
(FGPII 3D Hot Rally)
Brawl Sticker Moon Fairy Seren (Nintendo Puzzle Collection).png
Moon Fairy Seren
(Nintendo Puzzle Collection)
Brawl Sticker Morris (Elite Beat Agents).png
(Elite Beat Agents)
Brawl Sticker Musketeer Daltania (Chosoju Mecha MG).png
Musketeer Daltania
(Chosoju Mecha MG)
Brawl Sticker Nanocarp (Electroplankton).png
Brawl Sticker Ningyou Kouchuu Viigaru (Chosoju Mecha MG).png
Ningyou Kouchuu Viigaru
(Chosoju Mecha MG)
Brawl Sticker Orbiter (Digiluxe).png
Brawl Sticker Panel (Nintendo Puzzle Collection).png
(Nintendo Puzzle Collection)
Brawl Sticker Papa (Chibi-Robo).png
Brawl Sticker Putty (Magical Starsign).png
(Magical Starsign)
Brawl Sticker Rachel (Advance Wars DS).png
(Advance Wars DS)
Brawl Sticker Rad (Excite Truck).png
(Excite Truck)
Brawl Sticker Rakensen (Custom Robo BR).png
(Custom Robo BR)
Brawl Sticker Ray (Custom Robo).png
(Custom Robo)
Brawl Sticker Ray 01 (Custom Robo BR).png
Ray 01
(Custom Robo BR)
Brawl Sticker Ray MKIII (Custom Robo Arena).png
(Custom Robo Arena)
Brawl Sticker Ricky Winterborn (1080 Avalanche).png
Ricky Winterborn
(1080° Avalanche)
Brawl Sticker Rob Haywood (Wave Race BS).png
Rob Haywood
(Wave Race BS)
Brawl Sticker Robo Cube (Custom Robo BR).png
Robo Cube
(Custom Robo BR)
Brawl Sticker Rotohex (Digiluxe).png
Brawl Sticker Running Chibi-Robo (Chibi-Robo).png
Running Chibi-Robo
Brawl Sticker Ryota Hayami (Wave Race BS).png
Ryota Hayami
(Wave Race BS)
Brawl Sticker Ryuta Ippongi (Ouendan 2).png
Ryuta Ippongi
(Ouendan 2)
Brawl Sticker Sabure Prince (Kaeru no Tame ni Kane wa Naru).png
Sabure Prince
(Kaeru no Tame ni Kane wa Naru)
Brawl Sticker Sami (Advance Wars).png
(Advance Wars)
Brawl Sticker Sayaka Amemiya (Ouendan 2).png
Sayaka Amemiya
(Ouendan 2)
Brawl Sticker Seal Head (Custom Robo BR).png
Seal Head
(Custom Robo BR)
Brawl Sticker Seiuchi-kun (Densetsu no Stafy 3).png
(Densetsu no Stafy 3)
Brawl Sticker Shiba Inu (Nintendogs).png
Shiba Inu
Brawl Sticker Snowman (1080 Avalanche).png
(1080° Avalanche)
Brawl Sticker Sparrow (Magical Starsign).png
(Magical Starsign)
Brawl Sticker Stafy (Densetsu no Stafy).png
(Densetsu no Stafy)
Brawl Sticker Stafy (Densetsu no Stafy 2).png
(Densetsu no Stafy 2)
Brawl Sticker Stapy (Densetsu no Stafy 3).png
(Densetsu no Stafy 3)
Brawl Sticker Sukapon (Joy Mech Fight).png
(Joy Mech Fight)
Brawl Sticker Takamaru (Nazo no Murasamejo).png
(Nazo no Murasamejo)
Brawl Sticker Tamagon (Devil World).png
(Devil World)
Brawl Sticker Tameo (Trade & Battle Card Hero).png
(Trade & Battle: Card Hero)
Brawl Sticker Telly (Chibi-Robo).png
Brawl Sticker Tractor Trailer (Wild Trax).png
Tractor Trailer
(Wild Trax)
Brawl Sticker Training Academy Coach (X).png
Training Academy Coach
Brawl Sticker Volvoice (Electroplankton).png
Brawl Sticker Warrior Mech Gauss (Chosoju Mecha MG).png
Warrior Mech Gauss
(Chosoju Mecha MG)
Brawl Sticker Water Fairy Elias (Nintendo Puzzle Collection).png
Water Fairy Elias
(Nintendo Puzzle Collection)
Brawl Sticker Wave Race Blue Storm.png
Wave Race: Blue Storm
Brawl Sticker Welsh Corgi (Nintendogs).png
Welsh Corgi
Brawl Sticker Wild Gunman.png
Wild Gunman
Brawl Sticker Wolf (Excite Truck).png
(Excite Truck)
Brawl Sticker Yadokarita (Densetsu no Stafy).png
(Densetsu no Stafy)
Brawl Sticker Yakuman Player (Yakuman).png
Yakuman Player


  • The stickers of fairies from the version of Panel de Pon in Nintendo Puzzle Collection are inaccurately labeled in the English version of Brawl. They are listed with the names of their Super Famicom incarnations (Lip, Ruby, Seren, Elias), when the Nintendo Puzzle Collection version introduced very similar but distinct characters with different names; the correct names (Furil, Pure, Sala, and Cecil, respectively) are used in the Japanese version.
  • Despite the fact that the bit Generations games on Game Boy Advance were never localized, the stickers appear here under the name Digiluxe, which was the label Nintendo of America would have used based on ESRB ratings submitted in 2006.
    • Some games in the series later went on to be released worldwide for the similar Art Style series, including Orbiter, which was renamed outside of Japan as Orbient.

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