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Bayonetta (SSBU)/Forward aerial

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For the technical data of each individual hit, see:

Bayonetta uses her full forward air combo as a combo starter in neutral, comboeing it into either another forward air, or into an Afterburner Kick. She also uses it to end most of her Witch Twist and Afterburner Kick comboes, and it even KOs opponents when in the magnifying glass.

The first and second hit are used with fastfalls to combo into each other over and over, and eventually into another attack, with the first hit into Witch Twist also sometimes being used as a reset mixup to give Bayonetta more corner carry horizontally than she would get from a true combo. This works because, in order to avoid it, Bayonetta's opponent needs to react to just one hit of forward air, and press an escape option, which then puts them into ending lag in a bad spot offstage, which is easy for Bayonetta to edgegaurd.

Sometimes forward air one is also used to interrupt someone's animation in Witch Time to make followup attacks more consistent.