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001Toad.jpg I hope DracoRex or Aidan doesn't mind!

Like a lot of people I have some favorite video game characters that I want in Smash Bros and I've made movesets for.

I've made a list showing the characters who I want in Smash and their chances of getting in, with "Possible?" denoting their chances of getting in. I'll also includea list of reasons for their inclusion and exclusion.

Right now there's only one character on this list, and if you know me, you probably could already guess who it is...

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Universe Mario
Possible? Yes
Toad is ready for adventure!
—Introduction Tagline

Toad (キノピオ, Kinopio) is the mushroom capped boy from the Mario franchise who is Supatoad64's all time favorite character. He has been in smash since Melee, but still yet to be playable.

Isaac Marshall's portrayal of Toad will be repurposed for Smash.

Reasons for inclusion/exclusion[edit]

  • Buff Toad is one of the most recurring Mario characters in the series.
  • Buff He has assisted Mario in many ways during his adventures and next to Mario and Luigi, has been playable in more main series games than anyone else.
  • Buff Toad has been in many Mario spin-offs such as Mario Kart, sports games, and Mario Party.
  • Nerf He's STILL being imprisoned by the evil Princess Peach into being her neutral special *grr*...


Toad will be a homage to Super Mario Bros. 2 in that he is a lightweight who does things a lightweight normally shouldn't do. Toad is a fast lightweight character who's best at speeding through the stage and performing combos. Toad will have fast air speed but fast falling speed, he also can wall-jump, wall cling, and crawl. One of Toad's most unusal attributes will be his superhuman strength: Toad will have fast and powerful Smash attacks that can be reliable finishers, plus his up throw lifts opponents onto his head as in SMB2 (and DK's cargo throw) and can throw them with a cannonball effect.

Special moves[edit]

Move Name Damage Description
Neutral special Iceball 7% Toad throws a blue icy ball that freezes opponents at high damages.
Side special Kart 14% (grounded) 11% (aerial) Toad rides in his blue kart similarly to Wario Bike, but knockback will be stronger, with smaller hitbox to balance out.
Up special Propeller Toad 3% (multi-hit) 8% (finishing hit) 21% (total) Toad puts on a Propeller hat from New Super Mario Bros. Wii and flies in a given direction. Each hit will be a multi hit attack with slashing graphics, and the final hit deals strong knockback with powerful KO potential.
Down special Vegetable Varies Just like Peach's but better: turnips have more knockback and deal more damage, now also has a 1/64 chance of pulling a Green Shell, 1/255 chance of pulling a Timer, and the return of the "holy grail" beam sword.

On screen appearance[edit]

Jumps out of a blue warp pipe saying "Here we go!"


Jumps up and down twice while waving saying "I'm the best!"

Crowd cheer[edit]

Toad! Toad! Toad! Go!

Idle pose[edit]

Looks left and right

Victory fanfare[edit]

A remix of the "World clear!" theme from Super Mario Bros 2.

Victory poses[edit]

  • Similar to Mario's old victory pose from Smash 64 where he repeatedly jumps leftwards, then faces the camera striking a pose saying "Yahoo!"
  • Does a rapid spin jump then does a pose similar to Ness's "fuzzy-pickles" and says "Yahoo!"
  • Rides past in his kart, then jumps out while striking a pose saying "I'm the best!"

Alternate colors[edit]

  • 1: Red Toad
  • 2: Yellow Toad
  • 3: Blue Toad
  • 4: Green Toad
  • 5: Purple Toad
  • 6: Fire Toad
  • 7: Ice Toad
  • 8: Captain Toad


  • I've actually put Toad in my build of Project M by downloading a mod by B.Breon on Brawl vault, which goes over one Ness palette.