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Tournament:Smash Ain't Dead 3

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Smash Ain't Dead 3
Smash Ain't Dead 3 logo.jpg
Dates March 15th, 2014
Venue Fairfield Halls
Address/City Park Lane A212
Croydon, London UK
Entry fees Venue: £5
Melee singles: £5
Melee doubles: £3 per player
Brawl singles: £5
Brawl doubles: £3 per player
PM singles: £5
Super Smash Bros. Melee winners Sweden Armada 1v1
Super Smash Bros. Brawl winners UK Anaky 1v1
PM Icon.png winners Sweden Armada 1v1
Director(s) Alpha Dash

Smash Ain't Dead 3 was a European Super Smash Bros. Melee, Super Smash Bros. Brawl, and Project M tournament held by Alpha Dash in Croydon, London.



Melee singles[edit]

(92 entrants)

Place Name Character(s) Earnings
1st Sweden Armada PeachHeadSSBM.pngFoxHeadSSBM.png
2nd Germany Ice SheikHeadSSBM.png
3rd UK Fuzzyness FoxHeadSSBM.pngJigglypuffHeadSSBM.png
4th UK Professor Pro FoxHeadSSBM.png
5th France Tekk JigglypuffHeadSSBM.png
5th UK VA PeachHeadSSBM.png
7th UK Deathgazer FalcoHeadSSBM.png
7th UK L-J FoxHeadSSBM.png
9th UK Alpha Dash IceClimbersHeadSSBM.pngFalcoHeadSSBM.png
9th TChang FalcoHeadSSBM.png
9th Germany SchlimmShady MarioHeadSSBM.png
9th UK X1 FalcoHeadSSBM.png

Project M singles[edit]

(91 entrants)

Place Name Character(s) Earnings
1st Sweden Armada PitHeadSSBB.png
2nd UK Professor Pro SnakeHeadSSBB.png
3rd UK Fuzzyness SonicHeadSSBB.pngFoxHeadSSBB.png
4th Germany Ice CaptainFalconHeadSSBB.png
5th UK Anaky LinkHeadSSBB.png
5th UK VA KingDededeHeadSSBB.png
7th UK Jolteon ToonLinkHeadSSBB.png
7th UK Alpha Dash ROBHeadSSBB.pngOlimarHeadSSBB.pngWarioHeadSSBB.png
9th UK Swizzy GanondorfHeadSSBB.png
9th the Lust CharizardHeadSSBB.png
9th UK X1 IvysaurHeadSSBB.png
9th UK L-J FoxHeadSSBB.png

Brawl singles[edit]

(56 entrants)

Place Name Character(s) Earnings
1st UK Anaky MarthHeadSSBB.png
2nd UK Kasper FalcoHeadSSBB.png
3rd UK Luigimitsu WarioHeadSSBB.pngMetaKnightHeadSSBB.png
4th UK C.R.Z FoxHeadSSBB.png

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