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List of victory poses (SSB4)

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The following is a list of victory poses of characters in Super Smash Bros. 4, shown in the order of the left, up, and right buttons on the D-pad that can determine them. In the E3 2014 demo, each character only had one victory pose. Veterans seem to have their poses based on those from Brawl, with a few exceptions. Additionally, some characters have unique expressions in their victory poses in the Wii U version. In Team Battles, each character has only one of their victory poses.

* marks the victory pose done in Team Battle.


  • Left: Dances and says "Miss me, baby?" (Chernobog; "私はここよ", I'm right here.). The dance is similar to her down taunt, with a slightly different ending pose.*
  • Up: Performs the Break Dance move then strikes a pose, saying "Dreadful." (gun-type weapons or Rodin; "退屈だわ", Boring.) or "Don't make me beg." (Takemikazuchi; "遠慮しないで", Don't be shy.). The pose is similar to her crouch.
  • Right: Bayonetta steps back and sticks up her guns, pirouettes like a ballerina, then aims her guns to the right with a pose, saying "That all you got?" (Alruna; "全力を見せてよ", Show me your full power.) or "You're making it easy." (Rakshasa; "楽勝ね", Too easy.).


  • Left: Steps up, builds up a little and roars.
  • Up: Takes two steps forward while pounding his fists to the ground twice.
  • Right: Spins around in his shell and comes out grinning.*

Bowser Jr.[edit]

  • Left: Jumps out of the Clown Car, hops in celebration a few times, then poses.*
  • Up: Drives the Clown Car around like a go-kart, then stops and pulls out a hammer.
  • Right: Gets out of the Clown Car and rubs it with his right hand.

Captain Falcon[edit]

  • Left: Charges up red energy.*
  • Up: Performs two jump kicks, then strikes a pose.
  • Right: Does three consecutive roundhouse kicks, then poses.


  • Left: Stomps forward, roars upwards with flames coming out of its mouth, then poses.
  • Up: Roars and does a pose.
  • Right: Uses Flare Blitz into the ground, then poses.*


  • Left: Twirls the Buster Sword with one hand and places it on his back with his eyes closed, and says "悪く思うな", which translates to "No hard feelings." Based on his victory animation in Final Fantasy VII.*
  • Up: While turning away from the camera, he twirls the Buster Sword, places it on his back and then looks to the left while hiding his face, saying "ついてないな", which translates to "Better luck next time."
  • Right: Dashes into the screen, slashes the Buster Sword twice, and gets in his battle stance while saying "お前 は 俺 を 倒せない", which translates to "You cannot defeat me."


  • Left: Swings the Omega Yato. Male Corrin says "I win!" ("勝負あったね", That's game.), while female Corrin says "Good!" ("勝負ありました", That was game.).
  • Up: Twirls the Omega Yato in the air and places it on its tip, similar to one of Corrin's taunts. Male Corrin says "That went well!" ("上手くいったね", That went well.), while female Corrin says "That was great." ("上手くいきました", That went well.). Resembles Corrin's animation after a battle in Fire Emblem Fates.*
  • Right: Transforms into Corrin's dragon form.

Dark Pit[edit]

  • Left: Flies down, sticks bow to the ground, then crosses arms, and says "Can't help but feel sorry for ya." ("貴様らに舞い降りる翼はない。", Wings aren't swooping down at all of you.).
  • Up: Twirls his staff, then points it outward, and says "Looks like I'm the last man standing." ("俺はまだ生きているぞ。", I'm still living on right here.).
  • Right: Pumps his fist and holds it out in front of him and says "Nice try." ("ふん! しゃらくさい。", Hmph! Impudent.).*
    • If Pit is present after a match, there is a chance he will instead say "Where's your goddess now?" ("どうだ? 女神のフンめ。", How's that? Piece of goddess crap.).

Diddy Kong[edit]

  • Left: Shoots the air with his Peanut Popguns, roll towards the camera and shoots at it.
  • Up: Spins with his Rocket Barrels then faces the screen, dancing with hands on his head and chin.*
  • Right: Does a small dance, then holds still in a breakdance-like pose, clapping his feet together.

Donkey Kong[edit]

  • Left: Does a backflip and flexes his arms. (His "character chosen" animation in Super Smash Bros.)
  • Up: Holds his hands above his head and shakes them.*
  • Right: Beats his chest.

Dr. Mario[edit]

  • Left: Throws two Megavitamins to his left and right and pulls out the same pills he already threw from his pockets.*
  • Up: Holds out his stethoscope.
  • Right: Looks to the screen with his left hand on his back and stroking his chin with his right hand.

Duck Hunt[edit]

  • Left: The dog jumps into 8-bit grass, then does his signature laugh.*
  • Up: Runs on screen and turns around to kick a can from Hogan's Alley.
  • Right: Summons a Wild Gunman to shoot to the left, then another one to the right.


  • Left: Does rapid kicks and poses, saying "Had enough already?" ("くたばるのはまだ早ぇぜ。", Too early to kick the bucket just yet.).*
    • If Fox is present after a match, there is a chance he will instead say "You're off your game, Fox." ("腕が落ちたな、フォックス。", Your skills have fallen off, Fox.).
  • Up: Jumps high into the air and poses on the ground.
  • Right: Crosses arms and looks away, saying "You aren't worth the trouble." ("付き合ってらんねぇな。", Not worth associating with.).


  • Left: Spins his blaster and puts it in his holster, saying "This is Fox. Returning to base." ("こちらフォックス、これより帰還する。", This is Fox, heading back.).
    • If Falco was present in the match, there's a chance he will instead say "Better luck next time, Falco." ("まだまだだな、ファルコ。", Not just yet, Falco.).
  • Up: Poses with his blaster, saying "Mission complete!" ("作戦完了!", Mission complete!).*
  • Right: Crosses his arms, looks upward, and raises his tail. (His "character chosen" animation and taunt in Super Smash Bros.)


  • Left: Pumps a victorious fist and crouches.*
  • Up: Facing away, Ganondorf turns to face the screen, and holds up his fist, showing the back of it.
  • Right: While crossing his arms, he laughs, then looks down at the screen.


  • Left: Does a few hand seals with splashing water, and then a ninja pose.*
  • Up: Performs Double Team to briefly create three afterimages of itself.
  • Right: Does a flip, and crosses its arms.


  • Left: Slashes his sword twice, saying "I fight for my friends." ("守るべきもののため戦うだけだ。").*
  • Up: Forcefully plants his sword into the ground, then crosses his arms, saying "You'll get no sympathy from me." ("手加減してやれるほど、俺は甘くはない。").
  • Right: Performs Aether while facing the screen.


  • Left: Jumps up and lands on its back.*
  • Up: Jumps twice, then does a backflip and looks towards the screen.
  • Right: Sleeps and then suddenly wakes up. It continues to drift off to sleep and wake up groggily after the announcer reads its name.

King Dedede[edit]

  • Left: Slams his hammer down on both sides of him, then looks towards the screen.
  • Up: Slaps his belly three times, and slowly rubs his hand on it as a Waddle Dee stands nearby.
  • Right: Spins his hammer into the air and finishes with a pose.*


Kirby is the only character to end all his victory poses with the same pose.

  • Left: Performs two slide attacks, spins, then bends over and holds his hand up.*
  • Up: Does a flip and faces away from the screen briefly, then jumps and flips towards the screen again, and holds his hand up.
  • Right: Waves his arms, then flips while jumping and holds his hand up.


  • Left: Three swipes with his sword and looks to the right. (His "character chosen" animation in Super Smash Bros., but ends with him facing a different direction.)
  • Up: Horizontal swipe with his sword, then holds it up, giving off a battle cry.
  • Right: Gives two swipes of his sword, then sheaths it. Based off of his victory animation in Twilight Princess*

Little Mac[edit]

Little Mac wears a Champion belt in all three of his victory poses.

  • Left: Does a few punches towards Doc Louis, warming up with him.
  • Up: Doc Louis holds up Little Mac's arm like a referee would after a boxing match.*
  • Right: Runs and gives his back towards the screen, then turns around, looks above and strikes a pose, while Doc Louis cheers him on.

In all of Little Mac's victory poses, Doc Louis will say one of the following quotes at random depending on which pose is selected and which costume is used:

Note: Doc Louis will randomly say "Y'know, that belt looks good on you, son." no matter which costume is used.
Left Up Right
Normal Costumes
"You win, Mac!" "World Circuit's all yours Mac!"* "Ahh, winnin' feels good, don't it?"
"Was that a little too easy for ya, son?" "(in tandem with the announcer) And the winner is… Little Mac! Hahaha!" "Way to go, Mac! You're the champ, baby!"
"Nice work, Mac. You got it all figured out." "Ya got what it takes, Mac!" "Alright! I think I hear a chocolate bar callin'."
Wireframe Costumes
"Nice moves, Mac. I could barely keep my eyes on ya, son." "Ain't you flashy? You making my eyes water, son."* "You're lookin' mighty good, son. Just like old times, huh?"


  • Left: Aura pulsates out of its paws, then does a crane-like stance, saying "Behold the power of aura." (満ちるぞ,この波導!, I am filled with aura!).
  • Up: Moves its paws in front of itself, then clasps them together, saying "The aura is with me!" (波導は我にあり!, The aura is with me!).*
  • Right: Moves its paw to its left side and groans while aura radiates off its body.


  • Left: Forcefully pulls one of the Seven Needles before it flies off-screen with a trail of sparkles, then looks towards the screen, smiling. This is very similar to his Up Smash.
  • Up: With his back towards the screen, crouching, Lucas does something on the ground with a large stick before turning his head around, saying "Hmm?"
  • Right: He bends down on one knee and shoots hexagonal PK shocks from his fingers in the air in front of him.*


  • Left: Swings her sword, then poses in her artwork pose, saying "The future is not written!" ("未来を変えて見せます!", Watch me change the future!).*
  • Up: Points her sword upward, then poses, saying "Father, I won." ("勝ちましたよ、お父様", I won, Father.).
    • If Ike was present in the match, there is a chance she will instead say "And they call YOU the Radiant Hero?" ("これが蒼炎の勇者?", This is the Radiant Hero?).
  • Right: Sheaths her sword, saying "You'll never defeat me!" ("負けるわけにはいきません!", I cannot lose!).
    • If Marth was present in the match, there is a chance she will instead say "THIS is the Hero-King?" ("これが英雄王の力?", This is the strength of the Hero King?).


  • Left: Falls twice, stiff as a board. (This is one of this taunts, as well as his artwork.)
  • Up: Turns around and makes gun motions with his fingers, saying "Bang, bang."*
  • Right: Childishly swings his arms at the air, then gasps twice with exhaustion. (Similar to his "character chosen" animation in Super Smash Bros. and his Dash Attack)


  • Left: Winds up for a punch and steps forward while punching in front of the screen.*
  • Up: Makes fire explode from his palm and strikes a pose similar to his Brawl render.
  • Right: Does a short spin-jump and lands in a strong-man pose. (His "character chosen" animation in Super Smash Bros.)


  • Left: Turns with pride, spins his sword then clashes it to the ground, and says "今回は僕の勝ちだね。", which translates to "This time victory is mine, isn't it?"
  • Up: Sheaths his sword and says "今日も生き延びることが出来た。", which translates to "I was able to survive again today."
  • Right: Poses with his sword sheathed and his right arm out and says "僕は負ける訳には行かないんだ。", which translates to "I can't afford to lose."*

Mega Man[edit]

  • Left: Teleports on to the screen and imitates the pose from the Japanese title screen of Mega Man (Rockman), also appearing in the Wily Wars (Mega World) version of the game and on the cover of the Legacy Collection.*
  • Up: Fires shots from his Mega Buster left then right, and finally poses.
  • Right: Lands down, points his Mega Buster towards the air, and finally poses.

Meta Knight[edit]

  • Left: Slashes his sword, saying "Come back when you can put up a fight.", then warps away ("もっと強くなって来い。", Come at me when you're stronger.).
  • Up: Flies in from the side, and flings out his cape, saying "You have much yet to learn." ("まだまだだな。", You're not yet ready.).
  • Right: Slashes with his sword aglow, and poses, saying " my destiny." ("これも宿命だ。", This, too, was destiny.).*


Note: Mewtwo speaks during its Japanese victory poses.

  • Left: Thrusts its hand forward, radiating dark energy and groans.
    • "私は負けるわけにはいかない!!", which translates to "I cannot afford to lose!"
  • Up: Turns its back to the screen and looks back over its shoulder, saying "Hmm..."*
    • "私はなぜ ここにいるのか…?", which translates to "Why am I here...?"
  • Right: Does a single spin then poses while laughing.
    • "愚かな!", which translates to "Foolish!"

Mii Brawler[edit]

  • Left: Does a punch and kick combo, and poses.
  • Up: Punches many times toward the screen, then poses.*
  • Right: Cartwheels into the foreground, does a roundhouse kick, and poses.

Mii Gunner[edit]

  • Left: Rolls in from offscreen, then fires arm cannon.*
  • Up: Starts shooting in various directions, and poses.
  • Right: Swings arm cannon around, then fires it while pointing it ahead.

Mii Swordfighter[edit]

  • Left: Throws sword up while spinning, then points it in front.
  • Up: Drops from the sky, spins and poses.*
  • Right: Stabs multiple times, then spins and poses, facing the screen.

Mr. Game & Watch[edit]

  • Left: Rings his bell to the right then to the left. Afterwards, he continues to ring his bell to the right.
  • Up: Hops about in choppy positions with his arms outstretched, tripping halfway, before teetering on his left foot to gain his balance. He then proceeds to jump back and forth, landing on his left foot, then his forehead.
  • Right: Continously jumps high in the air with his legs and arms outstretched.*


  • Left: He looks to his sides quickly before facing the screen, putting his hand on the back of his head. (His movements when doing this are more subtle than in previous games.)
  • Up: Skips in place, then nods once.*
  • Right: Starts swinging his bat, and points it forward.


  • Left: Moves his hands up and down while facing a Red and a Yellow Pikmin. References an animation in Pikmin where Olimar celebrates his S.S. Dolphin being repaired.
  • Up: Plucks a White Pikmin, Blue Pikmin, and Purple Pikmin. The White and Blue Pikmin bounce off his head, and then the Purple Pikmin squishes Olimar onto the ground.
  • Right: Sways in place while three Pikmin run around him in a circle. References the feature of Pikmin games where the player can command the Pikmin around the leader in a circle with the C-Stick.*


  • Left: Appears on screen in ball form, trips, and puts his fist up.*
  • Up: Chases a vulnerable ghost in his two-dimensional form, then shifts to his regular form.
  • Right: Drops from the sky and lands to do a winking pose, while a sign displaying 7650m appears. This move is based off of Pac-Land.


  • Left: Twirls her staff and points it in front of her, saying "No one can hide from the light." ("さ、回収しましょうか?", So, shall we recover?).
    • If she beats Pit, there is a chance she will instead say "Oh, so sorry about that, Pit." ("やられちゃいましたね?", Were you hurt?).
  • Up: Twirls around while hovering, saying "Too bad for you." ("ちょっと大人げなかったかしら?", I wonder if you grew up a bit?).*
    • If she beats Dark Pit, there is a chance she will instead say "Poor little Pittoo." ("いつまでも意地っ張りですね~", Forever a nuisance...!).
  • Right: Spins around her staff, then sits in midair laughing. In the Japanese version, she says ("本気出してもいいんですよ。", It's all right to fight seriously.).


  • Left: Twirls around, and waves, saying "Oh, did I win?" In Team Battles, she doesn't spin, but still waves, saying "Did I win?"*
  • Up: Twirls with hearts surrounding her, poses, then says "This is fun!"
  • Right: Swings her arm out and puts it behind her, saying "Peachy!"


  • Left: Backflips and spins. (Its "character chosen" animation in Super Smash Bros.)*
  • Up: Ears perk, scratches its right ear.
  • Right: Sleeps.


  • Left: Slashes his detached blades and says "It's game over for you!" ("撃破ー!", Struck down-!).
  • Up: Strikes the V sign and says "Victory!" ("ピース!", Peace!). Based off the ending of Kid Icarus: Uprising.*
  • Right: Slowly spins his bow, then stops in his Brawl pose and says "That was easy!" or "What's up now?!" ("楽勝楽勝", Easy peasy! or "任務完了!", Mission complete!).


  • Left: Adjusts his arms to face upward, and does a flexing gesture.
  • Up: Hovers in the air, spins, and lands, then puts his arms down and brings them up again while turning his head.*
  • Right: Turns his head and flashes the lights in his eyes.


  • Left: Strikes a pose, holding the Thunder tome in one hand. Male Robin says "The key to victory lies within." ("勝利の秘策はここにある, The secret to victory is here.). Female Robin says "Ha! Checkmate." ("私の策にはまりましたね!, According to plan!).*
    • If Lucina is present after a match, male Robin sometimes says "Lucina, I hope I didn't hurt you." ("ルキナ、痛くなかったかい?, Lucina, are you hurt?).
  • Up: Swings the Levin Sword. Male Robin says "I'm always three steps ahead." ("常に三手先を考えるんだ.", I always think three steps ahead.). Female Robin says "A good tactician has nothing to fear." ("戦略を練れば、恐るるに足りません., If you have a strategy, there is nothing to fear.).
  • Right: Robin, along with Chrom, appear together facing to the sides, then both face the screen, showing their weapons. Male Robin says "It seems our fates are joined." ("僕たちは互いに絆で結ばれているんだ., We are bonded by mutual ties.). Female Robin says "I've got your back." ("私が、あなたの半身になります., I'll be your other half.).
    • If Lucina is present after a match, female Robin sometimes says "How can you protect Chrom if you can't protect yourself?" ("そんなことじゃ、クロムさんを守れませんよ!, You can't protect Chrom like that!).
    • If Robin's Final Smash has been used during the match, Chrom will sometimes say "My strength is yours!" (お前は俺が守る!, I'll protect you!) instead of Robin saying anything.

Rosalina & Luma[edit]

  • Left: Luma flies in after Rosalina motions with her wand, giggling, while Luma circles her.
  • Up: Rosalina poses and says "All right!", while Luma jumps and spins behind her.
  • Right: Luma jumps into Rosalina's arms, and she catches it.*


  • Left: Swipes his sword once over his shoulder, then swipes it down and behind him while facing left, saying "真の戦いは、これからだ", which translates to "The true fight is after this."
  • Up: Spins the Binding Blade one and a half times and then sheaths it, saying "苦しい戦いだった", which translates to "It was a difficult fight."*
  • Right: Flourishes his sword and poses with it by his side, saying "守るべきもののために、負けられない!", which translates to "For those whom I must protect, I will not lose!"


  • Left: Winds back and does a pose with his right fist facing the camera, saying "Give it your all!" (必殺のタイミングを計れ!, Gauge the timing of your special moves!). This is also his victory pose from Street Fighter IV.
  • Up: Slings his bag over his shoulder while saying "The journey has just begun." (旅はまだ…始まったばかりだ, Yet the journey... has just begun.).
  • Right: Punches two times before doing a victorious uppercut, while saying "Your range is one fist short." (その間合いじゃ、拳半分届かない!, That range doesn't reach half a fist!). The uppercut is a reference to one of his more recurring win poses, where he lifts a fist in the air triumphantly.*


  • Left: Side kick flexes and readies her Arm Cannon.
  • Up: Shoots multiple shots while kneeling, and finishes with a pose. The final pose is based on a pose Samus took in official art from Metroid, and the cover art of Metroid II: Return of Samus.*
  • Right: Punches twice, then fires from her Arm Cannon and finishes with a pose.


  • Left: Kicks once, spins on the ground, then poses.
  • Up: Crouches, swipes with her hand twice, then stands up.
  • Right: Performs two kicks, then takes a ninja stance.*


  • Left: Swings the inactive Monado upwards, then places it on his back, saying either "I got through that pretty good!" (よかった、これで解決ですね。, All good, it's been quite resolved.) or "This is a good result!" (結構よい仕上がりだね?, It was a splendid completion, huh?). In Team Battles, he can only say "I got through that pretty good!".*
  • Up: Swings the Monado a few times while it is active, then holds it level to his head as it deactivates, saying either "The future is ours to decide." (みんなの気持ちが伝わってきたよ!, Everyone's feelings have been coming through!) or "I've got a good rhythm going!" (ほんと、いい流れがつくれているよ!, For real, this makes it a good flow!).
  • Right: Bows down with the Monado held lengthwise, then it activates, and he changes grip, saying either "I can feel the power!" (うん、力を感じる。, Hmm, I feel the power.) or "I can change the future." (未来は…変えられるんだ!, The future… I can change it!).


  • Left: Sprints off the screen and back, and gives a thumbs up, saying "That was almost too easy!" ("モタモタしてると置いてくぜ!", Leaving behind to be dawdling!).
  • Up: Collects a Chaos Emerald and poses with it, saying "Piece of cake!" ("A piece of cake! 楽勝だぜ!", A piece of cake! An easy win!).
  • Right: He breakdances and then does a pose with his fist, saying "Let's do that again sometime!" ("Hey guys! また遊んでやるぜ!", Hey guys! I'll play again next time!).*

Toon Link[edit]

  • Left: Waves the Wind Waker.*
  • Up: He catches a pig and holds it above his head.
  • Right: He tries to catch a pig but ends up tripping and falling on his bottom.


  • Left: Captures a horned dynastid and shows it off.
  • Up: Digs a fossil and shows it off.
  • Right: Does a Dance Spin then poses in their artwork pose.*


  • Left: Pats his belly, then farts, sniffs his behind, and scratches his head, saying "Ooh" in surprise.
  • Up: Does donuts with his motorcycle, stops facing the screen saying "Yes," plucks the end of his mustache, and holds up three fingers in the shape of a W.*
  • Right: Laughs uncontrollably.

Wii Fit Trainer[edit]

Both the female and male Wii Fit Trainers have a selection of sayings picked at random depending on which victory pose is used:

  • Left: Does the Tree pose and then the Warrior pose.
Female Male
"Firm up those abs!"
"Feel the stretch through your arm and leg."
"Good posture begins with a strong base."
"Follow my lead as we do this pose together!"
"That's it, feel the burn!"
"Stabilize your upper body."
"Tuck in those glutes!"
"Time to firm up your thighs and back muscles!"
"Watch your posture. Keep those glutes tucked in!"
"When exerting yourself, remember to keep breathing."
"Work hard to tone that tummy!"
"Your lower body is key for support."
"Work towards strong, firm abs!"
"You're wobbling! Try to keep your balance."
  • Up: Does the Arm and Leg Lift.
Female Male
"Don't forget to exhale when exerting yourself."
"Exercise every day to tone your body!"
"Feel the burn in your thighs and glutes!"
"Keep at it every day to improve your posture!"
"Let's tone up those legs."
"Let's work on building a strong upper body."
"The key is to focus on your balance."
"Stretching your spine will help stimulate your body."
"When exerting yourself, remember to keep breathing."
"This exercise works your core muscles."
"Your lower body is key for support."
"This pose strengthens the back and improves posture."
"You're wobbling! Try to keep your balance."
"Work towards strong, firm abs!"
  • Right: Wipes their forehead with a towel draped around their shoulders and does a thumbs up.*
Female Male
"How about some deep breathing?"
"Firm up those abs!"
"Let's step up the intensity!"
"Let's do some jackknife exercises!"
"Let's work on your balance."
"Let's work on your coordination."
"Now that was a great workout!"
"That was a great workout!"
(In Team Battles, this is the only line the male Trainer can say.)*
"Let's get fired up!"
"Now, let's try it together!"
(In Team Battles, this is the only line the female Trainer can say.)*


  • Left: Looks up at the sky with his hands together, spins once, and gives the V sign.*
  • Up: Punches the air, then makes a "ta-da" pose. (His "character chosen" animation in Super Smash Bros.)
  • Right: Angrily, he punches a few times, and then turns his back on the screen facing right.


  • Left: Prays with her eyes closed, then turns her head upwards and open her eyes.
  • Up: Turns her head to the left, making a stance.
  • Right: Conjures bright red magical energy.*

Zero Suit Samus[edit]

  • Left: Slashes air with plasma whip and says "Be still."
  • Up: Does a Flip Jump then jumps, and poses.*
  • Right: Side kick flex.

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