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List of victory poses (SSBM)

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The following is a list of victory poses of characters in Super Smash Bros. Melee. In Melee, one can select which victory pose a character will use by holding the B, Y or X button as soon as the match ends.


  • B: Steps forward, builds up a little and roars.
  • Y: Takes two steps forward while swiping with his claws twice.
  • X: Spins around in his shell and comes out laughing.

Captain Falcon[edit]

  • B: Does a spinning flying kick and comes down in a kneeling pose.
  • Y: Kneels and thrusts his chest forward, shouting.
  • X: Crouches low, then spins upward with a roundhouse kick.

Donkey Kong[edit]

  • B: Does a backflip, flexes his biceps and roars. This is his animation when he is selected in Super Smash Bros.
  • Y: Waves his hands in a fist over his head.
  • X: Beats his chest and roars.

Dr. Mario[edit]

  • B: Holds out his stethoscope.
  • Y: Throws two randomly colored pills, dusts his hands off and then pulls out the same pills he already threw while laughing triumphantly.
  • X: Does a short spin-jump and lands in a strong-man pose, shouting "Here we go!" Shares this victory pose with Mario.


Note: In the Japanese versions of Melee, each of Falco's victory poses has unique lines.

  • B: Does a bunch of kicks and says "Mission Complete!"
    • 敵機撃墜! which translates to "Enemy Aircraft Downed!".
  • Y: Jumps high into the air and poses on the ground, scoffing.
    • 逃がすかよ! which translates to "I won't let you escape!"
  • X: Crossing his arms and looks at the top left of the screen and says "Mission Complete!"
    • 俺の獲物に手を出すな! which translates to "Hands off my prey!"


Note: In the Japanese versions of Melee, Fox has a unique victory quote for his Y victory pose.

  • B: Swirls Blaster into his holster and says, "Mission Complete!".
    • 作戦資料。 perfectly translates to "Data Gathered."
  • Y: Goes into shooting position with his blaster at two different angles and then looks towards the screen, saying, "Mission Complete!"
    • これより帰還する! roughly translates to "I'll return from here!."
  • X: Crosses his arms, looks upward, raises his tail and says "Mission Complete!" This is his animation when selected in Super Smash Bros.
    • 作戦資料。 perfectly translates to "Data Gathered."


  • B: Pumps a victorious fist and crouches. Resembles Captain Falcon's character selection animation from Smash 64.
  • Y: Presses his clenched right hand into his left palm, then pumps a fist.
  • X: Spins his sword overhead while laughing evilly before thrusting it into the ground.

Ice Climbers[edit]

  • B: Excitedly jump and down in staggered unison.
  • Y: Nod to each other, then high five.
  • X: Standing in front of each other, one moves their head to the left, while the other to the right; they then alternate.


  • B: Crouches, shakes, then jumps.
  • Y: Jumps twice, then does a backflip.
  • X: Sleep, then suddenly wakes up.


  • B: Moonwalks left, spins to the center, crouch slides to the right, spins back to the center, then holds his left hand up.
  • Y: Skids right while looking up twice, bounces across the screen, shakes away from the camera, bounces to the center, then holds his left hand up.
  • X: Jumps to the right, spins across the screen, crouches twice, jumps to the center, then holds his left hand up.


  • B: Swings his sword three times and turns his back to the camera. (His "character chosen" animation in Super Smash Bros.)
  • Y: Stabs his sword forward, puts his sword and shield together and then raises his sword high into the air.
  • X: Swings his sword once, spins his sword and sheaths it.


  • B: Falls down twice as stiff as a board.
  • Y: Turns around and makes gun motions with his fingers, saying "Let's-a go!"
  • X: Childishly swings his arms at the air and gasps twice with exhaustion. (His "character chosen" animation in Super Smash Bros.)


  • B: Winds up for a punch and steps forward, shouting "Here we go!"
  • Y: Makes fire explode from his palm and strikes a pose.
  • X: Does a short spin-jump and lands in a strong-man pose, shouting "Here we go!" (His "character chosen" animation in Super Smash Bros.)


  • B: Turns around and spins his sword, Falchion, around, with it pointed to the ground while facing right and poses, saying "僕は負ける訳には行かないんだ!", which translates to "There's no way I can lose!"
  • Y: Swipes Falchion twice and sheaths it, saying "今回は僕の勝ちだね?", which translates to "This time, it's my victory, isn't it?"
  • X: Poses with Falchion in his sheath, stretches out his right arm and says "今日も生き延びることが出来た。", which translates to "Today, I have survived."


Note: Mewtwo speaks during its Japanese victory poses.

  • B: Thrusts its hand forward, radiating dark energy and groans.
  • Y: Spins around before looking over its shoulder.
    • 私はなぜ ここにいるのか...?, which translates to "Why am I here?" or 愚かな!, which translates to "Foolish!"
  • X: Spins around and ascends, laughing.
    • 私はまけるわけにはいかない!, which translates to "I cannot lose!"

Mr. Game & Watch[edit]

  • B: Rings his bell to the right, then to the left, then faces the right.
  • Y: Takes three steps to the right, then to the left.
  • X: Jumps in the air twice.


  • B: Looks to the left and right of him, then places his right arm on the back of his head in a bashful manner. (Vaguely resembles his "character select" animation in Super Smash Bros.)
  • Y: Jumps up and down twice, places arms on waist, and says "Okay!"
  • X: Swings around his bat four times, then poses with it.


  • B: Turns around, winks and waves to the screen.
  • Y: Looks up towards her right while holding her hands together and says "Oh, did I win?"
  • X: Holds her hand out, then says, "This is fun!"


  • B: Dances excitedly then jumps around three times in a circle.
  • Y: Jumps up twice, then jump up high a third time while spinning and waves at the screen before landing.
  • X: Spins around twice on one foot, then jumps up twice while clapping both its feet.


  • B: Backflip, spins on the ground, and says "Pika Pikaaaaaa!" (Its "character chosen" animation in Super Smash Bros.)
  • Y: Looks up to the left side of the screen with its ears twitching and scratches its right ear.
  • X: Sleeps.


  • B: Swipes his sword once over his shoulder, then swipes it down and behind him while facing left, saying "守るべきもののために、負けられない! ", which translates to "For those whom I must protect, I will not lose!".
  • Y: Spins the Sword of Seals one and a half times and then thrusts it into the ground in front of him, while he is looking to slightly to the left, and says either "苦しい戦いだった。", which translates to "It was a difficult fight," or "僕 は 負けない。", which translates to "I won't lose."
  • X: Flourishes his sword and poses with it by his side, saying "真の戦いは、これからだ。", which translates to "The true fight is after this."


  • B: Does a side kick flex, and then aims her arm cannon at the screen.
  • Y: Shoots multiple shots while kneeling and finishes with a pose.
  • X: Punches twice, then fires from her Arm Cannon and finishes with a pose.


Note: When the language is set to Japanese, Sheik speaks during her Y victory pose.

  • B: Holds one arm around her waist while she holds her other hand to her chin, as if in deep thought.
  • Y: Slashes towards the screen twice, then holds her right hand up to her mouth.
    • "終わった! , which roughly translates to "It's over!"
  • X: Kicks three times, then holds her left hand in front of her while exhaling loudly.


  • B: Looks up at the sky with his hands together, spins once, and gives a V sign with his hand.
  • Y: Punches the air, then makes a "ta-da" pose. (His "character chosen" animation in Super Smash Bros.)
  • X: Angrily, he punches a few times, and then turns his back on the screen, facing right.

Young Link[edit]

  • B: Looks down at his belt and adjusts it.
  • Y: Stabs his sword forward, put his sword and shield together, and then raises his sword high into the air. Shares this victory pose with Link.
  • X: Sheathes his sword, dusts off his hands, and puts them on his hips while looking at the screen.


  • B: Praying, she then turns her head upward to the right.
  • Y: Sees to her right side of the screen, holding her left arm proudly.
  • X: Focuses, then conjures a flame between her hands.

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  • Kirby is the only character whose victory pose doesn't finish before the results screen appears.
  • Pikachu and Jigglypuff are the only characters who are shown sleeping during their victory poses.