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List of victory poses (SSB)

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The following is a list of victory poses of characters in Super Smash Bros.

Captain Falcon[edit]

  • Gathers power, then performs a high roundhouse kick.
  • Kneels in a determined pose, screaming as if to release his energy.
  • Brings arm up then down confidently (also his character selection animation).

Donkey Kong[edit]

  • Holds his hands and shakes them above his head in self-congratulation to the left, then to the right, then forward (reference to when he completes a Bonus Stage or defeats a boss in Donkey Kong Country).
  • Jumps up and flexes (also his character selection animation).
  • Beats his chest.


  • Crosses his arms, then turns his head and lifts his tail while scoffing (also his character selection animation and taunt).
  • Points his blaster around him.
  • Twirls his blaster and places it in its holster.


  • Jiggles (also its character selection animation).
  • Nods.
  • Rests.


  • Does several handstands across screen.
  • Slides and dances across screen (a reference to his end-of-level dances in Kirby's Adventure).

(Kirby is the only character in Super Smash Bros. history to only have had two victory poses.)


  • Kneels while sheathing the Master Sword.
  • Swings the Master Sword twice before him, before spinning and stopping with his back turned to the screen (also his character selection animation).
  • Holds the Master Sword before his face, then hoists it upwards.


  • Shuffles left and right.
  • Childishly swings at the air and, after sighing twice, glares at the camera (also his character selection animation).
  • While facing backwards, he waves to the left and right side.


  • Jumps and turns around simultaneously with one arm in the air (also his character selection animation).
  • Spins one arm and punches the screen, saying "Here we go!".
  • Hops thrice to the right then stops in front of the screen.


  • Trots in place, then stands with hands on his hips, nodding confidently.
  • Looks over shoulders and scratches head grinning (also his character selection animation).
  • Swings his bat.


  • Sleeps.
  • Scratches right ear after looking around.
  • Backflips and spins around (also its character selection animation).


  • Flashes gun towards screen.
  • Shoots fire upwards.
  • Cocks her cannon (also her character selection animation).


  • Looks up with his hands and waves (also his character selection animation).
  • Glares at the screen and punches, then turns back facing right.
  • Punches the air and gives a finishing pose.

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