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Tournament:The Dungeon

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The Dungeon
Dates June 5th-6th, 2021
Venue Dungeons & Javas
Address/City 4420 Austin Bluffs Parkway
Colorado Springs, Colorado USA
Attendance 186
Pot size(s) $1,850
Super Smash Bros. Ultimate winners USA Scend 1v1
USA SpeedyBlueDude & USA Kreeg 2v2

The Dungeon was a Super Smash Bros. Ultimate charity regional tournament held in Colorado Springs, Colorado, from June 5th-6th, 2021. The tournament raised money for the Colorado Springs Conservatory.


Super Smash Bros. Ultimate singles[edit]

(182 entrants)
Top 32 Bracket
Top 8 Bracket

Place Name Character(s) Earnings
1st USA Scend NessHeadSSBU.png
2nd USA Chronos SnakeHeadSSBU.png
3rd USA PiXL FalcoHeadSSBU.pngLucinaHeadSSBU.png
4th USA Rocke Pac-ManHeadSSBU.png
5th USA SKITTLES!! YoungLinkHeadSSBU.png
5th USA Mr. Newport LittleMacHeadSSBU.png
7th USA Smirk KenHeadSSBU.png
7th USA Jinx WiiFitTrainerHeadSSBU.png
9th USA Pink Menace SamusHeadSSBU.png
9th USA Kreeg MarthHeadSSBU.png
9th USA Rydra RidleyHeadSSBU.png
9th USA _SEBA_ RoyHeadSSBU.png
13th USA JFK YoshiHeadSSBU.png
13th USA Skar CloudHeadSSBU.png
13th USA Mr.Ping MetaKnightHeadSSBU.png
13th USA Indecisive SnakeHeadSSBU.png

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate doubles[edit]

(48 teams)

Place Team Name Name Character(s) Name Character(s) Earnings
1st 4Ryan USA SpeedyBlueDude MinMinHeadSSBU.png USA Kreeg MarthHeadSSBU.png
2nd War Machine USA Scend NessHeadSSBU.png USA Mamba SnakeHeadSSBU.png
3rd White Boy Summer Tap in zss USA SKITTLES!! YoungLinkHeadSSBU.png USA Skar Sephiroth's stock icon.
4th PiKLs & Tortillas USA VaLoR SonicHeadSSBU.png USA PiXL FalcoHeadSSBU.png
5th Explosive Pipes USA Chronos SnakeHeadSSBU.png USA ~King LuigiHeadSSBU.png
5th USA Jinx WiiFitTrainerHeadSSBU.png USA Mr.Newport LittleMacHeadSSBU.png
7th campieinmouth USA campagne KenHeadSSBU.png USA ilikepieinmouth PalutenaHeadSSBU.png
7th USA _SEBA_ RoyHeadSSBU.png USA Diago CloudHeadSSBU.png

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