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Post-Brawl community tier list

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The Post-Brawl community tier list is a tier list for Super Smash Bros. Brawl from the modern community, centered in the Brawl Central Discord server, and was organized and compiled by ninja1167. It was supposed to be a tier list that was more accurate and up to date than last Brawl Back Room tier list, and it included the lists of multiple of 2022's top level players and other community members. Despite this, some members of the Brawl Community did not want to replace the most recent Brawl Back Room tier list with this one, so it currently remains separate.


This tier list was made from 21 combined tier lists made by Brawl Community members, current top players, and former active players (such as Mew2King and KVLT). Each character's placement was averaged, and they were ordered based on their average placement.

The method used for separating tiers was generally the same one the last BBR tier list used, but with some differences. For tiers SS through A-, a new tier was started after a difference of 1.000 or more in the average placement (with the exception of Wario, who was more than this from both Pikachu and King Dedede, but closer to Pikachu, and since he was closer to Pikachu, he was placed in A-). From tiers B+ through B-, a new tier was made if there was a difference of 1.250 or more in the average placement. For tiers C through E, a new tier was made if there was a difference of 1.500 or more, and for F tier a new tier would be started after a difference of 2.000 or more.

Regarding ties, two characters are considered tied when they have are separated by a value of 0.100 or less. This was the case for Zero Suit Samus and Falco, who are tied for 7th/8th, Ness and Ike, who are tied for 24th/25th, and Captain Falcon and Jigglypuff, who are tied for 32nd/33rd.

Tier list[edit]

This list was released on September 16th, 2022.

Modern Super Smash Bros. Brawl Tier List
SS S A+ A A-
1 2 3 4 5 6 7-8 9 10
MetaKnightIcon(SSBB).png IceClimbersIcon(SSBB).png DiddyKongIcon(SSBB).png OlimarIcon(SSBB).png MarthIcon(SSBB).png SnakeIcon(SSBB).png ZeroSuitSamusIcon(SSBB).png FalcoIcon(SSBB).png PikachuIcon(SSBB).png WarioIcon(SSBB).png
1.087 2.130 3.174 4.087 5.739 5.870 7.348 7.391 8.435 10.000
B+ B B-
11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20
KingDededeIcon(SSBB).png LucarioIcon(SSBB).png FoxIcon(SSBB).png PitIcon(SSBB).png ToonLinkIcon(SSBB).png PeachIcon(SSBB).png ROBIcon(SSBB).png WolfIcon(SSBB).png MrGame&WatchIcon(SSBB).png SheikIcon(SSBB).png
12.739 13.087 14.783 15.217 15.609 15.773 16.043 16.870 18.217 19.273
21 22 23 24-25 26 27 28 29
DonkeyKongIcon(SSBB).png KirbyIcon(SSBB).png SonicIcon(SSBB).png NessIcon(SSBB).png IkeIcon(SSBB).png LuigiIcon(SSBB).png YoshiIcon(SSBB).png LucasIcon(SSBB).png PokémonTrainerIcon(SSBB).png
22.091 22.217 22.565 25.273 25.364 26.000 26.182 26.636 27.682
30 31 32-33 34 35 36 37
MarioIcon(SSBB).png SamusIcon(SSBB).png CaptainFalconIcon(SSBB).png JigglypuffIcon(SSBB).png ZeldaIcon(SSBB).png BowserIcon(SSBB).png LinkIcon(SSBB).png GanondorfIcon(SSBB).png
30.227 30.636 33.364 33.364 33.591 33.818 34.182 36.136

The tiers are further grouped as follows: Top (SS, S, A+, A), High (A-), Mid (B+, B, B-), Lower Mid (C), Upper Low (D), Low (E), Bottom (F).

Differences from the Brawl Back Room's tier list[edit]

This tier list has multiple difference compared to the BBR tier list. The largest jumps were Sheik moving up four spots, and Wolf moving down four spots. Meta Knight held his #1 position, but lost his unanimous 1.000 value due to two players (including 686M, the current best Brawl player) placing him at #2, below the Ice Climbers.

Please note that the names of tiers differ between the BBR tier list and this one. Also note that the combined Zelda/Sheik was removed, meaning that every position below 24 would move up one (for example Sheik moved from 24→20 not from 25→20, since 25 becomes 24 after combined Zelda/Sheik is removed).

For specific rank differences from the current BBR tier list:

Character Rank change Tier change
Meta Knight ±0 N/A
Ice Climbers ±0 N/A
Diddy Kong +1 N/A
Olimar -1 N/A
Marth ±0 A-A
Snake ±0 A-A
Zero Suit Samus +2/+1 BA-
Falco ±0/-1 N/A
Pikachu -1 BA-
Wario ±0 BA-
King Dedede +1 C+B+
Lucario -1 C+B
Fox +2 CB
Pit +3 CB
Toon Link -2 C+B
Peach +3 C-B
R.O.B. +1 C-B
Wolf -4 CB
Mr. Game & Watch -3 CB-
Sheik +4 DB-
Donkey Kong ±0 DC
Kirby -2 DC
Sonic -1 DC
Ness +1/±0 DE
Ike -1/-2 DE
Luigi +1 ED
Yoshi -1 N/A
Lucas +1 ED
Pokémon Trainer -1 ED
Mario ±0 FE
Samus ±0 FE
Captain Falcon +1/±0 N/A
Jigglypuff +3/+2 N/A
Zelda +2 N/A
Bowser -3 N/A
Link -2 N/A
Ganondorf ±0 N/A

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