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The hitbox of Kirby's uair.
The landing hitboxes when not Z-cancelled.

Kirby spins around repeatedly in midair, dealing 10% damage and rather low knockback, though its base knockback is decidedly high compared to Kirby's other aerials. This move is commonly referred to as Twinkle Star, and would later become his neutral aerial from Melee onwards. The hitbox, while small, has a very long duration, somewhat counteracting the move's relative sluggishness. If Kirby lands during the move without Z-cancelling it, there will be an extra landing hitbox. However, due to the lag, it is still recommended to Z-cancel the move. Due to its low utility in combos, the move is rare to be seen, though it occasionally sees use on platforms for shield pressure. The Kirby main Alpha(CL) from Chile was well known for his use with this move.

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