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The hitbox of Kirby's dair.

Kirby does a drill kick, consisting of 10 hits and dealing 3% damage per hit. The move is, of course, SDIable, but due to its speed, it is not nearly as much in comparison to most drills. It is a very useful move for edgeguarding as it is a powerful meteor smash that can KO at medium percentages. It can also drag opponents down, and is easy to recover from due to Kirby's long-distanced vertical recovery. It has some combo use, including being able to lead into an up tiltback aerial combo on an opponent at low-medium percentages, a forward tiltforward smash combo on a grounded opponent at low percentages, and an up smash for a kill at high percents or grab and so on. It also highly safe on block (with the exception of Pikachu who can sometimes use Quick Attack out of it) leading to free shield breaks.

When used on a grounded foe, if the move doesn't finish when Kirby reaches the ground, Kirby will land on the foe with some knockback. Unless Kirby lands before the last hit of the move connects, up tilt followups are impossible. Like his up aerial, if the move is not Z-cancelled, there will be an extra hitbox at the end that deals slight knockback and damage and sends the opponent to the side (although it is still recommended to Z-cancel).

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