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Hitboxes of Kirby's fair.

Kirby uses his two feet to drill forward for 8 hits, doing 2% damage per kick and 6% damage on the 8th hit for a total of 20% damage. It's a viable edgeguarding move with decent knockback (though back aerial and down aerial are better), and can combo well, as well as being a quick and easy-to-use damage racker due to the large amount of hits. However, like other drills, the move can be DI'd out of. While it can be DI'd out however, a Kirby can trick his opponent by only using the first 2/3 hits, allowing easy combos to forward smash and up tilt (such as up tilt x2 weak forward air, up tilt, weak forward air, f-smash vs. Falcon at 0, a combo seen in multiple training mode combo videos). This is however difficult to do. Some of the moves that can go with this move include a forward smash, an up tilt, and a down aerial.

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