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Hitbox of Kirby's up smash.

Kirby does a flip kick similar to Fox's up smash and Pikachu's up smash, though compared to those two, it has more startup lag and less knockback. The move does 16% damage and average vertical knockback. A decent KO move, though rarely used due to Kirby having better options, such as his forward smash and aerials in general. The move has decent range behind Kirby just after the start of its animation, and can also hit opponents in front if they are very close, though the rear part of the hitbox is only useful for knocking unwary opponents away, as it hits with significantly weaker knockback than the main part of the attack. The move can chain into itself at lower percentages against certain opponents, though this is unreliable due to the startup and ending lag, with an up tilt being a much more useful option. The move can be setup with a forward throw at very low percentages. At higher percents, it is useful to KO floaties such as Jigglypuff and Pikachu as well as fast fallers such as Fox after comboing into it out of a d-air. It is also a disjointed hitbox in the last few frames of this attack.

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