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Hitbox of Kirby's f-smash.

Kirby does a jumping kick forwards. Does 17% damage. It is fast, has good range with a long hitbox, and is the strongest forward smash in Smash 64, with very high power and knockback scaling, being able to KO most characters at around 80-100%. The move mainly knocks opponents forward but also launches them into the air slightly. If the sour-spot hits, it can combo into a couple moves at lower percentages such as Kirby's forward aerial, down aerial, or another forward smash vs. floatier characters (such as Samus or Luigi) if it connects vs. an aerial opponent. It can also be comboed into by the same moves, though it is most common with a drop-down/edge cancel forward air or after an up tilt vs. Falcon and Fox at mid-low percents. The move does have some ending lag however (though still not too much compared with other forward smashes), and hitting from too far away (with the tip of Kirby's foot) will cause very weak damage and knockback. When fully up close, the move is safe on shield and easily leads to a pivot up tilt, grab commonly resulting in a free shield break. It is unarguably Kirby's best KO move on the ground and can also be used as a surprise finisher due to its speed. Considered by one of the the better forward smash in the game along with Pikachu and Link, being usable for raw KOing, a surprise KO option or panic option due to its quick startup, or a way to intercept certain recoveries such as Falcon, Yoshi, and Pikachu.

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