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This article is about Zelda's appearance in Super Smash Bros. Brawl. For the character in other contexts, see Princess Zelda.
in Super Smash Bros. Brawl
Princess Zelda
Universe The Legend of Zelda
Alternate form Sheik
Other Smash Bros. appearances in Melee
in SSB4
Availability Starter
Final Smash Light Arrow
Tier F (37)

Confirmed on the Smash Bros. DOJO!! website on June 25, 2007, Zelda (ゼルダ, Zelda) is a playable fighter in Super Smash Bros. Brawl. The titular character of The Legend of Zelda universe, Zelda's model from The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess is reused in Brawl.

Having previously appeared in Super Smash Bros. Melee, Zelda reappears in Brawl as a character utilizing strong magical attacks, but despite many of her attributes being strongly buffed, her tier position is far worse than in Melee at 37 out of 38 compared to 19 out of 26 in the earlier game. While Zelda possesses fast, powerful attacks, some of the most powerful aerials in Brawl, and a fast and powerful multihit up smash that's nearly impossible to SDI out of and covers the area around her, Zelda suffers from a combination of severe character build flaws. These flaws include a very inconvenient combination of attributes similar to Mewtwo (slow, light, tall, and floaty), her almost non-existent approach options, possessing a moveset that consists nearly entirely of unreliable finishers (which makes it difficult for her to KO despite her abundance of powerful attacks, and leaves her with one of the worst comboing abilities, with her down tilt being her only move that can set up well), a very poor projectile that can't force approaches, and her predictable and unreliable recovery (like Wolf, her primary recovery move suffers from major angular issues, though unlike Wolf, she doesn't have access to an alternate recovery move nor the air speed and jumping abilities to make it back without using a recovery move). This has left her with terrible tournament results and having terrible matchups against many higher tiered characters, ultimately clocking her in F Tier right above the worst spot (with Ganondorf being the only fighter ranked lower than her) - although the combination of her and her transformation, Sheik is higher at 24/38, placed in the D tier.


Zelda is a floaty, lightweight character with poor momentum canceling (making her very easy to KO but difficult to chain throw) with strong, graceful attacks, usually augmented with magic. Many of her moves hit multiple times before causing knockback. This allows her to easily deal large damage to multiple targets, but it also means that these attacks can be DI'd out of fairly easily. She has very good defensive options, with her up and side smashes having fast start-up and multiple hitboxes, her down smash having almost no start-up lag, and locking opponents with her down tilt. She is can juggle at lower percentages thanks to her up smash's fast, multiple hitboxes. Her directional aerials are single, powerful blows that cause a lot of damage and knockback if landed properly, but her attacks are extremely weak and have low stun when sourspotted. Many of her moves make powerful finishers, including her smash attacks, her up tilt, and aerials. Her strong defense is counterbalanced by her generally poor mobility (very slow dash speed, mediocre aerial speed). Her grab is long ranged, but very slow (especially for a non-tether grab) making it hard to land without set ups, and it cannot be used out of shield in most cases like a normal grab. Zelda can be described as a glass cannon: she can pump out a lot of damage if the opponent approaches her, but she won't survive long once she starts getting hit.

Her special attacks are also assets to Zelda, granting her a projectile, reflector, a teleport with large range and the ability to transform into her alter ego, Sheik. Din's Fire is long ranged, has a large hitbox when and deals much damage when fully charges, KOs at high percents, cannot properly be reflected, can be controlled, and be used for edgeguarding. However, it is extremely predictable and avoidable against skilled players (easy to spot dodge or air dodge), being impossible to camp with against most characters (with very few exceptions, like the Ice Climbers). Nayru's Love is a decent duration reflector attack and spacing tool but suffers from high ending lag. Despite her defensive game, it's easy to force her to play offensively and she has terrible approach options, because of her poor approach aerials and very slow dash speed and grab. As mentioned before, she can't camp with her Din's Fire either. This means despite her defensive game, she gets very few chances to use it and instead is forced to play with her horrible offensive game due to her very limited approach. Farore's Wind is a long distance recovery/attack, but her linear recovery is below average (falls almost straight down after it, and she has a small ledge sweetspot range) among cast members because of its low reliability as it's also easy to hit her before she disappears due to its slow start-up.

In the end, Zelda relies on her strong defensive game and potential power to overcome her weaknesses, which is usually hard to do. Zelda is a character that has hard time to approach her opponents, but once she does, she can be a devastating character. Transform can also shore up some of Zelda's weaknesses by turning into Sheik, and vice-versa.

Changes from Melee to Brawl[edit]

Zelda has been given major buffs from Melee to Brawl, but her flaws from Melee remain, making her unable to adapt to the change of pace that Brawl provides.

  • Buff.png Up tilt has strengthened.
  • Buff.png Neutral aerial can no longer be SDI'd out of and the hits connect better.
  • Buff.png Nayru's Love has slightly increased reflect duration and activates faster.
  • Buff.png The power of Din's Fire now increases as it travels further, detonates quicker, deals more damage, has less lag, deals more knockback, and is faster to use. If Zelda is hit during the move, the fireball will travel the full distance as if it were fully charged and explode at the end of its path.
  • Buff.png Farore's Wind has an explosive hitbox when Zelda reappears, making it a safer move to use on stage.
  • Buff.png Up aerial has improved knockback, making it easier to KO with.
  • Buff.png Up smash has less Hitlag, making it harder to escape from.
  • Buff.png Both Zelda's dash speed & grab speed have been slightly increased.
  • Buff.png Sweetspotted forward and back aerials are stronger.
  • Buff.png Down aerial has gained a sweetspot similar to that of her forward and back aerials, which powerfully meteor smashes foes. However, it cannot land on a grounded opponent.
  • Nerf.png The transition to Brawl exacerbates her flaws from Melee in spite of the buffs mentioned above; a combination of her barely improved low speed, unchanged low endurance, still nearly useless projectile, and marginally better finishing moves still make her a tough character to use against most of the cast, especially considering Brawl's predominant defensive play.
  • Nerf.png Transform takes much longer to complete as a result of Sheik's model having to be loaded from the disc rather than having it loaded at all times as in Melee. This allows the opponent to set up a punish on Zelda for simply performing the move, and makes Transforming into Sheik (or vice versa) for recovery purposes impossible.
  • Nerf.png Zelda's sourspotted forward and back aerials are significantly weaker and deal drastically less damage. The sweetspots now last for only 1 frame as opposed to 4 in Melee and the hitbox's size being around a third of the size from Melee.
  • Nerf.png Up aerial has a smaller hitbox.
  • Nerf.png Farore's Wind travels slightly less distance and has longer start-up lag.
  • Nerf.png Up throw can no longer chain grab.
  • Nerf.png Down throw has higher base knockback.

Zelda also had a few cosmetic changes. Her fighter design is now based on the Princess Zelda from The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess, whereas Melee's was based on the earlier design from The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, which inspires her blonde-haired/pink dress palette swap for Zelda in Brawl. Her dashing animation and "toppling" animation are both new.


  Move Description Segment Damage Angle Hit Frames BKB KBG WBKB Type
Neutral attack Spark Palm Zelda extends one arm. A circular magical spark appears at the end of it, hitting up to three times. Disjointed with decent range. Hits 1-2 Shoulder 2% AngleIcon361.png 11, 13 0 100 50 TypeIcon(Magic).png EffectIcon(Electric).png
Arm 40
Hand 30
Sparkles 7
Hit 3 2% AngleIcon361.png 15 10 160 0
Forward tilt Glitter Backhand Zelda steps forward and slashes one arm in front of her, with a trail of sparkles. The attack has high knockback. The tip of the attack hits backwards, while the base hits forwards. Can be angled. Hand 13% AngleIcon110.png 12 14 50 88 0 TypeIcon(Magic).png EffectIcon(Slash).png
Arm 12% AngleIcon361.png
Body 11% TypeIcon(Magic).png EffectIcon(Normal).png
Up tilt Moon Pass Zelda waves her hand above her head in an arc, starting in front of her to behind her, trailing sparkles like her forward tilt. This move has very high vertical knockback, and makes an excellent finisher. Although it is less reliable and slower than her up smash and requires set-ups, the knockback from the up tilt is stronger. It can KO opponents off the top under 100%. 11% AngleIcon70.png 10 24 65 105 0 TypeIcon(Magic).png EffectIcon(Electric).png
Down tilt Trip Kick Zelda crouches and stabs one foot forward. This attack can meteor smash, but doing so on aerial opponents requires the leg to hit instead of the foot. It also has a trip chance of 40%, and easily combos with itself or Zelda's quick down smash. Foot (grounded opponents) 7% AngleIcon270.png 5 11 20 80 0 TypeIcon(Foot).png EffectIcon(Normal).png
Foot (aerial opponents) AngleIcon80.png
Leg 8% AngleIcon270.png
Dash attack Dash Push Zelda extends her arms, palms out. Any enemy caught in her path is electrocuted and knocked upwards. Clean Body 12% AngleIcon90.png 6 8 70 70 0 TypeIcon(Magic).png EffectIcon(Electric).png
Hands 9% AngleIcon361.png 50
Late Body 8% AngleIcon90.png 9 13 20
Hands 7% AngleIcon361.png
Up smash Halo Swirl Zelda waves her hand back and forth over her head once quickly, trailing a stream of light. If an enemy is caught in this, the attack hits and shocks them multiple times before launching them away. At low percentages, especially against heavy characters, this can combo several times with itself, and is also easily followed by an up tilt. Fast with large range and significantly reduced SDI capacity. When fully charged, it KOs at 83%. Hits 1-10 Bottom 1% AngleIcon90.png 6, 8, 10, 12, 14, 16, 19, 21, 23, 25 0 100 60 TypeIcon(Magic).png EffectIcon(Electric).png
Top AngleIcon270.png 50
Sides AngleIcon200.png 60
Hit 11 5% AngleIcon90.png 27 20 210 0
Down smash Quick Spin Zelda kicks along the ground in front of her and then behind her, appearing to sweep forward and back with her dress. This smash comes out very quickly (the fastest down smash in Brawl start-up lag wise, tied with R.O.B.'s), and powerfully knocks almost entirely horizontally. Semi-spike with decent range. Zelda is able to hit a bomb in front of her with this move without taking any damage, due to the attacking leg being intangible during the attack. Hit 1 12% AngleIcon20.png 4 6 20 95 0 TypeIcon(Foot).png EffectIcon(Normal).png
Hit 2 10% 12 14 85
Forward smash Magiblast Zelda extends her hands with a thrust, and a burst of sparkles appears. If an enemy is hit by this, it expands its animation, shocking them multiple times and then launching them away with high knockback. Quick, with large range. Has reduced SDI, but not as much as the up smash, and so can be escaped. When fully charged, it can KO at 82%. Hits 1-4 Body 1% AngleIcon30.png 16, 18, 20, 22 0 100 30 TypeIcon(Magic).png EffectIcon(Normal).png
Shoulder AngleIcon45.png 40
Arm AngleIcon60.png 60
Hand AngleIcon160.png 80
Hit 5 13% AngleIcon361.png 24 30 105 0 TypeIcon(Magic).png EffectIcon(Electric).png
Neutral aerial Glitter Twirl Zelda spins in place, slowly trailing sparkles from her hands. It hits 5 times and sucks people in, dealing a decent amount of damage. This attack has an SDI multiplier of zero, so SDI'ing it is impossible. Hits 1-4 Hands 2% AngleIcon150.png 6-7, 10-11, 14-15, 18-19 0 100 75 TypeIcon(Magic).png EffectIcon(Normal).png
Lower body AngleIcon90.png 90 120
Upper body AngleIcon270.png 50
Hit 5 Hands 5% AngleIcon361.png 22 23 40 130 0 TypeIcon(Magic).png EffectIcon(Electric).png
Body 120
Forward aerial Lightning Kick F Zelda kicks to one side, with a spark at her foot. In the first few frames, if the player hits directly with the spark, this attack pauses the opponent in place for a second dramatically, before dealing heavy lightning damage and launching them away with huge knockback. If any other part of this attack hits, or if it hits after the first few frames, it deals only a small amount of damage, with very little knockback. Larger foes tend to be more vulnerable to falling victim to a sweet-spotted hit. Spark 20% AngleIcon361.png 8 34 95 0 TypeIcon(Magic).png EffectIcon(Electric).png
Dress 4% 8 12 5 80 Spark 20% AngleIcon361.png 8 34 95 0 TypeIcon(Magic).png EffectIcon(Electric).png
Back aerial Lightning Kick B Identical to Zelda's forward aerial, except the opposite direction and faster. Slightly higher knockback than the forward Lightning Kick and slightly faster. Spark 20% AngleIcon361.png 5 40 96 0 TypeIcon(Magic).png EffectIcon(Electric).png
Dress 4% 5 8 5 80 Spark 20%
Up aerial Pinpoint Blast Zelda holds one hand up, and a small trail of sparkles extends to a point above her where it shortly explodes and launching the enemy upward. It is slightly larger and significantly faster and stronger than its appearance in the previous game. 15% AngleIcon90.png 14 16 30 110 0 TypeIcon(Magic).png EffectIcon(Flame).png
Down aerial Lightning Stomp Zelda sticks one foot out beneath her. Like her forward & back aerials, if this hits within the first frame with the foot, it causes a dramatic pause in the opponent's movement, then deals high damage and meteor smashes the opponent straight downwards very fast. If it hits outside this single frame, or the opponent is grounded, it does a very small amount of damage and still knocks downwards, but much slower. Clean 16% AngleIcon270.png 14 50 90 0 TypeIcon(Magic).png EffectIcon(Electric).png
Late Leg 5% AngleIcon275.png 15 24 5 TypeIcon(Foot).png EffectIcon(Normal).png
Foot 4% 0 70
Pummel Hand Zap Discharges magic into the target. A very slow pummel. 3% AngleIcon80.png 7 0 100 30 TypeIcon(Magic).png EffectIcon(Electric).png
Forward throw Forward Toss Magically twirls opponent and throws them forward. 12% AngleIcon45.png 33 70 50 0 TypeIcon(Throwing).png EffectIcon(Normal).png
Back throw Spin Toss Magically twirls opponent behind herself and tosses them. Strongest knockback of all her throws, mediocre KO potential. 11% AngleIcon45.png 29 80 60 0 TypeIcon(Throwing).png EffectIcon(Normal).png
Up throw Vertical Toss Magically twirls opponent above her head, then releases them upward. 11% AngleIcon90.png 30 80 50 0 TypeIcon(Throwing).png EffectIcon(Normal).png
Down throw Curb Blast Throws opponent on ground and shocks them repeatedly with magical bursts. The enemy will end up behind Zelda; while it is easily DI'd away to prevent any follow-ups, it has very good follow-ups if the opponent DIs wrong. At the edge on very few stage, down throw can stage spike certain characters, such as Falco, King Dedede, Ganondorf, and Lucario. Even if they survive or tech out of stage spike, she can set up an early edge guard. Hits 1-4 2% AngleIcon40.png 25-26, 31-32, 37-38, 43-44 0 100 25 TypeIcon(Magic).png EffectIcon(Electric).png
Throw 2% AngleIcon120.png 51 80 42 0 TypeIcon(Throwing).png EffectIcon(Normal).png
Floor (back) Back Spin Zelda swings her legs around, hitting enemies on both sides of herself. Hit 1 6% AngleIcon361.png 17 19 80 50 0 TypeIcon(Foot).png EffectIcon(Normal).png
Hit 2 25 27
Floor (front) Floor Spin Essentially the same as the other floor attack, though with unusually high damage on the second hit. Hit 1 6% AngleIcon361.png 17 18 80 50 0 TypeIcon(Foot).png EffectIcon(Normal).png
Hit 2 Leg 8% 25 26
Body 6%
Floor (trip) Sit Spin A sweep kick from the sitting position. Hit 1 5% AngleIcon361.png 19 20 60 50 0 TypeIcon(Foot).png EffectIcon(Normal).png
Hit 2 27 28
Edge (fast) Quick Kick Zelda climbs up and swings her legs in a circular motion, while pulling herself up. 6% AngleIcon361.png 27 32 0 100 110 TypeIcon(Foot).png EffectIcon(Normal).png
Edge (slow) Slow Swipe Zelda raises up slowly, and after a short pause, smacks the enemy with the back of her hand. Arm 10% AngleIcon361.png 34 37 0 100 110 TypeIcon(Hand).png EffectIcon(Normal).png
Body 8%
Neutral special Nayru's Love A crystal forms that reflects projectiles, followed by the shards spinning around and slicing nearby opponents. Hits 1-5 Edge 1% AngleIcon10nDI.png 13, 16, 19, 22, 25 12 40 0 TypeIcon(Magic).png EffectIcon(Slash).png
Body 2%
Center 1%
Hit 6 Body 5% AngleIcon361.png 28 50 100
Edge 4% 40
Center 3% 50
Side special Din's Fire Launches a controllable fireball that charges as it travels until it explodes. 1% AngleIcon70.png 3 4 50 60 0 TypeIcon(Explosive).png EffectIcon(Flame).png
Up special Farore's Wind Teleports in a given direction, dealing damage at both ends. Hit 1 6% AngleIcon80.png 11 12 40 100 0 TypeIcon(Magic).png EffectIcon(Slash).png
Hit 2 AngleIcon361.png 34 35 TypeIcon(Magic).png EffectIcon(Flame).png
Down special Transform Replaces Zelda with Sheik.  
Final Smash Light Arrow Shoots a beam of light that travels through all opponents in the way, dealing less damage to each one, but still likely to KO them all. Hit 1 3% AngleIcon80.png 28 44 0 100 80 TypeIcon(Magic).png EffectIcon(Paralyze).png
Hit 2 39% AngleIcon361.png 50? 52? 50 100 0 TypeIcon(Throwing).png EffectIcon(Normal).png

On-screen appearance[edit]

  • Teleports on stage with Farore's Wind with Din's Fire in her hand.


  • Up: Jabs her arm upwards, creating sparkles above her palm.
  • Side: Claps her hands. When she does, a ball of fire appears between her hands, a remodel of one of her victory poses from Melee.
  • Down: Leans forward and waves.


Zelda's NTSC and PAL cheer


Victory Poses[edit]

  • Grabs her left arm and turns her head to the side.
  • Prays and looks outward.
  • Conjures Din's Fire.

Brawl instruction booklet description[edit]

"The queen of Hyrule. Her light moves belie devastating magical attacks."

In competitive play[edit]


Zelda has one of the worst matchup spreads in the game. She counters one character, Ganondorf, has four even matchups, soft countered by eight characters, countered by fourteen characters, hard countered by seven characters and has two nearly unwinnable matchups.

Notable players[edit]

See also: Category:Zelda professionals (SSBB)

Tier placement and history[edit]

Zelda was initially seen as a solid middle tier character, being ranked 20th on the first tier list; her significant buffs in Brawl made her a very powerful character that was able to compete decently with the then inexperienced playerbase, who didn't utilise much camping and were not as capable of evading attacks. As the metagame progressed however, it became realised Zelda's buffs did little to address the very significant problems of her character design; Din's Fire was still a terrible projectile that couldn't force approaches while Zelda herself was still very slow and incapable of initiating approaches, and her moveset still consisted of unreliable finishers that made it very difficult for her to rack up damage as well as reliably KO when the opponent is in KO range. As Brawl became more defensive based and camping became more prevalent, Zelda's problems were significantly exasperated, and it became clearer and clearer that Zelda was a poorly-designed character that could not remotely viably compete.

Zelda's decline started slowly, with her only falling two places on the second tier list. But it picked up on the third tier list with her falling four places, and then she took a nose dive on the fourth tier list to 35th in bottom tier as the third worst character. She fell even farther to being ranked the second worst character on the fifth tier list, and has been stuck there since, which is also the largest tier drop any character experienced in Brawl. Nowadays Zelda's position is just as low, and there are some players who even think that Zelda is the worst character in Brawl and not Ganondorf (similar to the disagreement between both Pichu and Kirby's placements on Melee's tier list). While Zelda does have a few players dedicated to using her, her overall playerbase is very small and makes virtually no impact, thus there's little hope Zelda's competitive prospects will ever improve in Brawl.

However, while Zelda is considered a candidate for worst character in Brawl singles, she performs a bit better in doubles, where her significant flaws are less exploitable, and her strengths are a bit more advantageous. Riot for example, routinely places well in doubles events in his region, while he usually performs mediocre in singles, if he enters singles at all.

In Event Matches[edit]

Single Player Events[edit]

Co-Op Events[edit]

Role in Adventure Mode: The Subspace Emissary[edit]

In the Subspace Emissary single-player mode, Zelda and Peach have two different storylines, depending on which one is saved from Petey Piranha.

Zelda and Peach in the Subspace Emissary.

At the start, she and Peach are watching a friendly match between Mario and Kirby. After the Halberd appears, she and Peach rush from offstage after the stadium is attacked by the Primid. The player can choose out of the four to fight off the Primids. When the Ancient Minister appears and drops a Subspace bomb, Mario is blasted away by a cannonball when he tries to stop it. Zelda and Peach are captured by Petey Piranha. The player, as Kirby, must save either Peach or Zelda by destroying one of their cages.

Storyline 1[edit]

If Zelda is saved, she joins Kirby as they both escape from the stadium on a Warp Star. They are pursued by the Halberd, and land on top of it. Soon they fall off and reach the ground, fighting along through hordes of Subspace foes. Later on, Kirby leaves Zelda behind, and Bowser appears from the sky and turns her into a trophy.

The Shadow Bugs (which came along with Bowser) make a clone of Zelda that proceeds to ambush Link and Yoshi with a Dark Cannon. However, Pit destroys the Dark Cannon and he and Mario fight and defeat her. When the clone is defeated, Link witnesses her trophy disintegrating into Shadow Bugs and, believing it was the real Zelda, proceeds to attack both Mario and Pit with Yoshi’s help. Mario and Pit defeat them and turn them into trophies and then Link and Yoshi fall into a state of unconsciousness as trophies.

Storyline 2[edit]

If Zelda was not saved, Wario appears whilst she is trapped under her wrecked cage. He blasts her with a Dark Cannon and turns her into a trophy, before fleeing the stadium with her. She is later captured by King Dedede when he ambushes Wario and steals his Cargo along with Ness. As he passes Link and company, Link spots her on the back of the Cargo, and Pit shoots the Cargo, slowing it down so that they can pursue Dedede.

Dedede puts his own Dedede brooch on her, but when Bowser attacks his castle, he finds her trophy and takes it. However, he is pursued by Mario and Pit, and when Pit fires an arrow at Bowser, the Dedede brooch falls off and is found by Kirby. Bowser escapes in the Koopa Clown Car and takes her trophy up to the waiting Halberd.


After this point, the storylines are the same regardless of who was rescued.

At a later part of the story, Zelda and Peach are discovered by Lucario, Meta Knight, and Snake in cages aboard the Battleship Halberd, stuck in their trophy form. Shadowbugs of the princesses then fight the trio. After being freed, Snake tells both Zelda and Peach to stay in the room that they were being held captive in. Zelda transforms into Sheik, and both she and Peach make their way to the deck of the Halberd, against Snake's orders.

When Fox attacks the Halberd against and nearly hits Peach by accident, Sheik uses Vanish to appear on top of Fox's Arwing. She then breaks the cockpit and Fox ejects, and they both fall to the Halberd. Just as they begin to fight, Peach holds up a hand and yells, "Hi!" Both Fox and Sheik look over, and find Peach has just offered them both tea. Fox, looking confused, looks to Sheik, to find she has already begun to drink. Fox accepts the tea and they do not fight again.

Zelda helps Peach, Fox, Lucario, Snake and Falco defeat Duon. She is on the Halberd when Meta Knight lands it and meets up with the two other groups. Sometime between the Halberd's retaking and before the Subspace Bomb detonation at the Isle of Ancients, she returns to Zelda's appearance.

During the fight against Tabuu, Zelda (along with all the other characters) gets turned into a trophy. If she is revived, she, along with Link, revives Ganondorf and points out what happened. She then aids the heroes in defeating Tabuu at the end of the story.

Playable Appearances[edit]

If Zelda is rescued in Midair Stadium, after The Lake Shore is completed, she will be removed from the team until Battleship Halberd Exterior.

Trophy form[edit]

Zelda, like Luigi, doesn't have the trophy form pose of her collectable trophy. She instead has her arm in front of her rather than behind, as in her down taunt.

Exclusive Stickers[edit]

The following stickers can either only be used by Zelda or by a small set of characters which includes her:

  • Acro: [Magic] attack +15
  • Ashley: [Magic] attack +22
  • Boomerang: [Weapon] attack +4
  • Bow: [Magic] attack +8
  • Colin: [Specials: Direct] attack +4
  • Daphnes Nohansen Hyrule: [Electric] attack +31
  • Dark Samus: [Electric] attack +31
  • Darknut: [Slash] attack +13
  • Epona & Link: [Arm, Leg] attack +9
  • Fierce Deity Link: [Slash] attack +21
  • Girl [Animal Crossing]: [Magic] attack +21
  • Girl [Magical Vacation]: [Magic] attack +19
  • Happy Mask Salesman: [Leg] attack +9
  • Hylian Shield: [Slash] resistance +10
  • Kamek: [Magic] attack +11
  • Kyorusuke: [Magic] attack +8
  • Lantern: [Flame] resistance +7
  • Legend of Outset: [Arm] attack +26
  • Linebeck: [Throwing] attack +20
  • Link [Link to the Past]: [Electric] resistance +31
  • Link [Twilight Princess]: [Slash] resistance +27
  • Link [Wind Waker]: [Flame] attack +31
  • Link with Goron Mask: [Slash] attack +17
  • Link's Grandma: [Arm, Leg] attack +2
  • Lon Lon Milk: Launch power +18
  • Midna & Wolf Link: [Leg] attack +26
  • Moblin: [Slash] attack +15
  • Moon Fairy Seren: [Magic] attack +16
  • Myrrh: [Magic] attack +15
  • Naomi Hunter: [Leg] attack +5
  • Octorok: [Leg] attack +4
  • Peach & Daisy: [Leg] attack +27
  • Piece of Heart: Heart Container effect +50
  • Pinkle: [Magic] attack +15
  • Salvatore: [Electric] attack +9
  • Shahra: [Leg] attack +7
  • Sheik: [Body, Spin] attack +17
  • The Great Fairy: [Magic] attack +21
  • Tingle [Wind Waker]: [Flame] resistance +24
  • Toadette: [Magic] attack +7
  • Young Zelda [Minish Cap]: [Battering] resistance +16
  • Zelda [Link to the Past]: [Magic] attack +27
  • Zelda [Ocarina of Time]: [Flame] resistance +18

Alternate costumes[edit]

Zelda's alternative costumes in Brawl


Zelda's trophy is obtained by clearing Classic Mode with Zelda.

Zelda's trophy in Brawl


The princess of Hyrule. In other games, her role changes between titles. In Ocarina of Time, she was hunted by the would-be conqueror, Ganondorf. She deceived him, however, by adopting the persona of Sheik. In Twilight Princess, she surrendered to Zant and was held as his prisoner.

NES: The Legend of Zelda
Wii: The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess


  • In the Super Smash Bros. Brawl manual, Zelda is referred to as a "queen" even though she is commonly referred to as "princess". This is because her Brawl appearance is based on the Zelda of Twilight Princess, who is queen de facto, but doesn't officially bear the title as her coronation was prevented by the events of the game.
  • Three of Zelda's special moves - Din's Fire, Farore's Wind & Nayru's Love - are based on spells used by Link in The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time.
  • Though Zelda's recovery goes farther than Sheik's, Sheik can actually go higher vertically from the ground.
  • The amount of transformation lag can be shortened by pausing the game during the transformation; doing this, however, causes a replay of the match to lag at the point of where the player transformed.
  • Zelda's taunt in Melee appears as one of her victory poses in Brawl. This is similar to how Fox gained his taunt from SSB as a victory pose in Melee and Brawl.
  • Unlike in Melee, where completing Classic mode with either Zelda or Sheik would get both Zelda and Sheik trophies, Brawl makes one play both characters separately at the end to retrieve their trophies.
  • During Zelda's down smash animation, there is a small rendering error where her arm twists the wrong way near the end of it. It only lasts for about one frame, however, and is nearly impossible to see in a normal match; in Training mode, where the player can set the game's speed at 1/4 and zoom in, the error "blinks" shortly.
  • Pikachu, Zelda, and Snake are the only characters in the game where all three of their taunts temporarily make a held item disappear.

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