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Wing dash

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Wing dashing is an advanced technique discovered by kupo15 that can only be used by Pit. It is the input of four moves in rapid succession to produce a motion similar to that of wavedashing, although it is more difficult to make a wingdash go a similar distance [1].

Wing Dashing[edit]

To wingdash, the player must input a short hop or a jump, then activate Wings of Icarus. While using Wings of Icarus, the player must press left or right based on the desired direction, then perform a down aerial. If done correctly, Pit will slide in a way akin to a wavedash with zero lag thanks to down aerial's autocancel. As a result, the technique can be used for spacing and movement quite effectively. Given the requirement to input a down aerial, this can also be used to pick up items without committing to any animations. It can also be used to escape some attacks[2].

It's also possible to wingdash from a footstool, and the windbox from Wings of Icarus sends opponents a small distance away[3]. This can potentially be used for mixups.

Wing Landing[edit]

Due to the properties of Wings of Icarus, it's possible to land immediately after using it from a grounded state[4]. This can be done by tapping up and immediately using down aerial. If done during the turnaround animation, there can potentially be no lag at all.