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Tournament:Hozuki × acOlaSia 2

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Hozuki × acOlaSia 2
Dates April 29th, 2022
Venue cafe ReichoL 4F
Address/City 556-0011 Osaka, Naniwa Ward, Nanbanaka, 2-chōme−7−7
Namba, Osaka Japan
Attendance 63
Super Smash Bros. Ultimate winners Japan acola
Director(s) SenjinByakko

Hozuki × acOlaSia 2 was a Super Smash Bros. Ultimate regional tournament held in Namba, Osaka, on April 29th, 2022. It was a special edition of the Hozuki tournament series.


Super Smash Bros. Ultimate singles[edit]

(63 entrants)

Place Name Character(s) Earnings
1st Japan acola Steve's stock icon.KazuyaHeadSSBU.png
2nd Japan sssr ROBHeadSSBU.png
3rd Japan Rarukun LuigiHeadSSBU.png
4th Japan momon RidleyHeadSSBU.png
5th Japan Rearlet BowserHeadSSBU.png
5th Japan Bino KenHeadSSBU.png
7th Japan Senra JigglypuffHeadSSBU.png
7th Japan Gurudan ZeroSuitSamusHeadSSBU.png
9th Japan Kaninabe FoxHeadSSBU.png
9th Japan Karaage CaptainFalconHeadSSBU.png
9th Japan Onimushi FalcoHeadSSBU.png
9th Japan Masashi CloudHeadSSBU.pngSephiroth's stock icon.
13th Japan Jihanki ROBHeadSSBU.pngJokerHeadSSBU.pngOlimarHeadSSBU.png
13th Japan Harmo SheikHeadSSBU.pngRobinHeadSSBU.png
13th Japan Kansai people WarioHeadSSBU.png
13th Japan Vanilla GreninjaHeadSSBU.png

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