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King Dedede butt-slams the opponent after positioning them underneath him, knocking them horizontally with low set knockback. The move can chaingrab every character with a weight value above 85 (Marth and heavier). Simply using a dash grab will guarantee a regrab, as every character that can be chaingrabbed cannot tech the move. Characters with a weight value of 85 or lower will be knocked too far horizontally to regrab before they are knocked onto the ground (it is also possible for them to tech), meaning the move works as a tech-chasing option instead against them (this move functions similar to Fox's shine in Melee in this regard). The move is useful for racking damage, and can be used to chaingrab characters across the stage. A series of down throws performed across a stage can deal 20-40% and refresh the rest of his moves, and when Dedede is near the edge of the stage, an attack such as a down throw, forward throw, or down tilt can put the opponent into an edgeguarding situation. Pummels can be added after the regrab at higher percents (when the opponent can't button mash out of the grab fast enough) to deal extra damage. It is also notable for being the only chaingrab in the game to have set knockback, meaning it can be used at any percentage. The timing required to perform the running chaingrab varies depending on the opponent's weight and falling speed; for example, chaingrabbing Pit requires very precise timing, while the timing is less strict for characters such as Wario because they don't get sent as far away from King Dedede. Larger stages such as Final Destination also allow more the running chaingrab to be performed more times than on smaller stages such as Smashville. The move can combo into certain moves based on the distance the opponent is sent away from Dedede; it can be followed up by a forward tilt on every character, a down tilt on certain characters, and a down smash on Bowser. As a tech-chase move on lighter characters, a successful read can lead to a regrab or another attack such as an up smash to deal more damage or KO.

The chaingrab can also infinite a select few characters - Donkey Kong can be regrabbed on any flat terrain without King Dedede having to move forward or pummel, Bowser, Wolf, and another King Dedede can be regrabbed near the edge of the stage, and Mario, Luigi, and Samus can be regrabbed without moving while using two pummels per grab. These standing infinites are the main reason why these characters have very poor matchups against King Dedede. Every character with a weight value of 85 or higher can be infinited if thrown against a wall that stays on the stage forever (such as the pillars on Shadow Moses Island or the fin on the lower part of Corneria). King Dedede can also perform a standing chaingrab on every character while standing on the Smashville platform if he is facing the direction the platform is moving, since Dedede is carried forward by the platform.

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Chaingrab infinite data[edit]

Chaingrab infinite on Donkey Kong.

Characters who can be infinited[edit]

Can be infinited without a wall[edit]
  • Donkey Kong - Can be infinited without pummels and without moving
  • Bowser - Can be infinited near the edge.
  • King Dedede - Can be infinited near the edge.
  • Wolf - Can be infinited near the edge.
  • Samus - Can be infinited five times before stale-move negation comes in. Two pummels can be used before each throw to refresh the down throw.
  • Mario - Can be infinited five times before stale-move negation comes in. Two pummels can be used before each throw to refresh the down throw.
  • Luigi - Can be infinited five times before stale-move negation comes in. Two pummels can be used before each throw to refresh the down throw.
Can be infinited by throwing them through a downward slope[edit]
Can be infinited against a wall that stays on the stage forever[edit]
Cannot be infinited due to being knocked down by the down throw[edit]

Potential banning[edit]

Though the Smash Back Room doesn't specifically ban the standing infinite, many tournaments ban the short step chain grab because of King Dedede's massive grab range that allows him to shield grab many attacks. However, they always keep his running chain grab, which is not so extreme. Many tournaments ban it exclusively because other chain grabs aren't so extreme (the Ice Climbers for example rely on chain grabbing heavily and have poor grab range, there are also strict timing limitations for each character and percentage).

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