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Wii Fit Trainer (SSBU)/Neutral attack

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Wii Fit Trainer's neutral attack consists of a Sideways Leg Lift, a Single Leg Twist, and finally a Lunge. The first hit has an average jab speed, coming out on frame 4, but has the added perk of hitboxes both in front of Wii Fit Trainer on her arm, and behind her on her leg, effectively working as an anti-crossup mechanic. The leg hitbox serves as a decent tech chase setup due to its relatively low knockback and launch angle, while the arm hitboxes lead into a second and third hit, the latter of which has a sweetspot that buries grounded opponents. Although the move's bury time is low, it can often lead to aerial followups at low to mid percents, and can even lead into kill moves at high percents.

For the technical data of each individual hit, see:

Frame Data[edit]

All data is measured in Frames.

Hit Hitbox IDs Starts at (within hit) Lasts for FAF
1 0-7 4 2 26
2 0-3 2 2 30
3 0-2 7 2 40