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Tournament:Smash The Frontier Union

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Smash The Frontier Union
Dates January 18th-19th, 2020
Address/City Calle Henry Dunant 615, Progresista
Ciudad Juárez Mexico
Attendance 100
Super Smash Bros. Ultimate winners Mexico Axem Chriz 1v1
USA _SEBA_ & USA Mr. Newport 2v2

Smash The Frontier Union was a Super Smash Bros. Ultimate regional tournament held in Juárez, Mexico, on January 18th-19th, 2020.


Super Smash Bros. Ultimate singles[edit]

(82 entrants)
Top 8 Bracket

Place Name Character(s) Earnings
1st Mexico Axem Chriz MarioHeadSSBU.png
2nd Mexico Stronghold MarioHeadSSBU.png
3rd Mexico SoulKir YoungLinkHeadSSBU.png
4th Mexico JeAlbo ROBHeadSSBU.png
5th Mexico Alex95 KenHeadSSBU.png
5th Mexico OG-Mustaine TerryHeadSSBU.png
7th Mexico Takataker PokémonTrainerHeadSSBU.png
7th Mexico AldNoah DarkSamusHeadSSBU.png
9th Mexico ERROR PalutenaHeadSSBU.pngYoungLinkHeadSSBU.png
9th Mexico Ra PeachHeadSSBU.png
9th Mexico Josmarlu ChromHeadSSBU.pngRoyHeadSSBU.png
9th Mexico Ever ZeroSuitSamusHeadSSBU.png

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate doubles[edit]

(24 teams)

Place Name Character(s) Name Character(s) Earnings
1st USA _SEBA_ RoyHeadSSBU.png USA Mr.Newport IncineroarHeadSSBU.png
2nd Mexico SoulKir YoungLinkHeadSSBU.png Mexico Mario Pedraza
3rd Mexico Thoughts LuigiHeadSSBU.png Mexico Stronghold MarioHeadSSBU.png
4th Mexico ERROR Mexico Axem Chriz MarioHeadSSBU.png

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