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Tournament:Hub City Takeover 2

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Hub City Takeover 2
Dates October 26th, 2019
Venue Coastal Inn Hotel
Address/City 502 Rue Kennedy, Dieppe
Dieppe, New BrunswickCanada
Attendance 73
Super Smash Bros. Melee winners Canada Maher 1v1
Super Smash Bros. Ultimate winners Canada Catalyst 1v1
Canada SolarFlare & Canada Maher 2v2
Director(s) Maher, Crreamerr

Hub City Takeover 2 was a Super Smash Bros. Melee and Super Smash Bros. Ultimate regional tournament held in Moncton, New Brunswick, at October 26th, 2019.


Super Smash Bros. Melee singles[edit]

(21 entrants)

Place Name Character(s) Earnings
1st Canada Maher MarthHeadSSBM.png
2nd Canada ACSL FoxHeadSSBM.png
3rd Canada im 12 FalcoHeadSSBM.png
4th Canada Ryker FalcoHeadSSBM.png

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate singles[edit]

(66 entrants)

Place Name Character(s) Earnings
1st Canada Catalyst ShulkHeadSSBU.png
2nd Canada SolarFlare BowserHeadSSBU.png
3rd Canada soh PokémonTrainerHeadSSBU.pngChromHeadSSBU.png
4th Canada C-Salt InklingHeadSSBU.png
5th Canada Shuck3y PalutenaHeadSSBU.png
5th Canada Joe WiiFitTrainerHeadSSBU.png
7th Canada 4Toast ROBHeadSSBU.png
7th Canada Bogmire LuigiHeadSSBU.png
9th Canada Maher LucinaHeadSSBU.pngMarioHeadSSBU.png
9th Canada BNJA MarioHeadSSBU.png
9th Canada Light YoshiHeadSSBU.png
9th Canada MindReader MiiSwordfighterHeadSSBU.png

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate doubles[edit]

(25 teams)

Place Name Character(s) Name Character(s) Earnings
1st Canada SolarFlare BowserHeadSSBU.png Canada Maher LucinaHeadSSBU.png
2nd Canada Shuck3y PalutenaHeadSSBU.png Canada Joe WiiFitTrainerHeadSSBU.png
3rd Canada C-Salt InklingHeadSSBU.png Canada 4Toast ROBHeadSSBU.png
4th Canada Famous SnakeHeadSSBU.png Canada Catalyst ShulkHeadSSBU.png

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