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I realize I'm at risk of edit-warring, so I'll put this here. The description doesn't say "all English-speaking regions," it says "all regions." I'd change this, but the reason this was added in the first place was to prepare for potential Smash 4 confirmations, and so far, Sakurai has only cared about Japanese releases regardless of when they were released in English regions. So unless you can say with 100% certainty that Mario & Sonic at the Sochi 2014 Olympic Winter Games will not bring about another Mario or Sonic confirmation, I suggest we put it back. JamesJH-Heartless.pngHeart 21:29, 22 November 2013 (EST)

New releases here![edit]

December 27: Pokémon Bank January 9: Chibi-Robo! Photo Finder —Preceding unsigned comment added by (talkcontribs) 12:50, 26 December 2013 (GMT)

Firstly, sign your comments by typing four tildes (~~~~) at the end of your post. For the former, it's just going to be an application, not an entire game. For the latter, can you please provide a source. Scr7Scr7 sig.png(talk · contribs) 07:58, 26 December 2013 (EST)
Ok I found a trailer for the latter from a google search, but two things: the link you provided before had no evidence, and I'm not even sure if this series belongs on this list. Scr7Scr7 sig.png(talk · contribs) 08:00, 26 December 2013 (EST)
We don't have a Chibi-Robo NIWA wiki, so we'd have nowhere to link such a list item, and the purpose of this section is for interwiki linking. Toomai Glittershine ??? The Free 11:34, 26 December 2013 (EST)


January 11: Kirby Triple Deluxe comes out in Japan. While not an American release, the game is significant to the Kirby franchise (thus a link to WiKirby can be provided) and it's possible that a playable veteran of the Kirby franchise could be revealed to return. —Preceding unsigned comment added by (talkcontribs) 19:02, 26 December 2013 (UTC)

A New Idea[edit]

Would you guys be against the idea of adding upcoming Nintendo games that don't have a NIWA wiki for its series? (i.e. Bravely Default, Professor Layton & The Azran Legacy) It could help bring light to lesser-known franchises and new IPs. We could just link to Wikipedia. ChuckNorris24.png 17:06, 3 February 2014 (EST)

The purpose of the upcoming/new releases section is to help traffic to other member wikis. I'm not totally against the idea of calling attention to other games, but it's for a completely different purpose, and has the potential to make the section even longer. Toomai Glittershine ??? The Incomperable 17:45, 3 February 2014 (EST)
I've always thought the purpose was to give dates for potential new reveals on Miiverse. E.g. Meta Knight could've been released on May 3rd to celebrate the American release of Triple Deluxe. We seem to be running a bit low on games now, though. As far as I can remember, the only upcoming Nintendo-published games with release dates are Mario Kart 8, Tomodachi Life and Inazuma Eleven GO. The latter two don't even have NIWA wikis. Toast Wii U Logo Transparent.pngltimatum 08:41, 4 May 2014 (EDT)
On June 19, Pokémon Art Academy comes out in Japan. Also, we'll almost definitely get more release dates by the next Nintendo Direct. ChuckNorris24.png 09:42, 4 May 2014 (EDT)
It started out as a combination of interwiki help and potential reveal date pinpoints, but the second purpose seems to be less and less useful now that Sakurai is probably on to the community and the number of potential reveals drops. Toomai Glittershine ??? The Cloronic 11:51, 4 May 2014 (EDT)
If there is going to be games unrelated to NIWA on the list, would there be Sonic, Metal Gear and Mega Man games listed if they have upcoming games? SeanWheeler (talk) 20:36, 6 May 2014 (EDT)
Personally, I'd say yes. The three third-party universes don't get a ton of games released too often, so it wouldn't be cluttering up the template. I don't see why not. ChuckNorris24.png 21:02, 6 May 2014 (EDT)

Smash Bros. 4 Release Date[edit]

So, because of the release date for the 3DS version of SSB4, I think it seems reasonable for the SmashWiki to put up the release date for it on this page (for those of you who don't know, it's October 3rd). And since this IS the SmashWiki, it just seems like a reasonable thing to do. Aidanzapunk (talk) 09:27, 11 June 2014 (EDT)

We have that in the Smash Bros. news section instead. Toomai Glittershine ??? The Labbie 09:30, 11 June 2014 (EDT)

So many release dates[edit]

Like, really. We need to calm down with these, especially considering a few are months away. I would recommend removing everything past Sonic Boom, but I won't do it just yet in case other people say it's alright. Nymbare and his talk 17:02, 7 October 2014 (EDT)

I'm on the opinion that anything releasing with-in the next two months should stay, so I'm against this. Laikue (talk|contribs) 18:58, 7 October 2014 (EDT)


I was using the following criteria for what belongs on this template:

  1. The game is released for a Nintendo platform (or arcade); and
  2. The game is part of a series represented in Smash in any capacity.

Obviously that works fine for a number of things, but not so much for the case of new IPs like STEAM or Splatoon. Would people want to see this template's use extend to games developed first- or second-party by Nintendo regardless of any current Smash relation? Miles (talk) 19:08, 19 January 2015 (EST)

Well the original purpose was solely to provide more NIWA interwiki links, so it's already a bit outside what I would prefer. Toomai Glittershine ??? The Hammer 19:12, 19 January 2015 (EST)
IMO, anything that has direct item/character/stage relation to Smash should be listed (i.e. A new Panel de Pon, Pac-Man, or Hanenbow would be listed, but a new Fossil Fighters, Code Name: S.T.E.A.M, or Wonderful 101 2 would not). But, as Toomai has put it, this was originally intended for NIWA news. So I think we should change the template name, or revert back to NIWA releases (which would include non-smash related releases, such as a new Tetris). Laikue (talk | contribs) 19:23, 19 January 2015 (EST)
The problem is it's a really weird gray area. I would find it quite bizarre to have a Dragon Quest link on there without any reference to Xenoblade Chronicles X, for instance. We need some sort of more fixed criteria... Miles (talk) 19:25, 19 January 2015 (EST)
We could always use [NintendoWiki.org] links for those games. Gives us a weird thing with Metal Gear and Pac-Man (And Sonic and Mega Man, to a much lesser extent) though. We can make exceptions and give those wikipedia links though. Of course, we'd actually have to have pages for the games on Nintendo Wiki and (not to be rude, but frank) that wiki is really down below standards and is seemingly dead (three mainspace edits in the last month does not make a wiki very "livid"), so we're really in a corner here. We could always just limit it to smash-related and change the template name. That seems like the most realistic option at this point. Or hell, change it to something like: "Smash-related and NIWA releases" bit long and specific, but it satifies the needs. Or we could have two templates, but things'd overlap then. Laikue (talk | contribs) 19:57, 19 January 2015 (EST)

Alright, so there needs to be some sort of resolution as to what this template's scope should be. So here's my proposal on what will keep this template interesting and most useful. To be included here, a game must be one of the following:

  • A game from a Smash-related series of any capacity, being released on a Nintendo platform, or arcade (mostly to allow Pokken);
  • A game being developed by a first- or second-party Nintendo development team;
  • A game being released on a Nintendo platform within the scope of a NIWA wiki besides StrategyWiki.

This is obviously a bit wider in scope than the template's original purpose, but I feel that it's a good way to update people on series represented in Smash, nudge traffic to other NIWA wikis, and avoid excluding new IPs on account of post-dating the newest Smash release. Thoughts? Miles (talk) 14:15, 23 January 2015 (EST)

We should change the name to "Nintendo news" then. Other than that, yeah, why not. People keep adding upcoming non-smash related releases anyway. Laikue (talk | contribs) 15:02, 23 January 2015 (EST)
It sounds like a good idea to me. But I feel even if a new game from a Smash-represented series appears only on a non-Nintendo platform, it should still be listed. There's been a few Pokémon games only on iOS and some third party games have only appeared on competitor consoles. I mean, the series have been represented in Smash, so I don't see why they couldn't be listed. Any thoughts? ChuckNorris24.png  16:37, 23 January 2015 (EST)
The main issue is that you quickly run into issues with that, with very tangentially Smash-related series like Tetris or SimCity. Even character-based series are sometimes questionable; the Smash or Nintendo relevance of something like MGSV:TPP is negligible. Miles (talk) 16:41, 23 January 2015 (EST)
I see what you're saying, but the three universes in question don't really recieve a ton of new games. Tetris had four games last year (two of which were on Nintendo consoles), SimCity had one, and Metal Gear had one as well. There aren't really any other Smash universes that regularly recieve games on competitor consoles. I don't see the harm in listing the occasional game that doesn't appear on a Nintendo console. ChuckNorris24.png  17:48, 23 January 2015 (EST)
As I said, it's difficult coming up with a ruleset for this kind of thing. But my goal was to keep this template essentially Nintendo-centric, and given its Main Page usage I'm hesitant to chance making it any bigger than I've already laid out. Miles (talk) 18:19, 23 January 2015 (EST)
How about games that actually feature Mega-Man or Snake be listed, regardless of console. Like, we wouldn't list a Revengence sequel or a Zero game, but we would list if a Mega-Man or Metal Gear game featuring Snake or Mega Man came out, even if it was on another console. Other games like, say, *insert all-star Capcom fighter here* that features Mega Man wouldn't be listed, even if they were on Nintendo consoles, since it's not technically a Mega Man game. Laikue (talk | contribs) 23:31, 23 January 2015 (EST)

Since clearly the ambiguity over this template is still an issue, can I get any other thoughts on my listed criteria? Are there other suggestions or proposals people want to make? Miles (talk) 15:40, 9 February 2015 (EST)

I would say that both should apply; that being said, Codename S.T.E.A.M. perfectly falls under #1. Combine that with the fact that, with the use of Smash amiibos, you got all four Fire Emblem reps as playable characters. That's good enough for me. AidanzapunkSignaturesmall.PNGAidan the Aura Master 15:51, 9 February 2015 (EST)
To be clear, I'd allow STEAM in my system under the second-party rule because it's Intelligent Systems. The amiibo support is irrelevant, since Ace Combat and that One Piece game really don't have a reason to be on this list. Miles (talk) 15:57, 9 February 2015 (EST)
The amiibo support is more relevant for STEAM because, as opposed to both Ace Combat and One Piece (which just unlocks costumes/paint jobs), STEAM lets you play as the characters. AidanzapunkSignaturesmall.PNGAidan the Aura Master 16:01, 9 February 2015 (EST)
The thing is that it's really more of "the Fire Emblem characters that were in Smash" as opposed to "the Smash characters from Fire Emblem". They're in because they're the FE characters with amiibo, not because of any other reason relating to Smash. Miles (talk) 16:10, 9 February 2015 (EST)
True. To me, it's basically a 50-50 shot here on whether or not you should put STEAM on here; while it does use amiibos from Smash, and while it is for the 3DS, it doesn't have any Smash representation. It follows one criterion, but is against another. It's your call, really. AidanzapunkSignaturesmall.PNGAidan the Aura Master 16:17, 9 February 2015 (EST)

Yoshi's Woolly World[edit]

When is its release date? YoshiKong (talk) 17:16, 1 April 2015 (EDT)

We are literally going to learn that in an hour. Laikue (talk | contribs) 17:17, 1 April 2015 (EDT)


Can the DLC releases also be added to this? As they're also major upcoming releases. Smasher-Billy (talk) 02:26, 7 April 2015 (EDT)

Why can't other releases be added to this?[edit]

I tried adding Yoshi's Woolly World (June 26 2015 for Europe) and it did not show up when I saved the page? How can this happen? Smasher-Billy (talk) 02:28, 7 April 2015 (EDT)

Releases only show up within two months of the date in question. I've fixed it, regardless. Also, please don't remove releases from under a week ago. Miles (talk) 02:42, 7 April 2015 (EDT)
Isn't 2 months too long? Smasher-Billy (talk) 03:48, 9 April 2015 (EDT)
Either I'm not clear on what you're saying, or you didn't realize that June 26 is more than 2 months from now. Miles (talk) 06:08, 9 April 2015 (EDT)


I found this, if that helps to finish translating the Chibi-Robo title. Nyargleblargle (Talk) 13:33, 31 May 2015 (EDT)

I mean, I know the rough meaning of the sound. It's more "do I just leave it there because it's more concise" versus "do I translate it into something wordier and longer so it's in English". I... really don't know, nor do I know if it's worth caring about. Miles (talk) 13:36, 31 May 2015 (EDT)

Argument for EarthBound Beginnings[edit]

I agree that Virtual Console re-releases should be left out, but in thise case it's not a re-release, since the original game was never released outside Japan. I think that qualifies as new enough for us to draw interwiki attention to it. Toomai Glittershine ??? The Steppin' 00:29, 15 June 2015 (EDT)

Yeah, on thinking it through that's a good point. The "re-" of "re-release" is the distinction. Miles (talk) 00:35, 15 June 2015 (EDT)

On an unrelated note, someone renamed Mother (video game) to EarthBound Beginnings on WikiBound. What would you say is the correct title Miles? Dots (talk) Mega Man X SNES sprite.png The Ocarina of Time 00:40, 15 June 2015 (EDT)

I'd revert that for the time being; that's a talk page discussion WikiBound needs to have (for however much that wiki is even around) but I'd say moving it is a bad idea for now. The first game is still very widely known (and in Smash-contexts, exclusively known) as Mother. Miles (talk) 01:41, 15 June 2015 (EDT)


Should we have a more clarifying name, or am I missing something? Nyargleblargle (Talk) 12:56, 1 July 2015 (EDT)

I don't even know what it's supposed to be for. I never saw anything about a new character announcement in the 4th 73MPL4R Only the dead have seen the end of war 13:01, 1 July 2015 (EDT)
I believe there's a new NIWA wiki being added. It confused me, too, which is why I think it should have a different "title". Nyargleblargle (Talk) 13:06, 1 July 2015 (EDT)
A new NIWA wiki? Wonder what it could be? And, yeah, let's change the title. It's confusing. LittleMacmain97, the World Circuit is mine! (Talk) 13:09, 1 July 2015 (EDT)
Toomai added it, so asking him would be the ideal thing to do. Aidanzapunksignature.pngAidan, Master of Speed and AuraAidanzapunkSignaturesmall.PNG 13:30, 1 July 2015 (EDT)

Final Fantasy Explorers[edit]

This is out for 3DS on the 26th of January in America and the 29th in Europe. It should be added, right? I'd do it myself but I'm not sure how to handle the series symbol and stuff. Zyrac (talk) 09:00, 13 November 2015 (EST)

Doesn't meet the criteria for third-party games on this template as they're currently written: "A game featuring a third-party character playable in Smash in a major role". Cloud's role in that game is only as an equipment "transformation" kind of thing, to my knowledge, and he's one of many. I would be interested to hear if anyone disagrees, but I'd be inclined to say it can stay off this template. Miles (talk) 09:16, 13 November 2015 (EST)
I was looking at the first condition, actually: "A game from a Smash-related series of any capacity, being released on a Nintendo platform". It fits that, no? Zyrac (talk) 09:36, 13 November 2015 (EST)
...and that's what happens when I try to edit on too little sleep, geez. Yeah, go for it. Miles (talk) 09:43, 13 November 2015 (EST)

Ok so this is stupid.[edit]

How can we call this "NIWA news" if we include games that are not related to a NIWA wiki? I suggest that we limit this to NIWA-related games only. Serpent SKSig.png King 21:07, 23 June 2016 (EDT)

Well that was the original intent of the NIWA news section. However, over time it has gradually evolved into being basically a Nintendo news section. But I do recall having a vote on it a while back. ChuckNorris24.png  21:32, 23 June 2016 (EDT)
I saw, but I do not agree with that decision. Even if we are to include releases from other Smash related series, having "A game from a Smash-related series of any capacity" as a criteria option is ludicrous. That would mean that trophies would count... which I think is far straying from what the NIWA news section was supposed to actually be. Serpent SKSig.png King 21:55, 23 June 2016 (EDT)
I think it's far more appropriate for us to be covering series that actually appear in Smash than prioritizing linking to stuff like a dead Dragon Quest wiki. It's also quite harmless. I don't really get the point of the opposition, unless it's over the template name; even then, I renamed its header to be more general for a reason. Miles (talk) 03:17, 24 June 2016 (EDT)

Mega Man 11 should be on NIWA News[edit]

Now that we know Mega Man 11 will be at October 2th, should we add it? --Mega Man is great. (We need Fuse Tea Man.) 10:37, 1 June 2018 (EDT)

They said they have to wait until two months before release.

Luigi's Mansion 3DS port link[edit]

I mentioned this on the main page's talk page but the Luigi's Mansion remake link doesn't lead to an actual page on the MarioWiki. Is there any way of making it link to Luigi's Mansion#Nintendo 3DS Port while still having it read "Luigi's Mansion (3DS Remake)"? Aykrivwassup (talk) 23:15, 2 September 2018 (EDT)

The Team Sonic Racing Delay Cause[edit]

The Tweet from Sega Twitter Account made Ultimate Release Last In 2018 Starfan13 8:45, 28 October 2018

SEGA Genesis Classics[edit]

The SEGA Genesis Classics Release Date Falls on the Same Day as Ultimate Starfan13 8:16, 3 November 2018

Final Fantasy VII is now available on Nintendo Switch[edit]

I think it should be added since it's "A game featuring a third-party character playable in Smash in a major role". OscarG (talk) 10:18, March 26, 2019 (EDT)

New Game & Watch Game[edit]

Considering the upcoming release of Game & Watch: Super Mario Bros., I was thinking we might want to add that as an upcoming Game & Watch title. Although we would use the Game & Watch logo, we could link it to Mariowiki. I am not sure if this is the proper place to bring this up, but I thought I would still make the suggestion. :) Everyman Or Nobody? (talk) 17:17, September 12, 2020 (EDT)

Well, I think it should use the Mario logo. It's a Mario game first and foremost (even the Ball port and the clock use Mario elements), and it uses a completely different screen type than every other G&W game. Still, I understand if it doesn't get changed. ---PinkYoshiFan 16:22, September 20, 2020 (EDT)

Changing the criteria for games to be added[edit]

This is something I've been meaning to ask/talk about for a while, but I'm bringing it back up now with Deltarune's inclusion on the template. Back in June, I removed the upcoming Final Fantasy XVI from the page, as it didn't meet any of the criteria listed currently on the main template, and Jacketed Terrapin reverted the edit, citing that it must be here as the "most recent game" section in the Final Fantasy page's infobox will be updated when it releases. Then should that also be a criteria? Or maybe just having that if it's a new release in a Smash-represented universe (i.e. listed here) or developed by a first- or second-party Nintendo team (as was with Game Builder Garage most recently) be the criteria? I would change it but I'd like to hear some thoughts on the matter first. Awesomelink234, the Super Cool Gamer (talk) 23:51, September 15, 2021 (EDT)