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Put NIWA news and upcoming Nintendo releases here. The template used only shows games that are less than two months before release and less than one week after release. You can add games before then for convenience purposes, but they won't show up until the time is right.

Unless there's a large disparity between the release dates of multiple English-speaking regions, list the earlier release date. After something's been out for a week or two in all English-speaking regions it should be removed, unless there is a major disparity with the Japanese release. If there are no items on this list, don't try too hard to invent some.

For a game to be included here, one or more of the following conditions must be met:

  • A game from a Smash-related series of any capacity, being released on a Nintendo platform, or arcade (Virtual Console-style re-releases excluded);
  • A game featuring a third-party character playable in Smash in a major role;
  • A game being developed by a first- or second-party Nintendo development team;
  • A game being released on a Nintendo platform within the scope of a NIWA wiki besides StrategyWiki.

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Major Upcoming/Recent Releases:

MarioSymbol.svg October 31  Luigi's Mansion 3
PersonaSymbol.svg October 31  Persona 5 Royal Japan
MarioSymbol.svg November 5  Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020
PokemonSymbol.svg November 15  Pokémon Sword and Shield