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Ness does a quick split kick with his feet in front of him in the air, for 14% (at max) with moderate to high knockback with very high shield stun. This move is a sex kick, doing less damage over time. Like most of Ness's aerials, this move is excellent for juggling purposes, though a bit less so than his other aerial (though more than back aerial) due to it's higher knockback and slightly greater ending lag. Combined with the double jump cancel technique, which is very important to Ness's metagame and vital in most of his matchups, it is possible for Ness to do even shorter short hops, allowing him to use the move a very short distance from the ground, making it possible to chain multiple hits of this move together. Ness can also potentially perform zero-to-death combos on opponents, as he can rack up huge damage with his neutral aerial in conjunction with his other aerials (especially forward aerial into a down aerial spike but his other aerials are considered to be much more useful for this. This move in short is more commonly used at low percents, as the hitstun is high enough combo but the knockback isn't too high to follow up or at mid percents (around 30-50 depending on character) to lead immediately into a down aerial.

However, the move, along with Ness's other moves used for DJCing, has short range, so the technique has since lost recognition and known effectiveness.

Even though it is one of Ness's slower aerials, it still has shield break potential due to its high amount of shield stun, though it is noticeably harder than down, forward, or up aerial due to its awkward hitbox.

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