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Ness (SSB)/Neutral special

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Hitbox of Ness's Neutral B.


Ness' neutral special move in Super Smash Bros. is PK Fire, a projectile attack that involves Ness shooting a blast of fire from his hands straight forward, which creates a powerful blaze. This blaze will repeatedly hit opponents that come into contact with it and can potentially deal 25% damage though this is very rare. This move is rarely seen competitively outside of by accident for multiple reasons. The move can be SDI'd out of very easily as outside of the first hit as the rest have very low set knockback. Due to the high start-up and ending lag,the move rarely (if ever) combos into anything and is usually punished quite heavily. Due to it's small range, it is also unsafe on block, at least when grounded. As opponents are hit up by the first hit, it is also even possible to be punished on hit as someone can Smash DI and aerial out of it. This makes it among the worst projectiles in the game, if not the worst. It's arguable main use is against Samus, Falcon, or Link recovering from below, though aerials (especially down air,) down-smash, and even PK Thunder are considered to be much better. It is also potentially possible to DJC into this move, but this reduces the range as well. The retired European smasher Nixxon was famous for his usage of this move.

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