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Ness's first hit of his neutral attack or jab in Super Smash Bros. involves Ness punching. The move does 2% and has limited range. Competitively, along with the light damage, it is also possible for Ness to get a grab out of the hitstun, known as a jab grab, a unique trait for Ness, Pikachu, Mario, and Fox. This technique is possible in the J version, or DSB, as well. This gives Ness an extra option not present in many of the other lower tier characters and it is quite useful, as Ness's grab is one of the more powerful, at least when it comes to KOing. The move otherwise has very light knockback and is typical of most Smash 64 jabs (outside of DK/Yoshi) in terms of it's small range and quickness. It is not recommended to continue past jab 1 as the third hit is punishable on hit (at low percents as well as higher, depending on opposing character.)

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