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Luigi performing the move.

Luigi's up special move in Super Smash Bros. is the Super Jump Punch, in which Luigi does a uppercut jump, similar to how he used to jump in the original Mario games. The move works in a similar way to Mario's Super Jump Punch, with the controls being exactly the same. However, the properties of Luigi's Super Jump Punch are significantly different. The move has a sweetspot that turns the move into the Fire Jump Punch, dealing around 25% and very high knockback. This move can KO certain characters rather early, and is one of Luigi's primary KO moves. It is also often used at the end of aerial strings. However, the Fire Jump Punch has a rather small hitbox, meaning players must be precise to land it. The rest of the move is a sourspot that deals only 1% damage, barely making the opponent flinch. Whiffing the move can leave Luigi rather vulnerable.

Like Mario's Super Jump Punch, the move is also a great recovery move, granting Luigi a high amount of vertical distance and a decent amount of horizontal distance if angled. It can also be used in certain situations to escape combos from opponents, though doing this is harder than with Mario's. The move's vertical distance also allows it to land on platforms easily; for example, on Dream Land, Luigi can reach the top platform from the ground using just this move, leaving him significantly less punishable.

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