Luigi (SSB)/Up smash

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Luigi does a headbutt upward in an arc, doing 19% damage. This makes his head a large, disjointed hitbox, with extremely high vertical knockback; it is one of the strongest up smashes in the game, being able to KO at around 80-90% normally. At base/very low percentages, it can also be used as a combo starter, as it can lead into an up tilt chain or a grab. The move is also usable for mindgames; it can punish defensive options such as rolls and intercept certain recoveries. However, it is rather laggy in terms of ending lag and has limited horizontal range. Also, there aren't many ways to combo straight into it, outside of Luigi's wall combos in the "tent" portion of Hyrule Castle, though it is possible to lead into it while using moves such as up aerial, particularly with the help of platforms.

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