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Luigi does an aerial flip kick, dealing 12% damage clean, and 9% damage late. Like Captain Falcon's up aerial, the angle it sends the opponent depends on what part of the attack hits, but compared to Falcon's up aerial, Luigi's has less versatility and overall usefulness. Still, Luigi's up aerial is a particularly useful comboing and juggling move, and is considered Luigi's primary aerial combo move. It's very fast startup allows it easily be used after a down aerial at low percentages, where it can lead into another down aerial to continue the chain, though its low knockback also allows it to chain into itself, which is one of Luigi's most used combos. The late hit is also useful at high percentages, being able to lead into other aerials, and even finishers such as up smash, especially when platforms are involved in the combo, or Luigi's primary kill options, an up special. It does have some weaknesses, such as being difficult to time and use perfectly in combos, along with having moderately high landing lag if not Z-cancelled. Overall, a usable move in many situations, though when it is used often depends on the player's preference.

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