List of semi-spikes (SSB)

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This is a list of semi-spikes in Super Smash Bros..


Captain Falcon[edit]

  • Down tilt - A crouching kick that semi-spikes opponents. Effective for gimping opponents recovering low due to its decent range.
  • Up aerial - Does an aerial flip kick. The last part of the attack semi-spikes. It is much more effective than in later games, providing high knockback and hitstun, and being a fairly easy way to intercept certain recoveries such as Pikachu's Quick Attack and Fox's Fire Fox, especially if they're recovering high.


  • Down smash - Does a split kick. It is very fast with good power and decent reach. It can be very effective if landed near the edge. It has noticeable ending lag however, and its edgeguarding capabilities are rather limited. More effective than in later games. In the Japanese version, it has a slightly less favourable angle.
  • Blaster - Has set knockback. Very spammable and ranged, making it excellent at gimping opponents with sufficiently long recoveries to stay out of reach.
  • Reflector - Has set knockback. Using the move to gimp is known as the shine spike. Much more effective on characters with poor recoveries.


  • Down smash - Does a spinning split kick. Low startup lag and good power for a semi-spike. It has noticeable ending lag though, and with its very short reach, Jigglypuff is better off using its aerials for edgeguarding.


  • Down tilt - A shin kick with above average knockback scaling. Useful for gimping shorter recoveries.


  • Dash attack - The penultimate punches are semi-spikes intended to drag the target alongside Luigi.
  • Forward aerial - The late hitboxes are semi-spikes. While the clean hitbox is much stronger, the late hitbox is very useful for gimping recoveries.


  • Mario Tornado - The attack uses semi-spikes to keep the opponent trapped.
  • Forward aerial - The late hitboxes semi-spike the opponent. Like his clone, very useful for edgeguarding if the powerful clean hitbox fails to connect.


  • Screw Attack - The top trapping hitboxes semi-spike the target towards Samus.
  • Bomb - The explosion produces a very weak and impractical semi-spike. Is very slow and not recommended for edgeguarding.


  • Down tilt - Sweeps his tail along the ground. Has set knockback. It is fast with decent reach, and can be useful for gimping.
  • Down smash - A powerful and ranged semi-spike that hits on both sides.


  • The Fan's neutral and tilt attacks are semi-spikes, though too weak to accomplish much.
  • Hitting someone with a thrown Star Rod.
  • Master Hand's Power Punch is a strong semi-spike, and the Finger Drill uses semi-spikes to keep the player trapped.

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