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List of meteor smashes (SSB)

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This is a list of meteor smashes in Super Smash Bros.

As noted in the main article, there is no meteor canceling in the original, so some prefer the term spike for these set of moves, though they are officially called meteor smashes.

Meteor smashes are considered more effective in Smash 64 than in Super Smash Bros. Melee and Super Smash Bros. Brawl for several reasons. Mainly, they as a whole are much faster than their counterparts in Melee and Brawl, even considering the increased speed of the game, especially in terms of startup. None of the meteor smashes in the game have significant ending lag either, and as a result, are usually completely safe to use offstage when one's double jump is available. Also, meteors will remain equally powerful during all of the move, without any sourspots, which can be found in Melee and Brawl.

Captain Falcon[edit]

  • Down aerial - Does a stomp attack. Its hitbox extends from his chest to his feet. If the chest hitbox connects, the opponent will be sent at a slight diagonal angle. Has a very long duration, large hitboxes, and high power, and as such is very useful if used around the edge, giving Falcon strong ledge play.

Donkey Kong[edit]

  • Down aerial - Does a stomp attack. Donkey Kong's feet grow when the attack is used, making the meteor smash have a wider hitbox than many others, and it is a very strong and fast meteor smash.
  • Forward aerial - Performs a double axe-handle punch. The attack sends opponents in different angles depending on which area hits. It is powerful and has rather large hitboxes.


  • Down aerial - Does a drill kick. It is the least damaging drill meteor in Smash 64 at 14%. It also does weak fixed knockback, so it can easily combo into other moves such as up tilt, down tilt, up smash, and so on.


  • Down aerial - Does a drill kick. It can be followed up with many ground attacks and Rest. However, it is the weakest meteor smash in Smash 64 and has small hitboxes. Even so, it does great damage (up to 30%), being tied with Kirby's for the second-most damaging meteor in the game.


  • Forward aerial - Does a horizontal drill kick. The first seven hits are meteor smashes with set knockback, allowing them to drag down opponents and potentially set up an edgeguard.
  • Down aerial - Does a drill kick. Unlike other drill kicks, it does not have set knockback, making it more powerful than other drill kicks, being a very useful edgeguarding move that can also drag opponents down at low percentages to ensure that they are unable to recover. It is also highly damaging, dealing a maximum of 30%, being tied with Jigglypuff's for second-most damaging meteor in the game. Overall, it can be considered the most useful drill in the game, as it, unlike the other drills, is strong enough to edgeguard without setting up into itself, while still being among the most damaging, although this does make it less reliable on stage compared to other drill kicks.
  • Final Cutter - Jumps up with his Final Cutter and falls down with it, meteor smashing anyone who gets hit with the tip. Has extremely powerful set knockback. Will cause Kirby to SD unless used over an edge, however.


  • Down aerial - Does a drill kick. Deals weak set knockback, and is also less effective than Mario's down aerial because of Luigi's higher jumping height and lower falling speed. However, it deals large damage regardless, maxing out at 24%, which is tied with his older brother for third-most damaging meteor in the game, and has significant combo potential.


  • Down aerial - Does a drill kick that has extremely weak set knockback. It can be used repeatedly to drag the opponent down so they can't recover, and it can also easily combo into other moves such as up aerial. It is a good damage-racker, being tied for third-most damaging meteor in the game, at 24%.
  • Mario Tornado - The lower segment of the final hitbox can meteor smash if landed successfully. Has set knockback, though its very high base knockback allows it to KO the entire cast unless too far from the lower blast line, and even if it does not KO, it can easily gimp most recoveries.


  • Down aerial - Does a stomp attack. Even though it has short range, it is very quick, powerful, and is very deadly as a finisher to a DJC combo, which is what it is often used for.


  • Down aerial - Swipes her arm cannon downwards in an arc. It is a very quick and strong meteor smash, resulting in it being very effective, and one of Samus's very few reliable finishers.


  • Down aerial - Performs a drill kick, commonly referred to as the Flutter Kick. Despite having weak knockback, it has by far the highest damage output out of all attacks in Smash 64, dealing 56% if all hits connect.
  • Forward aerial - Swings his head forward in a full slamming somersault. A very fast meteor smash with great knockback, being reliable for early KOs.


  • The only meteor smashes in the game that have non-meteor hitboxes are the two special move spikes: Final Cutter and Mario Tornado. Additionally, these two meteors have higher base knockback than any other in the game, but no knockback scaling whatsoever, and they are the only meteor smashes used for recovery.

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