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Blade Dash / Octaslash

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Blade Dash / Octaslash
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Sephiroth using Blade Dash and Octaslash in Ultimate.
User Sephiroth
Universe Final Fantasy

Blade Dash (一閃, Single Strike) is Sephiroth's up special move. When charged, it becomes Octaslash (八刀一閃, Eight-blade Single Strike).


Blade Dash is an omnidirectional recovery move, similar to Fire Fox. When used normally, it is a single dashing strike in any direction; if used on the ground, it will not leave edges. While aiming, a small arrow will appear next to Sephiroth, indicating the direction of the dash. As an attack, Blade Dash is very weak, has a small hitbox that only extends very slightly in front of Sephiroth, and is unable to KO, and while it has vertical knockback that can start combos, the move's ending lag and Sephiroth's slow frame data makes followups dependent on reads. Its quick travel speed can be used to mix up Sephiroth's movement like a lesser version of Quick Attack, but ending the move in the air will incur significant landing lag. However, Blade Dash is capable of snapping to edges from below, making it useful for recovering if the opponent is camping the edge.

Holding the button before the dash begins will turn the move into Octaslash, which instead hits eight times for significantly more damage and knockback, dragging opponents in the direction Sephiroth is moving before sending them in the direction he is facing with the final strike. Just like Blade Dash, Octaslash will stop at edges, with Sephiroth performing any remaining slashes in place. Its ability to move victims closer to the edge allows it to be a capable KO move similar to Skyward Slash Dash, and a turnaround can be input before the move to face Sephiroth in the desired direction for attacking vertically. As a recovery move, Octaslash travels slightly farther then Blade Dash, but does not grab edges on the way up, and inflicts twice the landing lag. Due to its massive hitboxes, it is a very difficult recovery to intercept even with a counter, but its heavy endlag and inability to grab ledges leaves Sephiroth very vulnerable afterwards. Extra caution must be taken when trying to recover to ledges that can be passed through such as those on Delfino Plaza, as its inability to snap to the ledge during travel will cause Sephiroth to pass right through the ledge from any angle unless he has prepared the move from the precise distance to grab it.

When using Octaslash, Sephiroth may say 消え去れ ("Disappear."), 愚かな ("Foolish."), or 恐怖を刻もう ("I shall carve terror.")

Instructional Quotes[edit]

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Move List SephirothHeadSSBU.png Input a direction with the stick, and you'll slash in that direction. Hold down the attack button to strike eight times in a row.


Octaslash in Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII

Although no attack has been named Blade Dash in the Final Fantasy series, this move resembles and shares its Japanese name with the Flash attack Sephiroth uses in Kingdom Hearts II and in turn the Oblivion attack used in the first two Dissidia Final Fantasy games.

In the Final Fantasy series, Octaslash is a technique used by Sephiroth in multiple games: A technique resembling Octaslash first appeared in Kingdom Hearts II, as an unnamed attack used by Sephiroth. Octaslash itself first appeared in Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII, being both a cinematic attack as well as a Digital Mind Wave attack available to Zack Fair if the player rolled on Sephiroth. In the Dissidia Final Fantasy series (a fighting game series), Octaslash appears as one of Sephiroth's HP attacks. Sephiroth strikes a pose before executing several powerful slashes dealing Bravery damage before the last strike dealt HP attacks. In the first two games, he appears to strike less than eight times, though the last Bravery strike deals a few extra hits. Octaslash later appeared in Final Fantasy VII Remake as one of Sephiroth's attacks during the third phase of his fight.

The blue arrows in the beginning of the move originate from Final Fantasy VII Remake.


Names in other languages[edit]

Blade Dash[edit]

Language Name
Japan Japanese 一閃
UK English Blade Dash
France French Vif éclat
Germany German Blitzstoß
Spain Spanish (PAL) Corte
Mexico Spanish (NTSC) Corte cruzado
Italy Italian Colpo lampo
China Chinese (Simplified) 一闪
Taiwan Chinese (Traditional) 一閃
South Korea Korean 일섬
Netherlands Dutch Schitterslag
Russia Russian Мoлниенoсный клинoк


Language Name
Japan Japanese 八刀一閃
UK English Octaslash
France French Octofrappe
Germany German Achtstreich
Spain Spanish Octacorte
Italy Italian Ottacolpo
China Chinese (Simplified) 八刀一闪
Taiwan Chinese (Traditional) 八刀一閃
South Korea Korean 팔도일섬
Netherlands Dutch Octaslag
Russia Russian Октаслеш