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Turtling is a common nickname given to a defensive strategy which involves avoiding the opponent, using ranged attacks, and punishing bad approaches. It is normally used when one is holding a small lead in a timed match, where it can reduce the timer significantly while not having much effect on the match, or even be used until the timer ends. Flat stages without platforms are preferred for maximum usage of this technique as it makes it harder for the opponent to approach, particularly if they lack a projectile.

A common characteristic of characters that utilize turtling is that they have projectiles that leave them briefly open just in time to retaliate any attack that comes after them. They also tend to have attacks with good reach and short startup or ending lag, as well as rather high air speeds that allow them to move around quickly during short hops. Wolf and Lucario are two such examples of characters that can use turtling well, while Palutena is an example of a character that relies on this technique, despite having few of the characteristics that are considered for turtling.

Air dodges, quick air speed, and special moves that easily allow a cross-up can all help break turtling by forcing a close range encounter.

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