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The Great Maze/Vs Stages

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The Great Maze includes a series of fights with various Smashers as enemies on several unique stages, which all comprise a large bottom platform and various smaller platforms in unique combinations. This page is a gallery of these stages.

Image Opponent Notes
GreatMazeVsMarioStage.jpg Mario
GreatMazeVsLuigiStage.jpg Luigi A completely flat stage with no floating platforms resembling Final Destination.
GreatMazeVsPeachStage.jpg Peach
GreatMazeVsBowserStage.jpg Bowser
GreatMazeVsYoshiStage.jpg Yoshi Resembles the platform layout of Yoshi's Island (SSB).
GreatMazeVsWarioStage.jpg Wario
GreatMazeVsDKStage.jpg Donkey Kong Somewhat resembles Kongo Jungle from Melee, but with extra platforms.
GreatMazeVsDiddyStage.jpg Diddy Kong
GreatMazeVsLinkStage.jpg Link Resembles one of the rooms in the Underground Maze in Super Smash Bros. Melee's Adventure Mode but with the soft platform being longer and a bit lower.
GreatMazeVsZeldaStage.jpg Zelda
GreatMazeVsGanonStage.jpg Ganondorf
GreatMazeVsSamusStage.jpg Samus Resembles the platform layout of Planet Zebes.
GreatMazeVsKirbyStage.jpg Kirby While it could be based on Battlefield and Dream Land, its layout is generic.
GreatMazeVsMKStage.jpg Meta Knight
GreatMazeVsDDDStage.jpg King Dedede
GreatMazeVsFoxStage.jpg Fox Somewhat resembles the layout of Lylat Cruise, but with the soft platforms spread further out.
GreatMazeVsFalcoStage.jpg Falco
GreatMazeVsPikachuStage.jpg Pikachu
GreatMazeVsPTStage.jpg Pokémon Trainer Resembles the layout of Pokémon Stadium and Pokémon Stadium 2.
GreatMazeVsLucarioStage.jpg Lucario
GreatMazeVsCFStage.jpg Captain Falcon
GreatMazeVsNessStage.jpg Ness
GreatMazeVsLucasStage.jpg Lucas
GreatMazeVsICStage.jpg Ice Climbers
GreatMazeVsMarthStage.jpg Marth
GreatMazeVsIkeStage.jpg Ike
GreatMazeVsG&WStage.jpg Mr. Game & Watch
GreatMazeVsPitStage.jpg Pit
GreatMazeVsOliStage.jpg Olimar
GreatMazeVsR.O.B.Stage.jpg R.O.B.
GreatMazeVsSnakeStage.jpg Snake