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FailedPolicy.png This proposed policy or guideline has been repealed by the community, and so is no longer in effect. It remains for archival purposes.
The reason for repealment can be summarized thusly: Policy effectively replaced by SmashWiki:Edit warring


  • Do not revert another user's revert on an article, especially on matters of opinion. Use the talk page to reach consensus or at least a compromise before any additional revisions occur.
    • Exception: In cases of obvious vandalism, this rule does not apply. This also includes edits that violate other policies (e.g removing talk page messages), or edits that an administrator has deemed counterproductive.
    • Exception: For obviously false information, such as a user adding Mewtwo as a character in Brawl, this rule does not apply. However, users must remember to assume good faith.
  • Do not revert another user's revert because it is in violation of this policy. This will only escalate the problem.
  • Discussion about the disputed content should remain on the talk page of the article in question.
  • Discussion about possible violations of this policy should go to the talk page of the user in question, NOT the article's talk page.


While users are encouraged to be bold and edit freely, not all edits are equal. For instance, edits may introduce bad advice or erroneous information, and this should be removed.

However, such revisions should be used only once.

Since many articles contain matters of both fact and opinion, disputes about notes, trivia, or other content will inevitably occur. Indeed, it's very tempting to simply revert back to the edit you made previously, and just adding a summary explaining why, but this is still a bad idea. If your edit has been removed, use the article's talk page to discuss the information in question, and why it was removed or readded. Explain what you think about the info, and why you think that. As long as general consensus is reached, the edit(s) in question will be restored/deleted. With the proper use of talk pages, many conflicts can be resolved peacefully- and without an edit war.