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Royal Flush Monthly Smash is a tournament series in the South Germany Smash Circuit. The Monthlies were hosted in Freiburg, Baden-Württemberg by the crew Royal Flush. The predecessor of Royal Flush Monthly Smash was the South-German Bi-weeklies, hosted by New Age of Smash (which was the former crew of some Royal Flush members).



Tournament directors[edit]


Changes probably monthly but always Freiburg i. Brsg., South Germany. Up to a certain number of players its hosted at a "RF players house", if there too many people coming a room will be hired.

Entry fee and pot size[edit]

If the tournament is hosted at a RF players house, there won't be any entry fee; however, if it has to be hosted in a bigger room, the entry fee will be ~5€. Without an entry fee there will be no "pot".

Catering and BYOC[edit]

Food and drinks won't be provided. BYOC stands for "bring your own controller" which basically means that controllers wont be placed at the disposal.


The main reason for cancelling the South-German Bi-weeklies was that tournament directors Yomi-no-Kuni and Tero had less free time because of their high school graduation. So they decided to enlarge the interval between the Bi-weeklies and rename them (It was renamed because South-German Bi-weeklies was an NAS event and NAS was closed a few weeks ago).


Coming after first tournament...


Coming after first tournament...


Pools and Brackets[edit]

If there are enough people, they are divided into pools. If not there will be a double elimination bracket seeded by "skill-level" and "location". "Bracket matches" will be "Best of 3", except for semifinals (Bo5) and Finals (Bo7). Double elimination means that the winner of the match will advance in the winner bracket whereas the loser has to lose another match in the losers' bracket order to be eliminated.


  • 1.Singles: Matches will be played with 4 stocks and 8 minutes time limit, items will be turned off. The first stage is random most of the time, however players can agree on a stage, mostly FD (Stage Agree). If there are disagreements on characters they can claim for double blind picks. After the first match the arrangement will be "Advanced Slob Picks": 1. Loser picks stage 2. Winner picks character 3. Loser picks character.
  • 2.Doubles: Beside the rules who apply in singles there are some additional ones in doubles: Friendly Fire is always on and teams are always controller ports 1/2 and 2/3.

Dave's Stupid Rule (DSR)[edit]

A special version of Dave's Stupid Rule will be used. This version says that players cannot counterpick a stage they won on again, this concerns the opponent's counterpick stages as well, but not stages randomly chosen.


The green labeled stages indicates that its random. The yellow labeled stages indicates thats its a counter pick. The red labeled stages indicates that its a banned stage.


Final Destination, Dream Land 64, Pokémon Stadium, Fountain of Dreams, Yoshi's Story
Princess Peach's Castle, Kongo Jungle, Corneria, Rainbow Ride, Jungle Japes, Brinstar, Onett, Mute City, Poké Floats, Battlefield, Kongo Jungle 64


Final Destination, Dream Land 64, Pokémon Stadium, Kongo Jungle 64, Yoshi's Story
Peach's Castle, Kongo Jungle, Corneria, Rainbow Ride, Jungle Japes, Brinstar, Onett, Poké Floats, Battlefield

The DQ Rule[edit]

The DQ Rule is applicable when a player is late for a match:

  • 2 minutes late – Warning
  • 4 minutes late – Loss of first match of set
  • 6 minutes late – Loss of set