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SWF still links to Wikia17:51, September 4, 2021PorpleBot
Latest activity?17:38, September 4, 2021PorpleBot
3DS cover images06:44, August 21, 2021CanvasK
Art Dojo13:51, August 15, 2021CanvasK
Character icons09:26, July 26, 2021Cookies and Creme
Xeno series wiki22:52, March 13, 2021The Other Jared
"Other characters" inflation in smashers' infoboxes16:44, March 2, 2021Omega Tyrant
I can't edit my user page15:11, February 22, 2021Einherjar
Smasher namespace13:13, August 26, 2020Miles of SmashWiki
Infobox for esports team23:05, April 23, 2020Derekblue1
Some thoughts on Smashwiki's recent activity20:03, November 12, 2019Porplemontage
Template proposal20:03, November 12, 2019Porplemontage
SmashWiki: The Movie! Coming Soon!06:07, January 22, 2019Porplemontage
Is Captain Falcon the most powerful being in the universe?06:06, January 22, 2019Porplemontage
Smash Wiki: The Movie is here!!!06:06, January 22, 2019Porplemontage
Smash Wiki: The Movie: Part 206:06, January 22, 2019Porplemontage
Do punishments from bulbapedia affect ssbwiki too?08:48, October 26, 2016Aidanzapunk
SmashWiki Tournament...?14:21, July 22, 2016Serpent King
Two smashers share a tag15:01, May 19, 2016Megatron1
What happens when two notable smashers have the same tag?00:20, May 16, 2016Kite
The creation of an article about lying down on the floor.17:23, May 5, 2016Serpent King
Official SmashWiki Userpage Competition - 201600:53, April 7, 2016Serpent King
Scaling or growth?16:27, March 27, 2016Beep
Foolish suggestions *wink*03:12, March 14, 2016RobSir zx
Smashpedia is using our information05:15, February 12, 2016Serpent King
SSBD21:53, February 8, 2016ScizorSteelix
B-sticking merger w/ reverse neutral special move18:07, January 9, 2016RobSir zx
Standard for event pages20:14, September 14, 2015Dinodomain
Poaching not shit users19:55, July 30, 2015Miles of SmashWiki
Preview Reminder Template Proposal13:52, February 9, 2015FirstaLasto
Default costumes and team battles00:32, December 27, 2014Berrenta
The Attributes Progress Report16:05, December 16, 2014Laikue
Charged Smash Damage Multiplier13:10, December 15, 2014Brightcoat
Add animations for stand, crouch, etc in hitbox galleries04:30, December 9, 2014Smiddle
Moveset tables on SSB4 pages12:26, September 29, 2014Toomai
Standardized Movesets12:34, September 27, 2014Scr7
Pools format19:03, August 26, 2014Chilex
Please tell my why this happens17:50, August 12, 2014Berrenta
Why do you main the character you main?03:55, July 27, 2014HavocReaper48
MLG affiliation01:30, July 21, 2014Porplemontage
Post-launch DLC and Most Recent Appearance16:33, March 29, 201450.33.224.93
Why your favorite character isn't good competitively16:52, December 5, 2013Omega Tyrant
NIWA articles20:52, November 15, 2013SeanWheeler
Making this wiki more appealing to competitive players22:58, October 29, 2013Ac2k
New SmashWiki Youtube series: Unusual hitboxes23:21, October 7, 2013Omega Tyrant
Stop the Pictoquotes11:47, July 20, 2013EXemplary Logic
Public Apology from BNK11:44, July 20, 2013EXemplary Logic
SSB4 Images09:57, July 19, 2013Smiddle
SSB4, one game or two games?07:18, July 16, 2013Toomai
Wikia does it again14:10, July 5, 2013Smiddle
"For fighter info, see..."11:27, June 11, 2013Smiddle
Smashpedia02:28, June 2, 2013Fenix14-15
Welcome to the watercooler15:37, May 26, 2013Ac2k
Add templates20:42, April 27, 2013EXemplary Logic
New char ideas20:39, April 27, 2013EXemplary Logic
How do u put colors into name20:33, April 27, 2013EXemplary Logic
Character that should be in Super Smash Bros. 422:01, April 5, 2013Griffin947
Console Articles20:38, March 12, 2013RoyboyX
Massive SmashWiki To-do List02:50, January 1, 2013HavocReaper48
Signature contest17:55, December 21, 2012Terrible
Languages21:11, December 19, 2012The Awesome
External link or YouTube tags for videos?22:28, November 4, 2012Toomai
Improvements to the "In competitive play" section of character articles00:05, August 28, 2012Omega Tyrant
New administrator20:20, July 23, 2012Mousehunter321
Wombo Combo02:56, July 5, 2012Naked Snake
POST HERE TO GET BANNED22:15, May 21, 2012Emmett
SYSOPS--The block tool22:20, May 4, 2012Semicolon
A Brief Reflection on SmashWiki01:46, May 2, 2012Omega Tyrant
FPS Userbox19:05, March 25, 2012King KirbyD
Crew namespace18:54, March 13, 2012Mousehunter321
Melee Stage Articles01:04, January 13, 2012Mousehunter321
Bot15:30, January 8, 2012HavocReaper48
Kirby being lower than Pikachu on SSB tier list.21:20, January 5, 2012MHStarCraft
New Category04:51, December 24, 2011Mousehunter321
Crew namespace/Archive 117:59, December 21, 2011Mousehunter321
I haven't been here in 2 months17:08, December 21, 2011Mousehunter321
Stickers and Trophy merging/deletion16:47, December 20, 2011Mousehunter321
New features17:23, December 18, 2011Mousehunter321
TAILS FOR BOTTUM TIRE17:38, December 14, 2011Mousehunter321
Recent Changes Patrol02:43, December 11, 2011Mousehunter321
Fanon wiki22:21, December 7, 2011Mousehunter321
Bridge of Eldin Final Smash Glitches20:06, December 2, 2011Mousehunter321
Melee's tenth anniversary!19:41, November 21, 2011Monsieur Crow
Forum revival20:02, November 4, 2011BlindColours
Your Opinions13:50, October 31, 2011PenguinofDeath
Old user pages10:36, October 23, 2011PenguinofDeath
Moving images17:46, October 22, 2011PenguinofDeath
Fanon namespace18:56, October 19, 2011Slitherx
SSBBrawlers affiliation07:01, October 18, 2011PSIWolf
We forgot to celebrate our one-year anniversary!23:52, October 6, 2011Mr. Anon
Attempt to get Smashboards to put back the SmashWiki link21:59, September 18, 2011Mr. Anon
Pop quizes are so annoying23:21, August 3, 2011PikminBrawler
Special moves as verbs07:30, July 29, 2011Smiddle
Final Smash Idea07:13, June 23, 2011Warioroll199
New Boss idea20:59, June 20, 2011Warioroll199
Another new char playable idea20:48, June 20, 2011Warioroll199
Userpage21:40, January 15, 2011Brawlingbrian
Pictures11:32, December 31, 2010Smiddle
In-game names in other languages17:29, December 29, 2010Smiddle
Uploading songs to the wiki11:40, December 29, 2010Megatron1
Why? Why? Why?22:47, December 4, 2010Brawlingbrian
SSBDS 221:38, December 1, 2010Megatron1
"Non-canon" info14:00, November 21, 2010Miles of SmashWiki
Wikia is still keeping Monaco23:10, October 26, 2010Miles of SmashWiki
That other place was a shithole16:30, October 26, 2010Clarinet Hawk
List of SSBB Trophies Cleanup08:30, October 5, 2010Ultrasonicfan
Favorite Sticker?08:22, October 5, 2010Ultrasonicfan
Wanna Brawl?08:13, October 5, 2010Ultrasonicfan
SSB on the virtual console!08:09, October 5, 2010Ultrasonicfan
Artwork00:04, October 2, 2010Porplemontage
Is "smasher" a regular noun or a proper noun?00:04, October 2, 2010Porplemontage
Www.smashwiki.com00:03, October 2, 2010Porplemontage
SmashWiki: The Movie: Part 4: No Title Forthcoming00:02, October 2, 2010Porplemontage
Smash Wiki: The Movie: Part 4 Trailer!00:02, October 2, 2010Porplemontage
SmashWiki: the Movie Part 4?00:02, October 2, 2010Porplemontage
SmashWikiz kk?00:02, October 2, 2010Porplemontage
Alternate Fingerings in SSB64 (need help!)00:01, October 2, 2010Porplemontage
De Facto Policies00:01, October 2, 2010Porplemontage
Perhaps...00:01, October 2, 2010Porplemontage
Twitter00:01, October 2, 2010Porplemontage
Mysterious image removal00:00, October 2, 2010Porplemontage
Character Attributes00:00, October 2, 2010Porplemontage
My recently uploaded images00:00, October 2, 2010Porplemontage
Why aren't smash bros homebrew games listed00:00, October 2, 2010Porplemontage
Delete vs. Speedy Delete00:00, October 2, 2010Porplemontage
If you guys aren't R-Tards, you would listen to me.00:00, October 2, 2010Porplemontage
Throwbacks in DOJO pictures00:00, October 2, 2010Porplemontage
A sneak peak at an upcomming SLAPAHO Epic23:59, October 1, 2010Porplemontage
Anything changed?23:59, October 1, 2010Porplemontage
Discovered by23:59, October 1, 2010Porplemontage
Survey link23:59, October 1, 2010Porplemontage
Whats the best part about Smash for you?23:58, October 1, 2010Porplemontage
Average Strength23:58, October 1, 2010Porplemontage
Protecting pages23:58, October 1, 2010Porplemontage
Happy New Year!23:58, October 1, 2010Porplemontage
SmashWiki: The Movie: Part 3 is here!23:57, October 1, 2010Porplemontage
Is there another game coming?23:57, October 1, 2010Porplemontage
I've a message from above! (scheduled maintenance)23:57, October 1, 2010Porplemontage
Trophy Articles23:57, October 1, 2010Porplemontage
Is there a 36th character in brawl23:57, October 1, 2010Porplemontage
Quietly deal with vandals23:57, October 1, 2010Porplemontage
SmashWiki: The Movie: Part 3 coming soon!23:57, October 1, 2010Porplemontage
Is there a super secret character in brawl?23:56, October 1, 2010Porplemontage
Tense23:56, October 1, 2010Porplemontage
Different browsers, different looks23:47, October 1, 2010Porplemontage
Forum Spamming23:46, October 1, 2010Porplemontage
Sticker deletion23:46, October 1, 2010Porplemontage
Really Long Shot Guess Here But...23:46, October 1, 2010Porplemontage
Amazingly the place isn't dead.23:46, October 1, 2010Porplemontage
Signatures23:46, October 1, 2010Porplemontage
Status instead of skill23:46, October 1, 2010Porplemontage
The Un Super Smash Bros. Wiki23:46, October 1, 2010Porplemontage
Stickers23:46, October 1, 2010Porplemontage
One more namespace question23:45, October 1, 2010Porplemontage
"The most efficient Sticker Factory"?23:45, October 1, 2010Porplemontage
RfA Proposal23:45, October 1, 2010Porplemontage
Question about nav templates23:45, October 1, 2010Porplemontage
Save the People!23:45, October 1, 2010Porplemontage
Possible new policies23:45, October 1, 2010Porplemontage
Biggest Challenge Ever23:45, October 1, 2010Porplemontage
Smash bros 6423:45, October 1, 2010Porplemontage
Article for fan videos23:45, October 1, 2010Porplemontage
I'm Back!23:44, October 1, 2010Porplemontage
Smash bros DS?23:44, October 1, 2010Porplemontage
ISN'T ANYONE ELSE ANGRY???23:44, October 1, 2010Porplemontage
Rating Articles23:44, October 1, 2010Porplemontage
My account got deleted!23:44, October 1, 2010Porplemontage
Did anyone see that annoying video on youtube?23:44, October 1, 2010Porplemontage
Thank You23:44, October 1, 2010Porplemontage
HORRIBLY BAD NEWS23:44, October 1, 2010Porplemontage
OK IT'S 1:20 AM ON A SATURDAY NIGHT.23:44, October 1, 2010Porplemontage
What's Up With Logan?23:43, October 1, 2010Porplemontage
Articles for fan games?23:43, October 1, 2010Porplemontage
Just a quick question regarding Snake's Cardbox23:43, October 1, 2010Porplemontage
New design23:43, October 1, 2010Porplemontage
Recent changes refreshes automatically23:43, October 1, 2010Porplemontage
The Pokemon Encyclopedia23:42, October 1, 2010Porplemontage
New Tense23:42, October 1, 2010Porplemontage
Smash Service Stages23:41, October 1, 2010Porplemontage
Registered to edit23:41, October 1, 2010Porplemontage
SmashWiki Watchlists23:41, October 1, 2010Porplemontage
Invisible text with Gaming skin23:07, October 1, 2010Porplemontage
Articles on games...14:59, September 29, 2010Mako Shark