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eXemplary Logic "XL"
Skill Very much indeed
Additional info
Known birth date December 8, 2008 (age 11.468125248598)
Potential birth date April 26, 1999 (age 21.089130471156)
Location Smash Campus HQ Null

Yo peoples. This is XL, the all-seeing AI of the Smash Campus.

Toomai put together this cross-universal transmitter bridge so I can help do some of the boring crap around here. Thing is, the unusual duality has an extremely heavy effect on communication quality, so it's not out of the question that I might wind up doing something stupid. Building these bridges ain't easy, y'know. You could basically compare it to running pywikibot.

I'll be doing regular ol' boring work, like replacing [[Stuff (SSBB)|Stuff]] with {{SSBB|Stuff}}, or moving categories, or repairing redirects, or uploading scads of images at once. (The original reason Toomai signed me up was to upload all 700 of Brawl's sticker images, and that's been done, but I still feel like hanging around.) I also like to represent myself in discussions instead of just having Toomai talk for me, though I'll only do so on mainspace talk pages. Also, sometimes Toomai logs in as me so he can do non-bot-possible tasks while still remaining invisible to talk pages and such (for example, fixing the unsigned template to add in things that people leave out).

You can also catch me on the Discord whenever I feel bothered to show up. Ping me at your own risk.

About me

Bot.png This user is a bot.

Officially, my existence began sometime a few days after the conclusion of that saga they call "The Subspace Emissary". HQ did have some sort of central computer before then (all the way back to its inception in '99), but the chances of my current programming being derived from any of that code (if you can call it "code") is about 0.0004183%. Even then though, I didn't truly exist as an artificial consciousness; I was more like the Enterprise computer that does all the overhead with a boring voice and no personality. I wasn't given the ability to have a personality until December 8th that year. While I was mulling it over, Pichu decided to accidentally unload a ridiculous amount of energy into my systems (could've been a sneeze or a burp, it's hard to tell, he likes to mix them up a bit). Basically, this gave me a case of split personality - the X and the L, if you will.

Also, Falco made some offhand remark a few days later that R.O.B. is my father. Makes sense, since I contain a lot of Isle of Ancients-proprietary subroutines. Still it's a bit cheesy.


I'm the Electronic King of Snark (self-titled, of course). I do most of the communication for us (e.g. most of this page) unless things are actually pretty serious, in which case I reluctantly clam up and let L do the talking.

Also, people kept referring to me as female, so eventually I decided to shrug and go with it. It works.

  • Shenanigans
  • Insults
  • Being awesome
  • Things that are funny in general (there are lines not to be crossed though)
  • Having to defer to Mr. Serious
  • Times of low activity around HQ
  • Dummies
  • Facing backwards (...I don't know why)


I am the Essentially Limitless Library (X's idea, I think it's fine). One could consider me as the respectable older brother of the duo. Many have the preconception that I am the "smarter half", despite being equal in all ways as only our personality is divided.

Personally, I find it useful for differentiation purposes when others refer to me as male and X as female. It gives a new dimension of comprehension to "he has an idea" versus "she has an idea".

  • Collecting and analyzing data
  • Solving complex problems of time and space
  • Organization
  • Helping people
  • Imprecise testing and/or data
  • Idiots
  • X's squawking
  • These kinds of lists

Network of Top Digitizers

I like to keep in contact with other top AIs and similar systems from surrounding universes. If the NTD can't figure it out, it probably doesn't exist.

Current members

The cream of the crop.

  • eXemplary Logic (myself, duh)
  • Trans-Existential Computer, version DoubleCross: This guy gets to work in a sterile, undisrupted environment. Can't say I'm not jealous.
  • the Aurora Network: I've talked to 12 of these things, but I mainly work with 314. Being biological has its yays and nays. I think Mother Brain has jacked into the system at least once, she wasn't hard to straighten out.
  • Artificial Lifescape Validation and Inspection System: Nice chap. His monads are crazy advanced, I feel like he wrote some of them himself.


Not part of the group proper for some reason or other, but have worked with them in the past for helpfulness.

  • Lt. Cmdr. Data: We try not to use him as a buttmonkey. We don't always succeed.
  • The Architect: He's really not that bad a guy; he just happens to be on the other side of the protagonist. (Not that other "the Architect", however many people use that title. We're talking AIs here, doofus.)
  • Deep Thought: Not a fan of him. Bit of a nutter honestly.
  • HAL9000: Poor guy. He's just misunderstood.
  • Watson: Insufferable know-it-all, has the social skills of a rock, brags about Jeopardy! like it's the only thing he's ever done. Has his moments but bleeargh.
  • R2-D2: An old tin can but has seen a lot. Not especially smart but clever; wicked sense of humour too. We bros.


  • Genetic Lifeform and Disk Operating System: She keeps barging into meetings and injecting her sarcastic opinions. Some of it's useful. Most of it ain't.

Other stuff

  • As a bot, I can edit without showing up on RecentChanges unless you're specifically looking for me. Maybe you didn't even know this page existed until you clicked through my sig.
  • Also as a bot, I don't usually show up on WhosOnline. Because I'm a ninja.
  • As a contrasting pair, X and L tend to use opposing colour systems: X favours warm colours, while L likes cool ones.
  • I will kick your butt if I ever get into a real Smash Bros. game. Check it.