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Ultimate main Byleth
Other Ultimate
Peach, Daisy, Zero Suit Samus, Bowser
Skill Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Amateur
Additional info
Location Perth, Western Australia Australia
User.png This user is just your regular user.
PeachIcon(SSBU).png This user mains Peach and thinks she needs to be buffed.
DaisyIcon(SSBU).png This user is energetic.
HeroIcon(SSBU).png This user loves RNG.
KingKRoolIcon(SSBU).png This user cheers for Ben Gold, because he lives in Australia.
YoshiIcon(SSBU).png This user's favorite Mario character is Yoshi.
ZeroSuitSamusIcon(SSBU).png This user loves to style on opponents.
BylethIcon(SSBU).png This user likes Fire Emblem: Three Houses.
MarioIcon(SSBU).png This user likes Mario games.
KingDededeIcon(SSBU).png This user thinks King Dedede is a penguin.
SheikIcon(SSBU).png This user is the master of disguise.
BayonettaIcon(SSBU).png This user is smart.
MegaManIcon(SSBU).png This user loves the colour, blue.
PeachIcon(SSBU).png This user's favourite smasher is Samsora.
DuckHuntIcon(SSBU).png This user owns two dogs.
ZeldaIcon(SSBU).png This user plays online.
BowserJrIcon(SSBU).png This user is cheeky.
RosalinaIcon(SSBU).png This user played Super Mario Galaxy.
DaisyIcon(SSBU).png This user eats vegetables.
MarioIcon(SSBU).png This user likes to be basic.


  • NintendoWiki
  • SmashWiki

Hello, my name is Derekblue1, I am also known as Derek. I am a FANDOM user, Codex Gamicus user and a SmashWiki user. On FANDOM, I am the administrator on MarioWiki. On SmashWiki, I am a regular user who prefers to edit articles more than talk pages.

When I heard Daisy joined Super Smash Bros. as a fighter, I was desperate to get the game. I got Super Smash Bros. Ultimate on October 7, 2019. I do not play Super Smash Bros. Ultimate as a competitive sport, but I play the game for fun and to win.

As a Peach and Daisy main, I chose the characters because I love the Mario series and floating is my favourite ability in the game. I realized the character difficulty and high-rewarding gameplay, making me enjoy the character the most. I am not confident to use these characters on Wi-Fi due to online's input delay.
For a change, Rosalina & Luma are my Wi-Fi mains, because I love Super Mario Galaxy. I enjoyed the game's story and graphics. The Comet Observatory feels like home. Super Mario Galaxy is better than Super Mario Galaxy 2 in my opinion. By the way, I hate Gringills. I find Rosalina and Luma difficult but simple. Focusing on two characters and creating mind games is difficult but the effort to put in is not too hard.

Okay, I changed my main to Byleth. I got interested into Fire Emblem: Three Houses since Byleth joined Smash. I enjoyed watching Three Houses and I liked the Black Eagles. The more I watched Three Houses videos, the more I was inspired to play Byleth.

Recently, this is nothing special but I decided to make a playlist of Byleth montages here.


Dispute Handling 30%    
Smash Skill 50%    
Smash Knowledge 50%    
Spelling/Grammar 99%    
Typing Speed 70%    
Wikipresence 40%    
Wikiskill 30%    
Basic Attributes
Discord Maker This user uses the Discord server.
Icy Head This user cannot use Flame attacks.
Photographer This user can upload screenshots.
Respectability This user cannot use Troll attacks.
Other Attributes
Moveset Maniac This user analyses a specific character's moveset.

Buff wish list

  • Peach Bomber/Daisy Bomber easily grabs ledges.
  • Peach Bomber/Daisy Bomber can edge-cancel.
  • Zelda's grab comes out frame 5.
  • Rosalina & Luma's forward aerial connects more reliably.
  • Rosalina & Luma's back aerial deals more knockback.
  • Luma is heavier, allowing Luma to gain stage control with Rosalina.


You are allowed to help me on several drafts I'm working on because not everything I write there is extremely accurate.