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Hey everyone, my name is Jared. My usual alias online is just "J", but someone already took that and Jared, so just consider me the better Jared.

Random thoughts and stories

  • Below are the 5 characters I actively play in Ultimate. I sometimes play more characters, but only when my friends want me too. Looking at them all in a row, I just realized that I gravitate towards characters that cheese opponents and kill easily. Tier lists obviously don't matter for me, I just likes to play them
  • I have a story for how I managed to get an official Nintendo GameCube adapter and control by dumb luck. On the night the Wii U version was supposed to come out, My dad and I just decided to go down to a GameStop to see if we can get. We had no preorder, we just decided to roll the dice. When we got there, not many people were actually there for smash wii u. Most people were there for pokemon omega ruby and alpha sapphire, which released on the same day (look that up on bulbapedia). Still, the wii u version was sold out except for one canceled preorder of the gamecube adapter/controller bundle. We scooped it up immediately and drove home astonished with our fortune. I still have them with me, and everyone wants my adapter over there lower quality after market versions. The controller also sold with a cord that was twice as long as standard, so I get to flex on my friends by sitting on the other side of the room while they have to cuddle up close to the console.
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