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Dr. Mario (SSB4)/Down throw

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Hitbox visualization showing Dr. Mario's down throw.


Dr. Mario body slams the opponent. It is his main method of starting a combo. Compared to Mario's down throw, Dr. Mario's version has much less knockback growth, but higher base knockack, giving it much different combos. Against most characters, a down throw at 0% can lead into a guaranteed up smash, which has the potential to combo into another up smash, a turnaround tilt, or even another grab. It may also combo into up tilts on fast fallers, and at slightly higher percents, up air to up special becomes a true combo, dealing large amounts of damage, or back aerial can be used for extra damage when up aerial to up special won't work anymore. Most notably, however, down throw can combo into forward aerial, and usually kills at around 90%-100%. On heavier characters, however, due to the throw being weight dependent, thus making it slower the heavier a character is, it has much worse combo potential, and down throw to forward aerial is not a true combo on heavies.

Overall, a very good throw with many deadly combos, making it very useful and important in Dr. Mario's gameplay.


Hitbox type Damage Angle Base knockback Knockback scaling Fixed knockback value Weight dependent
Throw 5.6% 80 75 45 0 Yes

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