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Bowser in Wreck-It Ralph 2?[edit]

This is just a minor question, but in Sora's section, it mentions that Bowser does reappear in Ralph Breaks the Internet.

However, in Disaster Flare's "Fighter Movie Appearances" sandbox, Bowser is not listed in the section for Ralph Breaks the Internet.

So, is he in the sequel or not? (If he isn't, then where'd you get that info from?) SmashTurtlesSig1.pngSuperSmashTurtles of the Turtle TribeSmashTurtlesSig2.png 18:30, July 9, 2020 (EDT)

I have a similar point to make. Sora doesn't completely belong to that child-brainwashing furry cult, he is actually owned 50/50 by Square Enix and you know who. This only happened because the two used to share an office, and one employee from each unfortunately decided to collaborate, eventually resulting in gaming's no. 1 most useless character. Also, all positive points go above the negative points, you have a p+ underneath an n-. JustSomeCloudMain who ain't interested (talk) 18:47, July 9, 2020 (EDT)

How am I only just now seeing this?
It's been a while since I've seen Ralph Breaks the Internet (I saw it once and honestly I don't know if I want to sit through it again), but I'm fairly certain I saw him in there. There's a chance I'm wrong.
Sora, actually, does belong to Disney; yes, Disney doesn't use him without Square's approval, but copyrights regarding the character and games are exclusively to Disney (credit is given to Square for development), and Nomura even flat out called Sora a Disney character at one point. (Somewhere I can find the original quote.)
Also, I know what I did, it was intentional. Aidan, the Thankful Rurouni 12:20, November 21, 2020 (EST)
To Aidan: I now understand your point regarding Bowser's "appearance" in the sequel, but it's very key to fact check the things you write down rather than base them off your memory. Stuff like that is one of the easiest ways to spread misinformation. SmashTurtlesSig1.pngSuperSmashTurtles of the Turtle TribeSmashTurtlesSig2.png 17:05, November 21, 2020 (EST)